Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh Snap!! 2

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

>drip< >drip< >drip<

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What's that sound? Well, its the sound of Italiano pussy getting wet! Welcome to the TDot Andrea Bargnani!

Oh Snap!!

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I almost wouldn't mind watching this movie with that guy i hate in it... what's his name... Kirsten Dunst... i hate that guy!

Monday, June 26, 2006

What's Up Doc?

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A big Happy Birthday to Dr. T. He has the greatest nick name BY FAR! If you don't know the story, then this is how it goes (according to moi). One Summer day, we were all playing ball. Kev sprains his ankle. Later on that day, he hops onto the internet to look up his injury. As it turns out, he had a 2nd degree sprain and mentions it to us. We call him a 'doctor' for his ability to diagnose his injury which in turn changed to Dr. Tai. At the time, there was that Richard Gere flick Dr. T and the Women.

Anyways, I tried to find the most embarrassing pic of him. Instead, I'll pull a self punk and punk not only Doc and myself, but Shaun as well. Please note that Shaun's been pulling gay poses since grade 8!

Happy Birthday Kev!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

That’s What I’m Talkin’ Bout

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I think I’m as excited to see this movie as Cathy was to see Nacho Libre. I heard the Borat movie did pretty good at pre-screenings. Hope I’m not over hyping it. >meh< Thanks to h'alison for the pics

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Music

by chinwhat at 10:26 p.m.
Today marks exactly six months since my birthday when I had an appointment to have my teeth cleaned. >licks teeth< Ah! Is there anything better than having nice clean teeth on your birthday? >day dreams fondly to six months back<

Anywho, today is also the official first day of Summer, and in celebration, I offer you this years edition of my Summer Completion CD. I threw in a bunch of random stuff. Old school joints, grown folk music, some new stuff, remixes and even a little disco. I find it plays better when you drive at night with the windows fully down. (Oh, and don’t bother telling me I’m missing Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s “Summer Time.” If you want that, go listen to Z103 or something. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that song nor that station, but really, why would I add that when yalls already have it? Exactly…) Below are some random notes for the tracks.

#2 – Just Blaze did the remix for this Beastie Boys song. I enjoy this very much!
#3 – The video for this song is awesome! I think it’d be something Alison would choreograph.
#6 – My favorite song off their last album Dynamite
#7 – I think don’t The Isley Brothers get enough props. They’ve been around since the 50s! They hung with The Beatles. They still have new fans coming on board!
#8 – Just noticed the song title should be: “OutKast ft. Goodie Mob – In Due Time” Whoops!
#9 – My second favorite old school joint ever! And the video is pretty bad ass too!
#10 – Remix from 9th’s version of Jigga’s Black Album
#12 – This was on last years Summer CD. I ♥ this song a lot. I ♥ this song so much, I put it on this years CD too!
#14 – This is the first leaked 12” from Pharrell’s upcoming album.
#15 – I was expecting this to be a big summer hit for The Roots back in 2K4. Ah well…
#16 – My most favoritist beat of all time!
#17 – This is just a little something to ease it all down…

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Her milkshake...

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Classy Lassy

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I bought Dave and Christina something from their registry. It was described as “PASTA SERVING BOWL C/WAVE” What’s a C/Wave? I don’t know. I hope they use it. So much so, my greeting message when they pick up this ware is
“yalls better be serving some pasta from this f*cking dish, here!”
Note: I decided to post this AFTER the wedding since Shauny Brasco would probably call me and tell me how low class it is and I should change it.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

It’s a Celebration, Bitches!!!

by chinwhat at 11:15 p.m.
This past Saturday, JonJon’s younger sister Christina tied the knot with Daveyboy. Congratulations! The reception was really nice! Noteables:

- the food was awesome! When I mentioned this to Jon, he said that Christina was a food snob, but not as big a food snob as me. What the fuck?

- open bar pwns. Drinking a lot at the party is good… Not so good the next morning though. Uggggggghhhhhhhh! What makes it worse is being in church too...

- good news for Jon. He didn’t flame out during his speech. Sorry Shuan, you still have that distinction for worst TeamID speech thus far

- I was quite impressed by the play and video presentation put on by the wedding party/friends. I almost feel the next wedding presentation that we do will have to be stepped up

- Korean’s don’t like to get down? Right after the floor was opened for dancing, I noticed half of the people were gone with more quietly leaving. It’s a party, people are supposed to be dancing, aren’t they? …

- … that’s okay though, the Damon Jones and LeBron James imitators were pretty good

- drunkingly throwing grapes at Al was fun

- ai’s imaginary girlfriend wasn’t all that imaginary after all!

- funniest comments all night: “Why is Chris’ date look so miserable? Someone tell her to cheer the fuck up!!” © Al Torreno. So angry Al!

- funniest moment: when Christina’s speech focused on Jon (which was really touching – no homo) and she described him as “righteous”. Good ol’ ai laughed out loud! Hahahhhaaha!~!!!

- almost got into a cat fight “Bitch!” confrontation – if Al wore the same shoes as me, well, it'd be on!

- i liked Christina's hair.

- maid of honour’s speech admitting that people question her sexual orientation… even her parents. Laugh! Awesome!

- best punkage: gwai lo groomsman asking the groom some Korean definitions. “the point is neither of us can speak Korean” >insert BIG Charlie Murphy laugh here<

- Shaun, you REALLY need to step your tie game up. Who the fuck tied that for you? Oh yeah, I did… but when? Just imagine how much MORE you could sell with a properly tied tie!

All in all, a lovely reception. I enjoy weddings. On the quiet cab ride home, I reflected (in a drunken way) how beautiful marriage it is. Imagine the most evilest people you could you think ever (I’d guess ai and female (or not female) Hitler). If they married, I’m sure them and their family would be happy right? Here are the pictures I have (flickr (in wack order) or zipped). For some reason, it seems like I have less than I should…

WAR weddings

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I ask you this, assholes

by chinwhat at 7:10 p.m.

Would you rather have the CG Jabba from the special edition of New Hope, or the giant puppet from Jedi? This is fucking bad news bears.

Lucasfilm is selling off its physical production unit, which handles everything that is not CGI work at ILM. Like models and puppets and shit.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And Knowing Is Half the Battle!

by chinwhat at 10:32 p.m.
It all makes sense now! If you go to this website, it explains the coolest move in my mostest favoritest music video ever: MJ’s Smooth Criminal. I knew Michael and his dancers couldn’t possibly be leaning over like that on their own (or did I?) I was thinking it could be some sort of cable or harness. But they also invente a shoe for live shows! Absolute brill! Do you know how many times I tried to do this move? And all this time I was blaming Sir Newton and his boy gravity!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why I Love Toronto

by chinwhat at 9:39 p.m.
On Sunday, we went to Spadina Garden (check out Shaun's comments and replies to his post, laugh!) and enjoyed our Crispy Ginger Chicken (mmm mmmmmmm!) and rice. So on our way out, the owner – at least, I think he’s the owner. He was wearing a white dress shirt vs. a black shirts that all the other scrubs were wearing… anyways, the owner drops a “salamat” on me. In return, I counter “xie-xie" “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!” (© Ben Afflick in GoodWillHunting)

WAR What does "Spadina Garden owns" mean?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Broke His Ankles!! >snap< >snap<

by chinwhat at 6:44 p.m.
In celebration of Tuesday's release of Chappelle’s Block Party (which isn’t as good as it could’ve been, allegedly – yes, I got that from okayplayer - so much so, i ain't really hyped for) and World Cup, I offer yalls this right hurr (they got son'ed!).

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Girls & Sports

by chinwhat at 4:20 p.m.
Last week, our softball team from work had a double header against two very good teams. How’d we do? We lost both, but only by a combined total of four points – which isn’t so bad considering that one of thems touched up our corporate team by six. Anyways, here are some highlights (or lowlights depending on how you look at it)

The third base player on the opposing team was some chick who had a rocket for an arm. There were three solid hits right to her and she threw the ball back to first with ease. In fact, I was on first during one of these hits. The batter made contact. A line drive down third. I took off thinking I could at least get to third… that is until I heard the “whap” sound of ball hitting leather. She caught the ball mid-air and got the hitter out. I tried to stop as fast as I could and run back to first. Unfortunately for me, she laser beamed the ball back to first for a double play. I headed back to the bench, head hung low in shame and met with mock comments such as “what kind of base running was that?” OP!

After being down quite a bit, we were able to rally back in the later innings. It came down to this: runners on second and third, two outs and I’m up to bat. The first pitch I see, I swing for (which happens to be every pitch). >PING!< A good solid solid hit… except it was right to the right fielders glove. Game, set, match. Frig!

Our second game was against Mississauga Indian Grocers. This team was really good! Three homes off the top and it didn’t look good for us. Part of it was due to my lack of concentration. One of the girls on their team was really cute and had a VERY nice bum. How am I supposed to focus on playing under these conditions? Allegedly, she was also voted hottest girl in the league last year. Who voted and who counts these votes, I don’t know. All I know is two things: 1) I concur with the ruling and 2) I will be shopping at MIG for all my Indian grocery needs!

Beach volleyball is another sport where my team is on the cusp of winning. We have yet to win a whole meet against rival teams. Last week, we were down a person, yet we were able to push the leagues second best team to a 27-25 decision. Again, I blame myself for lack of concentration. But really, it’s not my fault! The Barbie on our team named Sandra isn’t helping any. I swear I’m going to tell her this week to stop wearing her booty shorts, showing off her long ass legs. And I’ll also pass her some extra tissue or something. Her nipples are popping through her sports bra. Chris, don’t try and stop me, I want to win dammit!

Finally, I’m going to the ‘xtreme’ (with an ‘X’) sport of rock climbing. This sport’s pretty fun, I must say. I can see why folks are so into it. Not sure of how much of a work out it is, but my fingers/hand/forearms were so sore, I couldn’t close a bag that had a zipper! The next day, I even had difficulty eating a chicken leg (look at me, I love it!). Anyways, the instructor set up four lines to climb up. One easy, two medium and one more which was difficult. The first three I could do. They were fun. Getting up there, seeing the view, awesome. Good times. The hard one, fuck! I could only get about a third of the way up before I couldn’t figure out where to climb. My hands/arms got tired and then I was done. Spent. After me went a couple girls. They took their time and were very methodical about it. They figured it out and were not only able to get past the part I couldn’t, but they reached the top! Asked by one of their friends if I was salty about it, I admitted I was a bit disappointed with myself for not being able to complete the climb, but I still had to give props where props were due. They did something I couldn’t do. I can’t be mad at that! Game recognize game, yknow?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Party Like It's 2-0-0-6

by chinwhat at 10:16 p.m.
(cont’d from the post before last)

This post’s song is: Billy Idol – White Wedding

So TeamID’s other big wedding this year is coming up in less than two weeks. Excited? Sure am! Since Glamour Shots closed down in Square One, when would we get another chance to get all fancied up and get our picture taken?

I tried on my expensive ass suit, and quite frankly, I’m not impressed! Why is it all A-framed on me? It looks like I have hips that could birth eleven children! It doesn’t really matter though. With enough akahol in me, I’ll think I look finer than Ricky Martin in 2000 on Yonge Street when he had HMV shut down.

Anyways, I’d just like to offer this epic line I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks.

May’s Quote of the Month comes from Shaun. When heading home one night, he and I were discussing future wedding potential for TeamID when he dropped this nugget:

Between us and ai’s imaginary girlfriend(s), it’s not looking to good.

Please note that he emphasized the ‘s’ in brackets. Laugh! Honorable mention goes to Jon who had a near identical quote: “…Anthony and his imaginary girlfriends”

WAR great minds think alike

"When I'm deceased..."

by chinwhat at 7:56 a.m.
" then the beast arise like yeast
to conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets" - Nas

Well, today is 666 day. I think i'll be bad and talk in some "REDRUM" voices to all the Goans who have statues of Mary on their desks. Mmmuuhahahahha, that's so mean!

Monday, June 05, 2006

“FUCK THIS GWAI LO SHIT!” © Cathy Torreno

by chinwhat at 8:59 p.m.
What does Cathy’s bday mean? Rain. This year, it meant something else: akahol! Actually, I should first mention that my parents and sister were *quite* surprised (and a little disappointed) that the Maningas residence wasn’t hosting it this year (there goes four years of tradition!). Instead, The Madison was the place to be on Saturday. I don’t remember much, but what I do, here are the notables:

- ai got into an accident on the way over (allegedly). Hope he’s alright and not lying about it. Because if he is, well, that’s really weak and deserves Cathy’s “FUCK THIS GWAI LO SHIT” & the double middle finger waving to Chris’ phone camera (which is soooooooooooo hiliarious!)

- Cathy was on FIRE as usual! So much venom and heat, I’m too embarrassed to think about it, let alone mention it in this here space!

- Why’d H’Alison leave?

- “The Suns are up almost 20 points, they’re gonna win!” Several drinks later “What the fuck? The Mavs came back?! Oh snap, that girl’s crying!”

- Did Joy end up finishing that drink I ordered for her? I paid for that shit!

- Cathy is a fan of Maria. A BIG fan! Laugh! In fact, when Cathy’s on some MariaFan tip.

- Best comment I’ve heard so far: when Cathy was getting kicked out, some random guy says “Boy, I wish I was able to get into bars when I was 16!” laugh!

- Not noticing everyone leave. One minute everyone was sitting at the tables, the next, there was those Filipino balers with us and Fred and Don around me. Where’d they come from? What the hell? Where’d everyone else go?

I had a great time and it’s an excellent primer for two weeks from now. What’s in two weeks from now? Check my next post…

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who Cares?

by chinwhat at 8:18 p.m.
Remember that fundraiser I was pimping? It was on Friday night and here are some random thoughts:

- I’m real proud of these kids. They’re doing good work. I wish I had a head on my shoulders that was as level as theirs! They’re saving babies! (Btw, this Marvin Gaye joint is one of my favorites and yes, it would make for an excellent karaoke song. As another aside, Ben Harper, you are added to my “Piece of Shit” List. We all love starvin’ Marvin, but that, sir, does not allow you to try and cover Sexual Healing. Your rendition is quite shitty. Please stop. I’d add a youtube link to it, but I’d just end up breaking my computer and stabbing my ear drums.)

- There was this African dance bad performing. They had these drums and the performance was really good. So good, I felt like fighting afterwards! On some “Zulu Warrior” tip.

- Even though I already know what the deal is, I’m *still* surprised at how brown people know brown people. Seriously, it seemed like Ruby and Rahkee knew everyone there! For a minute, I thought it was *my* connection. Yknow, Aman’s MY classmate… how wrong I was!

- So there was a 50/50 draw, half for charity and half for a winner. The father of the organizer won – which happened previously, too. I was hoping that he’d throw the money back in for someone else to win. I mean, that’s some good coin! If I won, I would’ve been at the slot machines at Woodbine across the street, yknowwhatimsayin’?. Instead, he donated his half to ECF. At that moment, I was so grateful I didn’t win! Why? Because I forgot it was for the children. I would’ve went up, introduced myself “My name is Chin and I’m from Cooksville” pocketed those bills and walked off! I’m such an idiot!

- There were a few times when I thought the DJ was about to put on a Soca song. Instead it was some brown joint. One thing I notice though, Indian dancing to big tunes isn’t as bad as one might initially think. The Brown Brothers and Sisters got some rhythm

WAR War Drums