Monday, February 07, 2005

“Anger makes dull men witty...”

by chinwhat at 10:54 p.m.
So Alison and I are discussing how funny Anth is when he gets mad. And even funnier when he's pissed! She then mentions she’s never seen me mad and then reminds me of the time Anth and I went to Europe. Well, aside from being mad at Cathy last year, here’s a word-for-word account of me becoming quite (QUITE!) angry as written in my memoir (what some of you may call a ‘diary’)

Sunday June 3 (2001) Day 10 of 16 - Rome to Florence
Stop to take our group pic. Then into Florence. Learn how leather is made? Eff that. Me and Anth on our own yet again. Get to a bridge. See someone chilling on one of the legs. Nice. Hook back up w/the rest of the group. See imitation statue of David. Chillin, waitin for our tour to start. This German speaking tour comes in front of me. *shrug* I’m not moving. Gon listen to them. Some tourist sends his son to get a better view w/the camcorder. Then the father notices his son standing to close to me so he comes and stands between me and his son. WTF? Then he sends his son away while covering his hands over his pickets and glaring at me. What!?! He walks way to his son and wife. Still eyes me. I eye him back. Now all three of them eye me and have some sort of smirk on his face. Their group walks away and I tell Anth. He says its cuz I’m all “thugged out”. Psh – I guess.

I find this funny. My writing doesn’t really capture how pissed off I was. I mean, why the fu(k’s he looking at me like that? I’m pretty sure I told AI something to the affect of: “If I see them again, I’m going to fight them!” Laugh, and honestly, I was more than ready to throw! Ah good times…

Stumbled upon this comic strip site. Most are pretty funny and straight forward. Personally, I find these hee lay ree us:
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Splash Friends (would probably be jon’s favorite)
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Better Luck Next Time
Elephant Dream
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Keepin' it gully:chin


Blogger Rubex Cube said...

hehe Anth is funny when he gets mad! He pretends not to show it but it still manages to seap through

LMAO nice cartoons there buddy! Odd yet funny at the same time

2/08/2005 08:36:00 a.m.  

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