Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friends don't back stab friends

by chinwhat at 8:14 a.m.
Once upon a time…

Sometime between 1998 and I’d say… 2002ish, a bunch of high school friends loved playing Starcraft.

They would sometimes play against each other and time times teamed up together.

One night, a few of the friends teamed up together to play against the computer in some cooperative fun. With the game already in hand, one of the friends, Chin, decided it would be funny to begin attacking his allies’ forces. Most of his mates thought it was humorous except for one. He thought Chin’s actions were that reserved for only scoundrels and famously said “Friends don’t back stab friends”

The End

So what’s the point? Well…

Changing your status on Blackberry Messenger prompts a lot of “drama!” and “U okay?” messages. Especially from contacts who usually have a lot of drama themselves!

(Extra point, my sister saw my update and right away knew it was for SC2. “How sad is that” she admitted. “Kuya is such a loser”)

Also, it’s amazing how the brain works. I totally forgot about the epically classic line “Friends don’t back stab friends” until I heard about the sequel to Starcraft. Who knows what else is laying around in my melon waiting to surface?

Goes with out saying, but friends really don’t back stab friends. I mean, if you were *really* friends, why would you back stab your friend, right? You could say “Non-friends back stab non-friends” but that doesn’t roll off the tongue as nice...

And although I’ve already attacked my friends during the beta test phase of this game a few times, I promise to not do that during real games. >cough< Friends don't back stab friends >cough<


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