Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Cheese Stands Alone

by chinwhat at 11:27 p.m.
(This is a reply to Cathy’s post as well as comments she made to me last summer when my folks went to the Philippines for my grandma’s funeral – don’t worry KaCa, it’s not a punk!)
***Disclaimer: I’ve tried to make this sensicle (which rhymes with testicle), but this is just a bunch of mumble jumble incoherent thoughts. I’m tired and my stomach is full of food. What do you want?***

I think its good being alone once in a while. Who’d disagree with some quiet time? I know I for one, enjoy going downtown by myself. It’s sort of become a little ritual for me. Once every other month or so, I’ll take the TTC down and check a bunch of shops and events. Record stores, restaurants, cultural shows. Only concerned with my own time table or level on interest maximizes enjoyment. I get to see and notice things I probably wouldn’t see if I was in a group. … And there’s also a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Cathy asked last year “Don’t you feel lonely?” to which I replied “yes.” She then became to equate being lonely with being unbusy/unpreoccupied (WAR making up words). There’s a difference between the two, right? I can be cooking my meal, yet feel alone. At the same time, I can be bored out of my ass (read: everyday) and still feel comfortable in knowing I’m not really by myself (even though I may actually be). As for Cathy not enjoying being by herself, maybe it’s because you like to talk so much (not a punk!) Remember that conversation you had with Chris where he mentioned that you’re pretty self-interested (again, not a punk). Maybe you find comfort in talking about yourself. And if no one is there to listen, well… No, I’m not a head doctor, but I do play one in blogs…


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