Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Years!

by chinwhat at 11:32 p.m.
Happy New Years All! (all the pics from my previous post are uploaded now)

I wish i had a few more pics to post, but unfortunately, my memory card got corrupted. i only lost a couple dozen pics, but still :S... but that doesn't suck as much as being sick. yup, last night i got the dizzies and the wobbles. I even bought a long sleeve zip up and wore that shit in +30 degree weather! thankfully i didn't get the dreaded mud butt like my sister.

right now, i'm back at my lolo's place, but the last few days i've been at my mom's side, Malolos. its more city there. more cars, schooters, buses & trucks. the problem is the air pollution. just imagine your car garage with a two cars in it with their engines on... then add in as many mopeds/scooters you can fit... all of their engines on... then on top of the cars, load up w/your neibours dirty ass lawn mowers... that's how it was there... and oh yeah, they were all burning deisel! >gag<

went to SM which stands for "SuperMall" yo, that's how rich filipino's live! everyones dressed in jeans etc. they even had a sign welcoming all "Overseas Filipino Workers" (aka Cathy)

confirmations: i knew third world countries treat animals like shit, but this just confirms it: they have people who sell baby chickens in small ass carts... but the thing is the chicks are purple and pink and blue. why? cuz they spray paint them that colour. WHAT?! Also, i went to my cousins place for a bit and he has a cage with his dog in it (a female dog w/its titties all droopy) Its the middle of the day and hot as fuck. the dog's looking at me sad and shit. so i go to my cousin "shouldn't you get her some water?"
"naw, i only give her at night..."
thinking that, 'okay, maybe my taglog/his english isnt that good...'
"i think she's thirsty"
"naw, she'll be okay"
:S I guess Rudy made me soft.

what i learned: what a fiveSix is. we saw a brown guy riding around. apparently he's a "fiveSix" which is a loaner. for every five pesos you borrow, you pay back six. damn browns!

new years here is going to be ridiculous. we bought some crazy ass fireworks in the fireworks district (just imagine five kilometers of just fireworks stores) they even have rules of "no smoking 10km near the area" ... but of course, what do i see? yup, muh fuckers smoking... oh Philippines!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

by chinwhat at 12:32 a.m.
Hope everyone’s Christmas went well… Now’s some time for some pinoy mish mash updates:

The family and I landed in the Philippines two nights ago... Flying sucks ass. But I finally got a chance to see Ghost Town (which was >meh<) and Dark Knight (which was really good… but it feels like I’m missing something. Do they still have those “airplane edition” of movies??) That and CathayPacific has some attractive ass stewardesses!

We stayed at my uncle’s place for the first night. After taking a refreshing shower (is it still a ‘shower’ if it’s only a bucket of water?), I went to sleep on the floor on a banig. Yeah, I knew it was comfy chilling out on it at the Ex every year, but I’ve never actually slept on it. It’s totally different, right? But you know what? Shit’s comfy! My uncle’s got five big ass dogs which come with loud ass barks! They were our ‘gentle’ alarm clocks the next morning… at 5:30! I have yet to make physical contact with them… they seem a little… “aggressive”

The next day we travelled by boat through some dirty ass water (saw tons of garbage plus pieces of pooh floating around. But I also saw a boat ferrying a full load of San Migeul empties!) to my lolo’s house where we’re currently staying. It’s funny overhearing some people thinking we’re some sort of performers or musicians from Boracay.

It’s nice and hot here. 28 degrees. The funny thing is all the locals here think its cold! I see kids dressed in fleece hoodies, folks with toques and sweatshirts. My sister and I laugh about it, especially since her upper lip constantly sweats.

Went to bed at friggin 8pm and got awoken at 4. This time, its our neighbors rooster. (See all that garbage?) Today there was supposed to be a cockfight, but we missed it :(

I have a little game going with my sister. We’re keeping a tally of how many times people call her fat (thus far 3), how many times people ask my parents if they have grandkids/if I’m married (and why not) (7) or if Beth and I are married to each other (2)

I have yet to make my debut in the local basketball court. Based on stories from my cousin Ian who was here a year ago, the locals will be disappointed as I’m not as good as our other cousins James and JJ. I think I’ll let my sister post her impressions from that event when/if it happens. I forgot my contacts :S

So far, nothing’s really surprised me. The disparities of rich and poor haven’t yet been seen, just less poor and poorer. My lolo’s place is pretty poor (see rooster pic above?) Every part of my lolo’s hood could pretty much be the back drop of a WorldVision commercial… but over all, its not that bad i guess.

Today I also learned the proper way to eat crab during lunch. Initially I was going to share my sister’s plate of raw oysters, but after much concern from my lolo, aunt, parents etc, we decided against it (see “dirty ass water” comment above).

Right now, we’re watching the thrilling JazzRockets (double OT!) game. During the commercials, they have a LOT of ads for various boxing matches. Oh yeah, Manny Pacquiao has his own ‘reality’ tv show. Two Sexbomb (a pop musical group) stars have to compete in random events >shrugs<

WAR Cathay Pacific Airlines
WAR Banigs
WAR crabs

(where all the '***' are, should be pictures. unfortunately due to crappy connections, all you get is nothing. ah well. i'll add the pics later i guess)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The 30th Sense

by chinwhat at 12:51 p.m.

if i've said it once, i've said it a million times: yall's is old!

that and "30 is the new 20" is a retarded ass saying.

chin "i'm in my 20s"