Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mix and mingle, Chin’s still single…

by chinwhat at 11:24 p.m.
So it’s Thursday night, and I’ve been thinking:
Why am I single?
Is it them?
The other three billion?
Naaa, it’s probably me.
Maybe I’m not right?
With my poor eye sight?
My hair: should I stop cutting my own hair?
Since I can't do a proper fade in the back.
Maybe I'm too laid back?
Maybe it’s my crown.
It’s to low on my head.
Or my bushy eyebrows?
My lack of proper shaving technique?
Fact that I can’t grow a beard?
Nor a 'stache?
My funny shaped ears?
Boogers in my nose?
Feet too pretty with matching toes?
Or could it be my terrible skin?
Got to many moles in all the wrong places!
Could it be my factory produced teeth?
I know they’re not as white as they should be.
Plus my overbite doesn’t help.
With a major lack of a chin despite my name...
(which is pretty lame!)
Or maybe it’s my too long of a neck?
Lack of a muscular physic?
My wrists ARE pretty thin.
My long gangly fingers matching my gawky frame?
Could it be my slur?
Folks make fun of the way I talk.
I know I have a funny walk, I can tell by the mark on my precious, precious shoes!
I guess I'm also pretty soft.
Both in body and attitude.
Do I sweat too easily?
Do I smell?

My spitting while conversing doesn’t help.
Could it be because I’m a snob?
A slob?
Look like a fob?
(or so I’ve been told)
Maybe I shouldn’t have sent those flowers?
Or should’ve sent more!
To high standards?
To high expectations?
Notions to high?
To nice?
Not nice enough?
Is it because I’m jobless?
Or is all this just pointless?
Bad people skills?
Bad attitude?
Bad at being a bad boy?
Am I too slow to react?
In fact, just to slow?
Not the brightest, I know...
At any rate, confidence is a muthafu(ka ain’t it?

But here are three things that are good:
1 – The Cosby Show Season One DVD on August 2nd!
2 – Jesus Is Magic (Sarah Silverman is so cute! And it will only work if you click on the low bandwidth link.)
3 – Cater 2 U cover - Helloooooooooo Kelly! Notice how they go from light to dark? (read: saving best for last)

WAR All-Star Weekend!


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