Friday, September 29, 2006

A River Runs Through It Pt 2 (Plus Bonus)

by chinwhat at 6:42 a.m.
Okay, so here’s my second day at rafting. Since I did it the day before, I know when I can act like a total retard (or lametard as some would say). Not to toot my own horn, but in the second video at point 4:13, that's probably my *best* video clip ever captured (see pic?). This go around, our raft was lucky enough to have another person join us. A guy! Yesss © N. Dynamite. I was really effing happy since I was uber dead tired from the day before. Cool story: the guy went white water rafting once. The boat flipped. So he helped these two people get on the boat and he was in a standing position. What happens is his foot gets stuck in between some rocks and gets ripped off. Hanging only by a few tendons. Thanks to modern medicine, he was able to get it stitched back on. Wave of the future! (Still wanna go Shaun?)



Along with the video of our two day journey was this extra footage. I thought that it was cool what we did… until I saw this video! This is high water and it fucking looks mad!!! Who wants to go? It looks ridiculously fun!


Asshole in training

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A River Runs Through It

by chinwhat at 10:21 p.m.
Remember how I gushed about going white water rafting with my co-workers? No? Well, that’s too fucking bad because I’m gonna talk about it some more. Why? Because I received my copy of the DVD today! Yezzir! I’ve uploaded the first day onto YouTube. Be thankful I cut out the boring cliff jumping scenes >yawn< Although there were plenty of rafts in our group, I’m pretty easy to spot. I’m the one in the sporting blue shirt sitting in the front of our raft full of ladies. Note how retarded I act in a couple scenes… And if you think I looked like a dork then, wait until I upload the next days’! Laugh!



Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What Do You Get When…

by chinwhat at 10:10 p.m.
You get a trio of n00bs from the IT department and have them enrolled in the company softball team? Not much! Sure, there’s a bunch of funny jokes like calling ourselves “The Firewall” when we’re playing second, short stop and third. But man, as far as repping our division, we didn’t do to good. To help us out, we even had a little wager: the first IT homerun gets lunch. Oh, but that’s not all! They also get a stick of RAM! That’s right, RAM, son! But it’s not 16 megs. Not 32 mges. But a whopping 64 megabytes of RAM!!! Not only that, but we have it in trophy form. Sure the NBA Championship trophy looks nice. NFL one is good too. And Lord Stanley’s Cup is almost as good. But does it pwn this?

Yes, I know this is t3h r0xx0rz!11

Monday, September 25, 2006

Shadow of Elizabeth

by chinwhat at 10:27 p.m.
In my quest to make more moolah, this past Saturday I decided to head on over to my sister’s place of employment to see if I can get a part time gig. I somehow amazingly woke up pre-7am (!) and got ready. Did a full Windsor knot for my tie and headed out. I won’t bore you with the lack of theatrics, but I will say that 1) I was disappointed that the “hot brown chick” didn’t show up*. Allegedly, she’s really hot according to my sister. Funny though, if I tried to run game, my sister would shoot me down super fast. CB for life? Fuck, that’s mean! 2) I learned that when you use the ATM and deposit money in the envelope, the envelope is stamped with the user’s information. I always thought that the notes were kept in sequential order! Speaking with the other bank slugs, I found out that people try putting all sorts of crazy stuff like fliers and crap. Hahaha, jokes on them, cuz their account just gets locked! Pwnd! 3) I realize now – moreso – that if I want to make cash, I gotta have my own business. Seeing all these regular looking folks dropping of mad 20s and 50s made me think… hard! (“gotta come up with a get rich scheme… quick!”) 4) I don’t know if I want to work for my sister. The smack she was running… >kisses teeth< I can’t really punk her back. This is her shit and these are her peoples, right? All I could do was take it… >sigh< at least she didn’t treat me like a total gopher though…

*its okay though. we played Mississauga Indian Grocers today for an exibition game. "Yezzir!" >drool< I know where I’m doing my grocery shopping from now on! >wink!<**

**yes, i realize i've said this before, but >shrug<

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hip Hop in the TDot

by chinwhat at 10:55 p.m.
We’re in the middle of a strong set of Hip Hop shows in the city which I don’t think I’ve seen since the late 90’s! It’s so insane what’s happening! Here’s just a slice of all the big shows…

Jurassic 5 and Ice Cube were here last month.
Little Brother and Frank N Dank were here for TUMF (damn rain!)
A Tribe Called Quest were here a week ago on the 17th.
Friday had Special Ed, Chubb Rock and Greg Nice over at The Amnesia Jam at The Kool Haus.
The greatest of all time, Rakim Allah is performing tonight.
Talib Kweli’s here tomorrow (Monday).
The Blastmaster, KRS-One will be here next week.
Boot Camp Clik is here on the 28th of September.
DJ Shadow October 12th.
The 30th of October has Madlib visiting.
Jurassic 5 returns and will be at The Phoenix on November 7th.

And I didn’t even mention any of the underground acts that are coming through! I can’t say “!” enough! It’s a great time to be a fan of live Hip Hop here in Toronto!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chop Chop Chop

by chinwhat at 9:46 p.m.
Do a search on The Globe and Mail along with the name of my current employer and you’ll see things are not good. Not good at all! Ever since the news broke out, it’s been the daily topic for the past two weeks by water coolers. I’ve been trying to see what people know, but there’s been no ‘news’ from anyone, specially from those at the top, which really sucks. In a leadership position, at the very least, the heads should be acknowledging what’s being written. Nothing’s worse than not knowing. The shit has been grinding on me. Thankfully I’m full time and working at one of our company's sites that makes money. The chances that I get laid off are slim, I figure. But then again, what do I know? I'm a lowly IT drone. What am i a doctor?

Ever since I wanted to leave, I pretty much knew what my ‘farewell’ email would entail. But with the recent news, I’ve already got a copy of that ready in my Drafts folder as well as a couple hard copy notes ready for the interoffice mail to be sent! Hey, you never know: "Chin, you’ve got five minutes to get your personal belongings" As the WuTang say “if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail” I've got my finger on the trigger!*

But I also think it’d be funny – in a tragic way – if we were shut down as a company. Like a security firm would have to come in and close everything off. If I got word of that happening just before shit hit the fan, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting my next pay check – yo, I’m gonna go straight up ransack the place! LCD monitors, new laptops, toner (which I presume I could sell to some other company), blank CDs, DVDs psh, anything I could carry! Keyboards, mice, desktops, markers, blank paper, Polycom phones… laugh, it doesn't matter! Anything and everything! Just thinking about me trying to move all the goods from work to AcuraNation makes me laugh…

In theory, I think I’m good. But shit’s still weighing heavy on my mind. I really don’t need this. Got enough crap to think about… :S x 1,000,000!

*shiiiiiiiit, i remember when i first saw this on RapCity, it was the baddest video!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

He Hasn’t Won a Grammy. Won’t Win a Tony

by chinwhat at 9:58 p.m.
The Boom Bapp, theBoomBapp. Yezzir, The Blastmaster is coming to town! I got Friday October 6th marked on my calendar. It’s been about ten or eleven years since KRS-One’s been here and he promised he’d fucking rock the place! And I believe him! Tha Teacha even told us radio listeners not to wear anything nice. We have to bring some gear we don’t mind getting dirty in. Holy shit I’m so excited! >kisses teeth< Man, it’ll be such a wicked show. My sister’s boyfriend’s sister is promoing it and I can even get back stage! Chill with fucking Knowledge Reigns Supreme?!?! I’ll fucking faint! >cries to self<

Opening is Doug E Fresh. Anyone remember seeing him at TUMF back in 97? Didn’t think so. Here’s my review I wrote for it back then.

Fri. Aug. 29, 1997 � Energy Express Road Tour - Doug E. Fresh, Organized Konfusion, The Circle, Intrikit. C.N.E. Band Shell Park. Free. - Chillin in the middle of the seats in front of the Band Shell. Slowly but surely, the crowd begins to fill both in front and behind us (as well as pigs all around) as the darkness falls. Smells of "Otto's jacket" fill the air as some of T.'s finest represent. From the basement comes Organized Konfusion and (as with every other concert) complains about turning up the volume while dropping some mad lyrics. Finally, to seal of the night, the one and only Doug E. Fresh, one of the baddest beat-boxers, brings it back....with a harmonica as well!!! Classics are dropped for all the old school headz without disappointment.

And oh yeah, Legendary Amnesia Jam this Friday at the Kool Haus. They’re celebrating their 7th year as well as their Old School Mixed CD release. Chubb Rock (Here Comes the Cubbster!) is gonna be there! As well as a secret special guest. The DJs on Worldwide says that if I miss it, I’ll be kicking myself for the rest of the year. Allegedly, in the past they’ve had CL Smooth, Doug E Fresh and Jeru. Fuck, if it’s along those lines… oh snap!

And It Don’t Stop

by chinwhat at 9:33 p.m.
No, its not footage from Tribe’s show here in Toronto, but this pretty much captures the essence of the show:

>sings along< used to have a crush on Dawn from En Vogue…

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hip Hop Honeys

by chinwhat at 9:18 p.m.
I love women.
I love Hip Hop.

Which is why at concerts, I find the ladies there sooooo much sexier. From fatigue clad, Fidel Castro cap wearing, pig tailed Asians, to thick sistas with blown out ‘fros. From cute browns with highlighted hair, too much makeup and a top that’s too small which shows off her lil’ tummy to the gulliest bitches rocking a screw face and an attitude so fierce that she'd most likely kick my ass four times over. I love them. I love them all! Yes, I even have love for the white boho ones!

I think I’mma marry one of them, yes indeedy.

Honey, check it out, you got me mesmerized
With your black hair and fat ass thighs
Street poetry is my everyday
But yo, I gotta stop when you trot my way
If I was working at the club you would not pay
Ayo, my man Phife diggy, he got somthin’ to say

I like em brown, yellow, puero rican or hatian…

The Game Defines "Advocate"

by chinwhat at 7:34 p.m.
I'm reading's interview w/The Game. They talk about serving Ras Kass (aw shucks) and some more stuff... but the best part is this little nugget:

The Game: A lot of niggas don't even know what Advocate means! You gotta know what it means to even ask that question or make that statement. An Advocate means to advocate something, to speak for somebody.

This interview is so funny. But fuck him though. Compton!


Monday, September 18, 2006

“Though the fans want the feeling of A Tribe Called Quest” © K.West

by chinwhat at 10:17 p.m.
Last night was Tribe’s return to Toronto. Needless to say I was happy. I mean, they’re my most favoritist group of all time! This is pretty much my dream come true. Gay? Maybe. But its like if ai saw Vitalogy. Or Chris seeing JapPop. Or Shaun watching the TSO performs the complete scores of each Star Trek series. That’s how happy I was! Anyways, here’s a break down of who was where:

Openers were some random group from Cali. I don’t really remember who they were and I don’t care – that is unless the make it and then I can say “I saw them when…” No one in the house knew who they were… and it showed. Sorry opening act, better luck next time! (after stumblin' on the Interweb, i found out they're called "The Procussions"... yeah, >shrug< over here too)

Consequence: nice of Tribe to bring him along. Too bad he lacked stage presence… and the crowd, in typical T-Dot fashion*, showed mild appreciation.

Rhymefest was next. I enjoy the Rhymefest and hope he does better. Problem is that he’s one ugly mothafucker! Since he’s not marketable, none Hip Hoppers will know who he is. Anyways, he had an alright freestyle and wacky hijinks. Too bad his singer/hype man’s mic was louder/clearer than his. C’mon sound monkeys, do your job! Oh, and he brought out Kardinal for a couple of minutes and the place went nuts! Glad to see the crowd showing A LOT of love for Kardi. He really deserves it as he represents the TDot well.

A Tribe Called Quest came on and they even fucking brought Jarobi! Fucking Jarobi, son! Jarobi! Tip came all decked out looking all dapper in his bow tie. Ali came on the 1s and 2s with his nice straight teeth. And Phife had the TNT vibe going with the bandana and SocaWarrior T. I wish I remembered to bring Beth’s TNT flag. Maybe Phifer would’ve given me props! Ah, only in my dreams… Anyways, they fucking kilt it and did all their big hits. Sure I wish they stayed longer than just over an hour, but they did what all great live performers do: leave the crowd wanting more.

*seriously, what’s up with the crowds here in Toronto? This is fucking A Tribe Called Quest! They haven’t been here in 10 years!** Throw your hands up! Yell your face off! Scream til hoarse! I can only guess that the crowd didn’t really know who was on stage. The average age was a LOT younger than I thought it would be. I seriously thought I’d be jamming with mid to late thirty year olds!

**I remember running to the window at the Much Music Awards just trying to catch a glimpse. Then some old blue hairs asking the girl besides me who was there performing. The look of confusion on their faces after the chick gave them the answer was effing gold!

This Post is Dedicated to Shaun and Al

by chinwhat at 9:38 p.m.
Shaun: you like southern music? that means you like this? You fucking like this!??!

Al: I know you'll get wet over this! Funny, the first few lines were talking about you!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My, How UnFoxy…

by chinwhat at 7:43 p.m.
Last night I had a couple of pops at home, headed to Shaun’s for more of the same, then to the Enfield Fox – which I’ve decided to be my new spot. What exactly does that mean? Not sure since I don’t go there lots, but I enjoy the crowd, the cheapish drink and the music (Sleeping In My Bed Remix? Son, you don't know!) AND it’s also walking distance from home!

One thing we noticed about that place was that there were old people there*. OLD people! And that reminded me of the agreement Chris and I had: we do NOT want to end up like him! Obviously single and looking for tail in the wrong place! If I hate on what’s going on with me now, what’ll happen if I end up being at a place like the Fox, too old, jeans the wrong colour, wrong cut, fucked up shoes, the wrong dress shirt tucked in and drinking the wrong drink with a wrong hair cut looking "les miserble" d'ell?? I’d fucking have to kill myself! Fuck that, I ain’t going out like that!

What has me chilling the fuck out is knowing stories of my co-worker who agreed to a proposal from her husband after dating for only five months! And they’ve just been married for five years! And if that’s not hard core enough, Cathy’s co worker proposing to his wife after they’ve only met for a week! Sure, they’re brown, but allegedly, it wasn’t an arranged marriage. But still…

*there were some seventeen year olds too! How the hell did they get in?!? Anyways, just a little tip I gave to Shaun: Remember, if she looks young, she’s probably younger! Don’t want to be fucking with no jail bait do you? Do you?!?

WAR 17 year olds

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Speed 2

by chinwhat at 10:07 p.m.
Yup, so we done did it again. The three stooges- errrrrrrrrrrr, Shaun, Chris and I did the speed dating thing over at The Maddy. It wasn’t bad. It was great for us guys since it was 15 of us and 19 of the ladies. I scored better than last time, doubling up to four matches. One non-match was this quaint library-bookish type lady. We agreed, she was really… odd. Her opening line to Chris – and myself I think. I was caught off guard – was “so, how are you enjoying the plummeting weather?” Plummeting? Plummeting?!? Who says that?? Gold! I can’t wait for the next event: I’m gonna go sign up for Brown night. Namaste!

All in all, it was alright I guess, but the best part was seeing Rob Y again. I think its been about three years since I’ve seen him and I was glad to congratulate him on his up coming wedding!

And speaking of weddings, sure it’s been two months since I’ve been told, but congrats go to George and Jen as well. I couldn’t believe it when he told me. “Wtf? You’re getting married” I was shocked! But a good shocked. Good job George!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Malaria Free Since 2006

by chinwhat at 6:20 p.m.
First off, I have to say that if you drink alone, I don’t think you’re an akaholic. You're an akaholic when you start mixing 'lik in your juice and bringing that shit to school/work.

So I’m making myself another drink of Chambord and Tonic. As I sipped, I realized I didn’t really know what tonic water is. So I go on the trusty interweb to find out. Apparently, tonic had this stuff in it called quinine which was used to fight of malaria back in the day. Fucking malaria!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boys Club

by chinwhat at 8:12 p.m.
My sister’s out sunning it up in Montego Bay and my mom is in the Philippines for her brother’s funeral (Sadly, my only memory was him teaching me how to shoot his air gun. Those tin cans didn’t have a chance. PING!!! RIP Tito Angie!) which leaves my dad and I here alone. My old man leaves for work crazy early in the morning so I get to do anything I want in the morning without worrying about anyone else. And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: nothing beats air drying after taking a shower. Schwing! I also get to listen to this Stylus joint over and over and over again. I heard this off the Little Brother album. I love this shit.

God’s Recruiting

Sunday, September 03, 2006

@ Work: It All Started With a Little Yellow PostIt Note…

by chinwhat at 12:32 a.m.
A few months ago, I was expecting a delivery from Dell. After coming back from lunch, I noticed the box sitting at my desk. I opened it up and found a yellow sticky note inside that read “YOU SUCK”

"What the -" I said out loud. My co-worker pops in from his cubicle and starts laughing. I agreed, it was pretty funny. But I wanted revenge. I tacked the note up on my cube wall as a reminder and motivation. Waiting for the perfect time to get mine…

Last Friday, my co-worker took the day off and headed up north to some cottage or something. Usually, I’d be busy since I was solo, but that day was pretty slow. I got bored. So bored, I decided today would be that day. Basically, I tore down his whole setup: his new Dell GX520 computer (including his optical mouse and quiet touch keyboard), 17” LCD monitor and his fancy pants Nortel Vista 350.

It its place, some old IBM 128mbRAM computer with only a 3.5” disk drive, some randomly huge 15” CRT monitor, old school ball mouse that uses the DB-9 serial port(i couldn't believe we still had one of these in the back!), a dirty ass gel filled wrist wrest thing for the keyboard (shit was disgusting), a big ass Meridian phone that’s so old, it turned a nice shade of urine-yellow and finally, an old ass tractor feed dot matrix printer, complete with perforated tractor feed paper. I also changed his name plate to some ethnic girls’ name and found the oldest chair in the facility with so many stains; you’d think its leopard print (not pictured). What do you think?

It took me about an hour to get everything all hooked up and working. I showed off my handy work to anyone who’d listen and everyone seemed to appreciate the effort I put into it… except for my co-worker. I don’t think he was too impressed. So much so, I was a little paranoid he was mad come Monday morning. He was expecting me to put his old computer back – which I didn’t, hahaha.

He vowed revenge back. This past week, he took out half of the RAM from each of my two computers. I noticed them being slow, but I just blamed network/antivirus scanning ghettoness. Since I didn’t really complain, in a way, he conceited defeat and handed the RAM back (that’s right, bitch!).

He’s still planning something big, but that ain’t nothing compared to what I’m going to pull. If I can actually get it done, oh snap! I have a pretty good back up plan, too. But he’s not leaving for vacation until October or November. Until then, i'll keep staring at that little yellow note...