Monday, February 28, 2005

Chinpolean and Shaun

by chinwhat at 11:17 a.m.
Saw Napoleon Dynamite for the third time this weekend, this time with my cousins. And the same comment’s made when he first mutters his words on the bus: “That’s like you Kuya!” OP! Even though I laughed less this time around, this flicks still funny as fu(k! And I finally saw the ending after the credits where LaFawnduh and Kip get married. Not bad… I finally saw Shaun of the Dead too. The first half is pretty good. Good jokes. But when it gets serious half way through, it gets kinda *meh* There's a mini scene at the end that was pretty good though! There's also a part where the zombies grab a guy and tear open his belly and rip out all of his guts! (In Napoleon slur: "Gross!")

Didn’t watch the Oscars last night… except for one part. I was reading in my room but could hear my folks watching it. And when they announced Selma Hayek as a presenter, I had too see what she was wearing. All I have to say is “WAR Mexican speaking A-Rabs!!!”

Heard this morning that “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” is number one in the box office. WTF x 1,000,000?!?! What’s wrong these people? I’m saying, I’m not a film snob that’s into French Cinema and all over Jean-Luc Picard errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jean-Luc Godard’s nuts (looks in ai’s direction), but “Diary” at number one? GTFOOHWTBS!! Bride and Prejudice didn’t even crack the top 15! I’m making it my personal mission to change that! Pharrell!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Like Whoa!

by chinwhat at 10:52 a.m.
so i'm watching last nights daily show with john stuart (funny as usual) and for this nights guest, its Christina Ricci who's there to pimp her new movie Cursed or whatever it is. Anyways, the point is she literally had me go "Whoa!" Aside from her big ass forehead, she looks effing good! And she speaks really hot too! *hands CR audition pass into Chin's most attractive females list*

that and memo to Cathy: The Rock is going to be on next week sometime. Not sure when, but the internet probably knows.

LATE EDIT: This is old, but here's a funny "Who's line is it anyways?" clip with Richard Simmons

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Cheese Stands Alone

by chinwhat at 11:27 p.m.
(This is a reply to Cathy’s post as well as comments she made to me last summer when my folks went to the Philippines for my grandma’s funeral – don’t worry KaCa, it’s not a punk!)
***Disclaimer: I’ve tried to make this sensicle (which rhymes with testicle), but this is just a bunch of mumble jumble incoherent thoughts. I’m tired and my stomach is full of food. What do you want?***

I think its good being alone once in a while. Who’d disagree with some quiet time? I know I for one, enjoy going downtown by myself. It’s sort of become a little ritual for me. Once every other month or so, I’ll take the TTC down and check a bunch of shops and events. Record stores, restaurants, cultural shows. Only concerned with my own time table or level on interest maximizes enjoyment. I get to see and notice things I probably wouldn’t see if I was in a group. … And there’s also a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Cathy asked last year “Don’t you feel lonely?” to which I replied “yes.” She then became to equate being lonely with being unbusy/unpreoccupied (WAR making up words). There’s a difference between the two, right? I can be cooking my meal, yet feel alone. At the same time, I can be bored out of my ass (read: everyday) and still feel comfortable in knowing I’m not really by myself (even though I may actually be). As for Cathy not enjoying being by herself, maybe it’s because you like to talk so much (not a punk!) Remember that conversation you had with Chris where he mentioned that you’re pretty self-interested (again, not a punk). Maybe you find comfort in talking about yourself. And if no one is there to listen, well… No, I’m not a head doctor, but I do play one in blogs…

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Please allow me to summerize…

by chinwhat at 11:45 p.m.
Yup, nothing says summer like a cold ass February day! So here are just some of the things I want to do this summer:

- Kelso Part 2: had a blast last summer: BBQ!! Football!!! Dodgeball!!!!! Canoe Battles!!!!!
- Water park fun: Wild Water Kingdom! (Or for the richboys, Wonderland)
- Walk from Mississauga to downtown. I know this won’t be a popular event amongst the whole team, but I for one think this would be fun!
- Beach volleyball: Dig. Set. Spike! Where you at Chris!?
- Rollerblade along the waterfront trail.
- Do the Yonge Street 10K
- Resurrect tennis! What happened to that Cathy v Al match???

That seems like a little, but who knows considering TeamID’s indecisiveness…


by chinwhat at 1:30 p.m.
Chris forwarded this link to me. It's a link on "computer slang" Funny because we both agreed that 1) we learned something new and 2) that means we're getting old! Anyways, here are two of my favorite "1337" articles.

The first one was from the message boards of I find these kids soooooooooo funny!
My friend and I were passing l33t notes back and forth in spanish class and our teacher caught us and was like "im gonna read this to the entire class" and stopped and was like "are you two writing in tounges?"

This one was fwd'd to my by a classmate a few years ago. I know Chris, Al, Jon and Paul get this!
Warning: Your friends back home may not be 1337

So, this winter break, I was back home with my friends. They were watching this show called "Repo Men: Stealing for a living." The show follows around a bunch of repo men as they try to steal things back from redneck deadbeats. Hilarity ensues.

Anyway, on the show, one guy broke into a truck, and drove off, silent as the wind. No one was the wiser. I blurted out, "Wow, that is so leet."

The room went silent as all my Penetang friends turned to face me. Their gaze indicated I had said something that was foreign to them. "What the hell does 'leet' mean?", one of them asked.

Now, I pose the question, dear reader, how would you explain this in fifteen words or less? Leet is getting and beating a videogame before it's even out in stores. Leet is writing a Win32 app in pure ASM. Leet is setting up a LAN in your tiny, tiny residence room. Leet is breadboarding a circuit from raw electrical components, and then controlling that circuit via your parallel port. 1337 15 831|\|9 4b13 70 234(| \/\/13r(| (24p |1|<3 7|-|15. Leet is never getting caught. Ever.

How do I explain this to people who know of none of these things? I told them to forget it, they called me a geek, and we all moved on with our lives.

I'll end with a quote to remind you that humour with your friends at home may differ from humour in the Math Building:
Guy: All the A&W buildings look the's almost as if they're built in a central location.
Me: Yeah, and then they warp them the Protoss.
Me: See, In Waterloo, that would have been funny.

WAR nerds

Monday, February 21, 2005

Sister Act

by chinwhat at 10:21 p.m.
So Cathy has this theory that if I ever had a gf, that she wouldn’t have to worry about my mom. Nor my dad. But my sister. I agree with this theory (as well as her “after high school, you’re either fat or skinny” one too), more so after last weekend. Last Sunday, my sister says to me “Kuya, you missed the drama!” Me: “???” Her: “I was going to jump some girl!” Story goes like this…

*clears throat*
Once upon a time…
I got this cousin, L, right? He’s sort of the romantic type I guess. He’s a pretty tough guy, but he’s also pretty soft when it comes to the ladies. Anyways, he goes online and talks to this girl from Winnipeg. He decides to pay for her $400 ticket to come visit for the weekend. Unfortunately for him, she decides to visit some other guy(s)/not call him her entire stay here. Unfortunately for her, L's sister J and my sister find out (along with his friends). My sister and J decide to round up their (girl) friends and head out to Afterlife (I think) because the Winnipeg girl was supposed to be there. And they were ready! My sister even convinced her friend Mel – who just came straight from work – to just cut off her sleeves, ready to lay a beat down! And if you know Mel, damn, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that one! According to my sister, Mel and her older used to really fight fight, so… Now, I found it a bit extreme to beat up some girl for punking off my cousin, but I could see where they’re coming from. They all feel sorry for him. For some reason, he always seems to get played by most of his gfs which is pretty messed up. I mean, that’s gotta be the worst kind of betrayal right? No one likes to see someone they care about get played like that! Luckily for that chick, she didn’t show up, because I know my sister and my cousin J were PISSED! (Beth was even getting mad when she was telling me the story!) Apparently they didn’t even dress nice nor have money for drinks. Not at the club for pleasure, just straight business! Laugh… As Danny DeVito said in the movie Twins “Mess with me, you mess with my whole family!”

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Gag Reflex

by chinwhat at 11:47 p.m.
With my current situation, you’d think that I spend a lot of time watching the boob tube – or is that boobs on the tube? Well, that my friend, is wrong. Dead wrong! I’d say I only watch a maximum of two hours of tell-a-lie-vision a day – if that. So what captures my attention?? The following are currently my top 5 shows

5. Smallville – This show used to riegn supreme, but this season’s been in the dumps so far. Has it jumped the shark? Quite possibly, but I still tune in to see future wife KK become more and more elegant with each passing episode. (Yes, I said elegant fockers!) That plus they added the Lois Lane character played by some chick who’s got “titaaays” © Tron.

4. Breakfast Television/Global Morning News – What can brown do for me? Can you say ‘Raise and Shine?’

3. The Daily Show – What do you get when you have a funny Jew with some imtellectualistic jokes? A grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat show!

2. How It’s Made – A show that shows how sh1t’s made. Simple as that! Remember those segments on Sesame Street (or was it Polka Dot Door?) where they’d show footage of random factory making random stuff? Well, this show’s just like that. Except it’s not necessarily for kids. And it’s a half an hour long. 30 minutes of stuff being made? Can’t beat that!

1. Just For Laughs Gags – You don’t like this show? Then you have absolutely NO funny bones in your body! This stuff is STRAIGHT comedy! You want to compare it to the caliber of America’s Funniest Video’s? That’s fine. But I’d better not see you laughing your ass off at some guy who inadvertently gets hit in the jewels! >BOINK!!<

Okay, so the big new on campus – if by ‘news’ I mean posts, and by ‘campus’ I mean internet – is that Miss Paris Hilton’s cell phone got hacked into. Her cell phone photos as well as phone book has been posted here as long as several other sites. For the record, I’d like to say that I’m damn opposed to this. Damned, damned opposed! People (even celebs) diserve their privacy! Now with that being said, there are three pics that are NOT work safe. They feature her cans, fyi. And as for her phone book, its pretty interesting. I’m not into this “Star”/ “ET” / “Access Hollywood” stuff, so I’m not sure about these cool kids on the list. But what I do know is there have been a bunch of accounts where people are calling the numbers. D. Chappelle’s and Lil’ John’s mail boxes are full which makes me (and others) wonder what their voice mail greeting sounds like. Some people also say that Vin Diesel’s been answering his phone and is pretty rude. But I heard he’s like that normally though…

All-Star Game Thoughts
Tamia: I might have to bump her up one spot to #5 ahead of Mya for that performance… or at least seriously consider it!
VC: damn, I still don’t believe in his springs, but I believe in that dunk!
Kelly from Destiny’s Child: I don’t like her hair straight like that. It looks better with curls. She shouldn’t have changed wigs!
Sir Charles on country music: “This isn’t NASCAR” – it sure ain’t! Country music? Big & Rich?? WTF???
Cowgirls: Yeee haw!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mix and mingle, Chin’s still single…

by chinwhat at 11:24 p.m.
So it’s Thursday night, and I’ve been thinking:
Why am I single?
Is it them?
The other three billion?
Naaa, it’s probably me.
Maybe I’m not right?
With my poor eye sight?
My hair: should I stop cutting my own hair?
Since I can't do a proper fade in the back.
Maybe I'm too laid back?
Maybe it’s my crown.
It’s to low on my head.
Or my bushy eyebrows?
My lack of proper shaving technique?
Fact that I can’t grow a beard?
Nor a 'stache?
My funny shaped ears?
Boogers in my nose?
Feet too pretty with matching toes?
Or could it be my terrible skin?
Got to many moles in all the wrong places!
Could it be my factory produced teeth?
I know they’re not as white as they should be.
Plus my overbite doesn’t help.
With a major lack of a chin despite my name...
(which is pretty lame!)
Or maybe it’s my too long of a neck?
Lack of a muscular physic?
My wrists ARE pretty thin.
My long gangly fingers matching my gawky frame?
Could it be my slur?
Folks make fun of the way I talk.
I know I have a funny walk, I can tell by the mark on my precious, precious shoes!
I guess I'm also pretty soft.
Both in body and attitude.
Do I sweat too easily?
Do I smell?

My spitting while conversing doesn’t help.
Could it be because I’m a snob?
A slob?
Look like a fob?
(or so I’ve been told)
Maybe I shouldn’t have sent those flowers?
Or should’ve sent more!
To high standards?
To high expectations?
Notions to high?
To nice?
Not nice enough?
Is it because I’m jobless?
Or is all this just pointless?
Bad people skills?
Bad attitude?
Bad at being a bad boy?
Am I too slow to react?
In fact, just to slow?
Not the brightest, I know...
At any rate, confidence is a muthafu(ka ain’t it?

But here are three things that are good:
1 – The Cosby Show Season One DVD on August 2nd!
2 – Jesus Is Magic (Sarah Silverman is so cute! And it will only work if you click on the low bandwidth link.)
3 – Cater 2 U cover - Helloooooooooo Kelly! Notice how they go from light to dark? (read: saving best for last)

WAR All-Star Weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"Ghetto Chin, ghetto..."

by chinwhat at 11:30 p.m.
Okay, so I'm on this thing called friendster(.com) It's just some crappy site where you can upload your pics, save some friends etc. I guess it's a place where you're allegedly supposed to meet people, but *shrug* whatever. I have most of those people on MSN anyways, so I don't really go on. Anywho, last week Brenna (from Goetz) added me as a friend. Now one thing you can add on the site is a 'testimonial.' I guess it's a "how we met" type of thing. Anyways, this is what I wrote for Brenna's:
The following story is 100% true.

So one day I was at school, looking through some of the crap that sellers usually sell at colleges and universities – yknow, used cd’s, crappy jewelry, credit card applications, etc. That sort of crap. I’m done with that and begin walking back to class. And who do I see? Brenna! We exchange pleasantries. She asks what I’m doing here and I do the same. But instead of listening to her answer, I’m thinking to myself “Wow! I haven’t seen Brenna in what? Three? Four years? Damn, she looks good! Really good! Really really good!!! Gosh, she looks pretty!” So after she’s done answering my question, the next words out of my mouth are: “So, what’re you doing here?” She sort of hesitates and explains she has some administration stuff to take care of. Me: “That’s cool. Well, I got class. See you later!” So I’m walking away and thinking “Did I just ask her ‘What’re you doing here?’ twice?!?! I did!!” I laugh to myself and come to the realization that I just had a “I thought that only happens on TV” moments…

This is by FAR one of my favorite stories about myself. Why? Because it just shows my true ghettoness! Plus I think it's pretty funny. My other favorite Chin story is swimming under the dock up at Manatoulin Island, but I only allow Chris to tell it becuase he does such a good job of imitating me (op!)

Tonight at vball, I asked Chris what he thought of my hair. He was expecting that bowl cut I had. Wrong! For the record, thats Grade10! NOT Grade9! For the other record, Chris agreed my hair cut is very grade9ish...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

by chinwhat at 11:08 p.m.
On Monday I decide its time to give the ol’ dome a trim. Keep what I like, and cut what I don’t. That should work out right? “Wrong. WRONG!” © Charles Murphy. I know when I looked in the mirror, the first two thoughts were 1) wow, my head looks really round, and 2) wow, I look younger! I don’t think it’s that bad, but I wanted to know what other people thought. Comments? Here’s what they said:

Beth: I don’t like it. It’s not even even!
Melanie: Uhhhhhh….
Shaun: Its grade 9ish. It’s alright, but not for the workplace
Christine: Its so old school

Hmmm… 0 for 5. Well, the good thing is that hair grows back right?

KanyeFan? JohnLegendFan? Here you go: AOL Session. Now before I watched this, I thought JLegend was alright. Nothing spectacular. I mean, his single “Ordinary People” was okay, but… Now? I’m going to come just short of calling him the truth. I now believe in John Legend! As for Mr. West, well, the show’s pretty hot. Special appearances by Common Sense, Talib Kweli and John Meyer. My only beef is AOL decided to silence out the cuss words. That really ticks me off. But what’s also bad is they can’t even timing it right! Other than that, it’s pretty good. Check it out…

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by chinwhat at 11:47 p.m.
(Thinks back to VDay 2004)
Hope everyone enjoys whatever it is they get this year!

Will today be better than last year?
(In singy songy voice) We’ll seeeeeeeeee!

Ladies, I hope you have those dialing fingers ready!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Love to Love

by chinwhat at 11:27 p.m.
I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of haters on Saint Valentine’s Day. Cynicism is for cynics I guess, but I don’t see what the big deal is. Why not celebrate a day which is probably the greatest possible emotion, right? Sure some would argue that it “forces” people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. It raises “expectations” out of peoples significant others. Well, if that’s your take, then why do you buy people presents during Christmas? It’s the same thing: a holiday that’s been commercialized, no? Besides, who wouldn’t want to do something romantic for their better half on VDay? You want to argue that it limits love to that one day. Well, that's just cack! I’ll lay it out like this: Valentine’s Day is a lot like Remembrance Day. Sure, you celebrate it on that one day, but you should still be pro active the whole year! As Andre 3000 says: “Everyday the fourteenth!”

Now for the single's who still mingle: sure, going solo on Valentine’s Day isn’t the best situation to be in. Must be something about the exclusion of it all… but get a grip. It's only one day. Pouting for children. Fuck it, we're better than that!

Alleged Hopeless Romantic:Chin

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

There’s A New Brown In Town!

by chinwhat at 2:24 p.m.
Yes, it is true. Another fair maiden has captured the eyes of yours truly! Who you ask? Global News Morning’s traffic goddess: Pooja Handa. (That picture at the bottom does NOT do her justice!) But the real question is: How does she stack up against BT’s weather specialist Ms. Nalini? Well, have no fear. I’ll break it down.

The shows: I seriously cannot watch Global’s morning show. It’s straight up hot garbage! I swear, the hosts are talking pieces of card board! I hate to call anything ‘vanilla’ because I like vanilla. But yo, this show is VANILLA! Can their crappy banter be any more… well, crappier? Avoid watching at all costs – except to check out the traffic segment which coincidently happens to come on right when Nalini is doing her weather report. As for BT, well, they’ve fallen off a bit. But I still find it pretty entertaining. Kevin's not rocking the suspenders anymore and they got Trish Stratus co-hosting on friday, so that shouldn't suck to much.

Visuals used: I’ve always liked CityTV’s weather graphics. They keep their game tight. But on Global’s end: they’re using this ultra wack HD touch screen, or something. Honestly, the colour scheme and map looks like it was created with MS Paint. They’re using cool technology, but the graphics and design are terrible!

Now for PH versus NS
Name: Well, we know who wins this one. “Nalini” sounds hot. Sounds exotic and sexy. “Pooja?” uh….
Gift of Gab: Sometimes, like, Nalini sounds, like, to “valley girl” ish, yknow? This one goes to Handa. Vocabulary skill, she’s ill!
Fashion: Because Global’s trying to run the “we’re professional” angle, Pooja’s stuck in her suits. They’re nice once in a while, but on the daily? Let her show off what she’s got! Meanwhile Nalini’s on some stylin’ and profilin’ sh1t! Although Sharma might have some fashion misses, she’s got more hits! Great hats, nice scarfs, tight baby tees et al.
Attitude: Sharma’s seems to be on some high maintenance tip. Low key for me! Vote: Pooja.
Skin: Don't get me wrong, Nalini looks good with her light skin complexion, but P’s melanin enhanced tone, owns! WAR Darkies!
Hair: I’d call this as a draw. Handa’ has the right style - straight hair split down the middle and its the right length. Think of Terri Hatcher in her “Lois & Clark” days. But Ms. Nalini has the right colour! Licorice black with that healthy looking shiny sheen, seen?
Face: Also a draw. Nalini’s cuter than Pooja, but Pooja’s got a bigger mouth & smile. As an exchange in a James Bond movie goes:
Bond: “You're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.”
Girl: “Thank you, but I think my mouth is too big.”
Bond: “No, it's the right size…for me, that is.”

Unrealistic possibility of hooking up (I mean, if she wasn’t she, and me wasn’t me): We all know Nalini’s expecting and married to some guy with funny hair, so that’s off limits. As for Pooja? Well, she's rocking a rock of rockin' proportions (the size of a small rock!) Bling Blang Blaow! Access: denied!

The winner: Well, since I have a close and personal relationship with my good friend Nalini (laugh) the nod goes to her. But P's a more than ample subsitute when Ms. S is gone on mat leave.

Brown in the new black: Chin

Monday, February 07, 2005

“Anger makes dull men witty...”

by chinwhat at 10:54 p.m.
So Alison and I are discussing how funny Anth is when he gets mad. And even funnier when he's pissed! She then mentions she’s never seen me mad and then reminds me of the time Anth and I went to Europe. Well, aside from being mad at Cathy last year, here’s a word-for-word account of me becoming quite (QUITE!) angry as written in my memoir (what some of you may call a ‘diary’)

Sunday June 3 (2001) Day 10 of 16 - Rome to Florence
Stop to take our group pic. Then into Florence. Learn how leather is made? Eff that. Me and Anth on our own yet again. Get to a bridge. See someone chilling on one of the legs. Nice. Hook back up w/the rest of the group. See imitation statue of David. Chillin, waitin for our tour to start. This German speaking tour comes in front of me. *shrug* I’m not moving. Gon listen to them. Some tourist sends his son to get a better view w/the camcorder. Then the father notices his son standing to close to me so he comes and stands between me and his son. WTF? Then he sends his son away while covering his hands over his pickets and glaring at me. What!?! He walks way to his son and wife. Still eyes me. I eye him back. Now all three of them eye me and have some sort of smirk on his face. Their group walks away and I tell Anth. He says its cuz I’m all “thugged out”. Psh – I guess.

I find this funny. My writing doesn’t really capture how pissed off I was. I mean, why the fu(k’s he looking at me like that? I’m pretty sure I told AI something to the affect of: “If I see them again, I’m going to fight them!” Laugh, and honestly, I was more than ready to throw! Ah good times…

Stumbled upon this comic strip site. Most are pretty funny and straight forward. Personally, I find these hee lay ree us:
Schlorbians Again
Nice T-shirt
Angry Hammer
Splash Friends (would probably be jon’s favorite)
No Survivors
Better Luck Next Time
Elephant Dream
Raft Friends
New Specs for Ken
Adult Heaven
Skeleton Clown

Keepin' it gully:chin

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Monday Math Class

by chinwhat at 11:55 a.m.
Don’t know why, but my back is straight up KILLING ME!! Can’t stand up straight nor lay down flat on my bed! I think I need to hit up my friendly neighbourhood IDA drug store and get that back medicine with the commercial which features the dancing marionette. Yknow, the one with the pins in its back, then when it’s okay, it starts dancing. I need that particular type of meds. Why those ones? Well, today I plan on continuing my “Learn Aaliyah’s Dance Routines Program” program. Today's video? “More Than A Woman” Yes, the one where she’s riding/dancing inside the sports bike (aka Jon’s favorite) (aka2 me: “I wish I was that white towel – GATDAMN!!!”) That “A/B” function on DVD players is by far the greatest technological advancements ever witnessed in the history of Western Civilization!

This weekend I finally found an answer to one of the biggest questions I’ve been asking for ten effing years! I finally know the title and artist who sings this song !!

Math Monday’s Question of the Day:
woman = (Man - reasoning - accountability)/ 2


Dancing like its nineteen hundred and ninety five: chin

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Stalk Quotes

by chinwhat at 10:03 p.m.
(these events took place a couple of weeks ago. i just had this on the shelf for a minute...)

So Shaun has a "friend" at the gym that we like to call "Stalker" (behind his back of course. Have you ever mocked a stalker in his face? No! You know why? Cuz they'd eff you up! That's why!) And why is he Shaun’s “friend?” Well, when Shaun does squats, Stalker likes to stare at his loins when Shaun bends down! (laugh) He’s some guy whos pushing 220lbs I’d say. Taller than I. Slurred lispy accent. Looks Arabic maybe. Never able to get rid of that 5 o’clock shadow he seems to always have… Anyways, here's one exchange between us and the stalker last week:

Stalker's on the stretching chair and I’m walking by to get a drink of water from the fountain. Now I’m trying to be a not-mean guy and I give him the “yo, what’s up” head nod right?
Stalker: Hi
Me: Hey
Stalker: Hey, have you seen Daredevil?
(I don’t even slow down to converse…)
Me: Naw, I ain’t seen that sh1t!
I walk by and get that drink and back to what I’m doing. Except, I realize that I *MAY* have said that in a mean tone. I didn’t want to come off like that, but *meh* what am I gonna do, right? So a little later on, Shaun and I are doing some leg exercises, talking, minding our business… And Stalker is watching, with his arms crossed, Shaun do his leg extensions. Not sure who asked about the movie Daredevil first, Shaun or Stalker, but I blurt out: “What the fu(k you askin’ bout Daredevil for!?”* Whoops! Another “I’m angry” tone. I figure I’d keep my yapper shut. So Stalker was just interested in stalking Elektra, Jennifer Garner’s character. “I wanted to know if Elektra was Daredevil’s aide.” Wow, that's great. So from now on, we don’t just call him Stalker, but Daredevil as well.

*okay, I didn't really cuss. I just added the eff word for emphasis on the tone of my voice at the time. :P

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Stood Up!

by chinwhat at 11:44 p.m.
(Said in television voice over voice) Last week, on volleyball night…

Chris was able to practice spiking while Shaun and Chin were sent to the beginners club much to the their dismay. Later on that night, Shaun was teamed up with Mr. X, an overly critical and competitive vball star who pleaded with program coordinators to allow him to train and sharpen Shaun’s skills before the next class...

So tonight was volleyball night part three. Did Shaun take up the offer from Mr. X to become the student? Not on this night! He had some office work to do (sales techniques probably. Oink, oink!) but it didn’t matter. Mr. X was late anyways.

The beginning of class was again broken up into the skilled and skilled nots. I was in the skilled nots… again! (“FU(K!!” © D. Chappelle) This sucks… but as I was paying attention to the other group, I noticed Mr. X playing his way into the instructor position. Hmmm….

Both groups were then broken up into four teams again and this time, *I* was stuck with Mr. X. Now, we were on the same team on week one, but that was before he lashed out criticism on ShaunyBrasco. During the matches, no matter how good or bad the females did (and trust me, it was almost all bad) they always got a “nice try” or “great dig” or “good bump” while I got the “you should’ve gotten that” lines fom XMan. Now I must also mention, he also gave me props, but not as much as the negative comments. (nor positive ones the femmes got)

At the end of the night, this is pretty much what I came up with – remember: I’m not a psychologist in real life, just on the volleyball court – he’s a former volleyball star in university many, many years ago. Maybe he’s like Uncle Reco in Napoleon Dynamite. If only X was on the floor during the last game, then his team may have won the championship and who knows how far his glory days would ride on for…


- Remember that guy (Marques) Houston? The guy who looks like Chingy and had that song “I Like That” a few months back? Well, you might know he tried to commit suicide, but failed. So he gouged his eye out instead (PCP is a hell of a drug!) Here’s a pic of his face:
***WARNING*** THIS SH1T IS GRAPHIC! (at least, its “gross” according to Shaun. “I ain’t seen that shit!” © Me)

- So I almost shook off this cough I’ve had for a few weeks. I tried using the Buckley’s stuff. And indeed it does taste gross, but dose anyone else think that it tastes like ‘after vomit?’ Like, yknow when you throw up, you got that after after taste from deep in the middle of your chest? Like that. No?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"What's Alest?"

by chinwhat at 11:35 p.m.
So it’s a new month, and I must say, props to Jon for his selection of the TeamID pictures for February! When ai, Chris and I found that box, ah good times!! Those pics from that day are certified classic! ...ah the wonders of technology! If you ain’t got one (Ruby, Sara, The Dooch, Alison?) I still got four left in my possession and will hand deliver it the next time I see your stinkin’ asses…

And a Happy Birthday to Alison you slut! You fu(king read all our blogs and criticize them yet you don’t comment on sh1t? Wtf is that?? Hope you enjoy turning the little boys you teach into *ahem* men. (Laugh, this is refrece to Alison and I having a MSN conversation on the disgusting-ness of "out-of-age-bracket" courtships. Basically summed up with this one line by Com: "You a grown man/why for a young girl you be lustin'?" Which would also apply to the opposite sex! Laugh...)

And does The Dooch and Sara even read my/our blogs?