Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Stood Up!

by chinwhat at 11:44 p.m.
(Said in television voice over voice) Last week, on volleyball night…

Chris was able to practice spiking while Shaun and Chin were sent to the beginners club much to the their dismay. Later on that night, Shaun was teamed up with Mr. X, an overly critical and competitive vball star who pleaded with program coordinators to allow him to train and sharpen Shaun’s skills before the next class...

So tonight was volleyball night part three. Did Shaun take up the offer from Mr. X to become the student? Not on this night! He had some office work to do (sales techniques probably. Oink, oink!) but it didn’t matter. Mr. X was late anyways.

The beginning of class was again broken up into the skilled and skilled nots. I was in the skilled nots… again! (“FU(K!!” © D. Chappelle) This sucks… but as I was paying attention to the other group, I noticed Mr. X playing his way into the instructor position. Hmmm….

Both groups were then broken up into four teams again and this time, *I* was stuck with Mr. X. Now, we were on the same team on week one, but that was before he lashed out criticism on ShaunyBrasco. During the matches, no matter how good or bad the females did (and trust me, it was almost all bad) they always got a “nice try” or “great dig” or “good bump” while I got the “you should’ve gotten that” lines fom XMan. Now I must also mention, he also gave me props, but not as much as the negative comments. (nor positive ones the femmes got)

At the end of the night, this is pretty much what I came up with – remember: I’m not a psychologist in real life, just on the volleyball court – he’s a former volleyball star in university many, many years ago. Maybe he’s like Uncle Reco in Napoleon Dynamite. If only X was on the floor during the last game, then his team may have won the championship and who knows how far his glory days would ride on for…


- Remember that guy (Marques) Houston? The guy who looks like Chingy and had that song “I Like That” a few months back? Well, you might know he tried to commit suicide, but failed. So he gouged his eye out instead (PCP is a hell of a drug!) Here’s a pic of his face:
***WARNING*** THIS SH1T IS GRAPHIC! (at least, its “gross” according to Shaun. “I ain’t seen that shit!” © Me)

- So I almost shook off this cough I’ve had for a few weeks. I tried using the Buckley’s stuff. And indeed it does taste gross, but dose anyone else think that it tastes like ‘after vomit?’ Like, yknow when you throw up, you got that after after taste from deep in the middle of your chest? Like that. No?


Blogger Rubex Cube said...

VB(geek pun intended): Ahh poor Chin looking for afirmation from Mr.X that he is good! Maybe if you whined and cried like Shaun you might get some more special attention hehe OP! Kidding I kid really its all good, your learning and hey if you suck you can only get better right?

Eye Like what?: Soo funny I read that online and I first thought that it was Whitney Houston who did that then I re-read what I was reading and I was like ohhhhh its that skinny guy with the song who did it, eek I saw the pic and it is gross, I guess money and fame can't buy you happiness eh, poor guy he has some serious issues!

Cough: Ehh I hate cough syrup that stuff is lethal! Hope you feel better though

2/03/2005 07:50:00 a.m.  
Blogger chinwhat said...

vb: op! naw, i think he's just socially awkward... i think... imo...

cough: thanks! but im still on some "i'm fragile, i might get the weezies again..."

2/03/2005 11:37:00 a.m.  

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