Monday, April 23, 2007

All The Way Live from 905

by chinwhat at 9:41 a.m.

Today is Monday and I'm at home because I called in sick. As i'm eating my breakfast, i figure i should watch some Regis&Kelly. Why? fuck should i know? First off, instead of Regis, they had Bryant Gumbel. At first it was funny. but not because of what they were actually saying, but because of that line from Dave Chappelle. "Wayne Bradey makes Bryant Gumbel look like MalcolmX" That was pretty short lived because this show really friggin sucks. So i switch over to Rachel Ray, and you know what? That shit is just as bad... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


by chinwhat at 9:36 p.m.
This past weekend was the 5th Annual TeamIndecision 8K Race. (and the 4th Annual Shaun Won't Run Because of >insert excuse here<). And in good 8K tradition, it was c-c-c-cold! Now apprently, this was the year where everyone hardly trained... or so we thought. ai, clocking in at a blazing 49:10.8?!? Beating everyone else who ran?!? Noooooooooooooooo way! Now i'm not saying he cheated, but >sniff< >sniff< I do smell bullshit somewhere... It's all good though. I hope everyone enjoyed their Brazilian drinks (Cathy how much do I owe?) becaues i'm not paying next year. And by the way, $500 for that dinner?! For seven people?! Ho. Lee. Fuck! that was sooooooo expensive. I mean, the food was good. The drinks were okay. The company was great. The hot waitress was, well, hot. As was the beautiful dish washer in the green tshirt. But for $500+ ?!?! If i was Cathy, i'd be bent as de hell!

Friday, April 06, 2007

>kisses teeth< Part Three

by chinwhat at 6:41 p.m.

The meanest April Fools Joke EVER: this past week, our work was bombarded by a bunch of fucked up viruses and worms. All I've been doing this week was installing the latest antivirus version program on each PC… INDIVIDUALLY! Why? Cuz shit won't get pushed from the server! And I'd say a good 80% of all the computers were affected to some degree.

My job being my job, means when I walk down the hall and kids recognize me. I get the "Hey Chin, my computer isn't working." I haven’t felt this popular since grade fucking eight! At first, it was easy being polite, having compassion and saying "Okay, we'll see you as soon as we can." But by the next day, Tuesday, my reply turned into "I know..." and just walked on. I was like that old wrestler Bad News Brown: “Nobody better fuck with ME today!” I tried REAL hard not to snap at this one dude who kept harassing me. At least my dentist will be happy. I believe I was able to grind my molars down nice and flat. My only saving grace was humming that ol Bobby McFerrin joint Don’t Worry Be Happy which worked by the way. (as an aside: there’s a guy in the video who was on The Cosby Show. The guy with the glasses and top hat. I could front and say I know who he is, but I don’t… care that is. Okay, so I looked it up and his name is Bill Irwin. >shrug< And Robin Williams is also in that vid)

Anyways, by Thursday, i couldn't wait to get the fuck out! Get me something to drank!

Bad news: I gotta go to the JayOh on Sunday to make sure all the lab computers are up and running by Monday.

Good news: is its double time. Cha-ching!

As an aside, the blogs in general have been pretty week. I’ll try to try to come strong this coming week on some “Blog of the Year” entries… (the key words are “try to try”)

The More I Watch This...

by chinwhat at 9:17 a.m.
the funnier it gets...

Happy Good Friday!

WAR day off!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

>kisses teeth< The Sequel

by chinwhat at 10:10 p.m.

Sadly, I lost the first TeamID March Madness pool... it's okay i guess since Chris doesn't really run his mouth, let alone talk much. op

Sadly, I lost the work March Madness pool... to the one guy in our pool who doesn't even work with us. He's a friend of someone at my work. What the fuck is that? Who said he could play??? I mean, if you lose to a co-worker, at least you can drop shitty lines like "Where's my Tim Horton's coffee?" or "So you're buying me lunch today, right?" So gay...

Sadly, I lost my family's March Madness pool. It was pretty bad last year having our youngest cousin beat us all, but this is the FOURTH FUCKING STRAIGHT YEAR Beth, my little sister, beat me. Fuck! She's going to run her smack for a whole fucking year... again! >pulls hair out<

Memo to Georgetown & UCLA: thanks for nothing!

Monday, April 02, 2007

>kisses teeth<

by chinwhat at 10:01 p.m.
Damn you first generation XBox 360s! Damn you!!! I sent it off for repair, and i'm hoping i get it back before the long weekend... but then again, i really shouldn't be playing so much. I have a race to train for as well as things to do... like pay bills >yelsh<

Sunday, April 01, 2007


by chinwhat at 10:37 p.m.
A couple weeks back, our HR department was raffling off some tickets to go see the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra play at The Living Arts Centre… and yes, I was thinking the same thing “Mississauga has a Symphony Orchestra???”

There were around 15 pairs of tickets up for grabs and I was told the odds of winning were really good. I later found out that only 18 people bought into the raffle - oh punk on the three people who didn’t win! Hahhahaha!

Anyways, we get there just in time for the show and I realize that HR really hooked me up personally with the seatage. They literally gave me the tickets that were front row, center! So close in fact, we could only see the front row of the violins, the, uh, medium sized violins and the giant, stand up violins. (I’m not a band nerd. I don’t need to know the difference between the different size violins! What am I? A violin doctor?)

I could pretend to say I knew what the fuck was going on, but I won’t. All I know is the first piece was dope (it was supposed to be a ‘dream’ type joint).

The second part had this Korean pianist who was alright. His face got all retarded at some points which was pretty funny – but I couldn’t bust out laughing… yknow? Some of my other co-workers could see his digits moving along the keys and they said shit was off the hook!

Finally, the last piece – well, that shit dragged on. My guest and I agreed that it went too long. Maybe it was cuz we were both rooks at this symphony thing, but a two hour show of folks playing instruments can be a bit hard to digest in one sitting… Would I go again? Maybe. For $5, I scored $90 worth of tickets. Can’t be mad at that…

Picture of the seats where the symphony sat… I’d take a picture of them actually playing, but I had too much shamity. I’m classless, but not *that* classless!