Thursday, November 30, 2006


by chinwhat at 10:41 p.m.
One of my co-workers’ last day was this past Friday. Sucks because I was just getting to know him. At first I thought he was pretty stand off-ish, but after talking with him a bit, I found out he was pretty cool. Anyways, a bunch of work folks went over to his place for a little farewell gathering. Add a little social lubricant and you have a night of some karaoke and dancing. Him and his fam (who I also work with) came from Peru and they know how to have fun:

(I know this video’s gon end up in some presentation in the future, but fuck it…)

True I wasn’t doing that salsa steps they were showing… I was doing my Backup Soul Singer Dance Routine… so what?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Best Part...

by chinwhat at 10:10 p.m.

To me, the best part about Grove City (besides picking up my new coat) was the dream I had that night. I dreamt that i was making out with Linda Evans of Dynasty fame. I'm not into old chicks. I'm not into white chicks. I'm not into old white chicks. But for some reason, when i woke up in the morning i had a smile on my face... maybe it was because i knew the dream was so far out... hahahaha

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


by chinwhat at 10:40 p.m.
I wish I could just let out those stupid little secrets I keep about myself. Let it go. It’d be such a relief if I could answer every question I was asked honestly.

Instead, I gotta throw out some bullshit answer because I’m scared folks’ll start looking at me funny. Start talking about me behind my back. Change the way they think about me. Think less of me. Think that I’ms some punk bitch. Think I’m some punk bitch that got played. Got suckered. Hoodwinked. Bamboozled.

I have to act like I don’t know what’s going on. Don’t want to have my shit ‘exposed’ even though it’s probably no big deal. Can’t take that risk… it’s not worth it.

This is so fucking ghetto…

That’s okay though… I figure if I put this shit on loop enough times… I love this shit!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

WAR Paul Mooney

by chinwhat at 4:52 p.m.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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I'm so fucking stupid...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

(Video Game) War Stories

by chinwhat at 9:45 p.m.

Now that the big video game weekend is over with (congrats to CathyAl and their Wii and Chris with his 360), I’ve been cruising through some message boards and blogs to see what’s up with some stories and antics folks were going through when the copped their PS3s and Wiis. Below is by far the funniest one I’ve read. (and yes fuckers, this story is from okayplayer.)
I'm one of the first people to show up to Gamestop this morning to pickup my preorder.

There were one person in line ahead of me. A 40-something, gruff looking white dude and his white. I'm talking redneck looking cat with a beat-up trucker cap and a beat up fleece.

So when he gets in, the manager asks him what his name was.

Dude goes: "Glen."

Manager: *thumbs through list* "I don't see your name here man. Are you sure you preordered at this store?"

Glen: "Yeah, I preordered it."

Manager: "Okay, well you're not coming up on the list. How do you spell your name?"

Glen: "Two n's"

Manager: "Do you have a receipt?"

Glenn: "No, I think my wife has it..."

Manager: "Well, your name isn't in the list, and you don't have a receipt, so I can't sell you one. But you have 48 hours, so you can come back with your receipt and I'll gladly sell you one."

Glenn: "I preordered one."

Manager: *looking at him doubtfully* "So... How much did you pay for your preorder?"

Glenn: "20 bucks."

Manager: "No. Sir, customers were asked to place at LEAST 100 down to preorder a PS3..."

Glenn: *Stone faced* "250 bucks. Two Fifty."

At this point, we all bust out laughing.

Manager: "Sir, you didn't preorder a PS3 here. You don't have a receipt, so I cannot sell you one"

Glenn: *shoots his wife a "go get it" look*

Wife: *Pulls out yellow receipt*

(Editors Note: Gamestop doesn't issue yellow receipts.)

The employees laugh again.

Manager: *combined look of amusement and intrigue* "Let me take a look at that." *inspects the receipt* Sir, this isn't a Gamestop receipt. Sears is right next door. They may have some PS3s in stock. They sometimes get some that we don't. They open at 10, you can wait there. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

*motions to an employee

"Can you escort him out of the store?"

Employee: *walks Glenn out of the store*

*everyone laughs again*

Manager: "Dog, she gave me a Rack Room Shoes receipt."

*Pretending to talk to Glenn* "You didn't preorder a ps3! Your wife bought 2 pairs of slippers."

*more laughter*

But for real, I thought Glenn was going to try and rob us after he didn't get a ps3.

Casino Royale with Cheese!

by chinwhat at 9:35 p.m.
Tradition dictates that a viewing of the latest Bond flick be viewed. Here are my quick observations:

- The Bond Girls were alright. Nothing over the topply hot yet beautiful. They get a pass. I expect more flavor next time.

- Action/fight scenes were pretty good.

- Nice overall reset to the whole series.

- Judi Dench is that bitch! Why am I such a big JD fan? No idea. But I always enjoy her performances.

- Good to see that they continue with a villain who looks fucked up. I mean, what’s a villain without something physically wrong with their face? Nothing, that’s what!

- Daniel Craig is one ugly muhfucker. Ugly as sin. Looks like he lost a cinder block fight. Okay, he’s not that ugly, but most definitly too ugly to be playing James Bond. Bond supposed to be debonair and shit. Craig is not debonair.

Overall, I liked it. Way better than World is Not Enough… but then again, what isn't? I wish I could forget that existed... no wait, i did forget! The only thing i remember from that train wreck is the "I thought Christmas only came once a year" joke at the end >shakes head<

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finishes Last

by chinwhat at 9:46 p.m.
I’ve been at my current place of employment for over a year and a half now and like most slugs, I speak to a lot of people often, yet never meet them in person. Today, I met one of those people. She works out of our Niagara & Burlington offices. She takes care of the computer stuff on that end and she’s pretty much been with the company since it started. I had an idea what she was like – heard through the grape vine – but didn’t know she’d come through the way she did.

My director brought her in and visited my co-workers at one of the cubicles. I heard them come in so I step up to say ‘hi’. Eventually my boss comes by as well and my whole department is there. Everyone’s chit chatting away and then she starts commenting on our office. She breaks out this little gem:

“Chris*, you’re too nice” >makes the phone shape out her hand and places it next to her ear. Then in mocking voice< “TRO Help Desk, Chris speaking”

Everyone starts laughing. WTF!

Really, what can I say to that? "What's up vanilla face??" I can’t drop any smack on her because she’s been there as long as our VP. Our director is there. My boss is there. My two co-workers who have more seniority were there. And they were all laughing. All I could do was shake my head… >sigh< (but i found it funny, still)

*Chris is what they call me at work!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Shaunjay!

by chinwhat at 6:54 a.m.

To the brownest guy I know, hope you had a good BDay yesterday!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

by chinwhat at 9:07 p.m.
Sure I'm almost two months late.
Sure it's not really a present.
Sure I have nothing notable to write about.
But >meh< what're you gonna do?
You're gonna watch this clip, that's what!

TeamID's video presentation for CathyAl's wedding.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday A5

by chinwhat at 9:24 p.m.

This past Saturday was Johnny Boy’s 36th Birthday. And to celebrate? We hit up fancy Koreano karaoke bar. Amazingly, Shaun sang! Colour me impressed Shaun, colour me impressed! I think for my birthday, you sing Endless Love!

Anyways, not sure if anyone remembers how Jon got his number, so I’ll give my version:
Once upon a time in 2000, we were all heading up to Sara’s place up at Manitoulin Island. On our way there, we stopped off at a service station to refuel on food and uh, fuel. We hit up one of the vending machines Jon asked what I wanted. “A4.” What does he proceed to do? Presses the “A” button, then the “5” button. Needless, to say, I looked at Jon with a disappointed and say “I hope that’s yours.”

Happy Birthday Old Man Jon.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

>kisses teeth<

by chinwhat at 8:56 p.m.
I'm not saying I religiously watch America's Next Top Model, but i find it fucked up that they kicked off my girl Anchal from the show Wednesday night. Why? The only reason I can think of, is because they're haters! Look at her!

Look at how she's built! Like a goddess! Her proportions; Gat Damn, son!

And she's has a real sexy, exotic face. Every time I look at her, I have to do my "You sexy motha >yelp<" Prince impression!

They're gonna kick off a dime piece like this? GTFOOHWTBS!!!

But seriously, they got rid of the most beautifullest one on the show and kept all these bony asses... If only her self confidence was higher... >sigh<

I'm not saying I watch America's Next Top model, I'm, uh... just saying...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


by chinwhat at 9:05 p.m.
Now that I pretty much have every single Monday off until the end of year, I needed to get my Jim Rome on (with obligatory pre- and post- Romey naps). I go through Rome’s radio affiliate list trying to find a station that has streaming for free. I work my way down the list and come across Montgomery, Alabama’s WIQR. Holy craptacular! I haven’t seen a website this shitty since 1999! They could’ve at least put up some of those shitty flame animated gifs or something.

Anyways, who wants to do lunch on a Monday?* Cathy, can I come down and visit your work? Haven’t been there in a while. Shaun/Chris, give me some of your business cards. I’ll hand them out to all the blondes. (See Shaun, I’m not a fucking cock block like your evil ass!) Al? We can have a nice gay picnic (or whatever it is you/they do down there). Rubes? RyeHigh and shopping? Ai? Can you spare a second? Didn’t think so… Alison? Where the fuck are you? Dr. T? Laugh, we can hit up T&T! Or Tremendous!

*offer not open to Shaun & Chris since we can RBC it any other day of the week… which reminds me: Wanna RBC?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Shaun's New Shame (or "Shaun's New Shamity")

by chinwhat at 10:17 p.m.
Here's an MSN conversation I had with Shaun regarding the video at the bottom. Wow Shaun, I didn't know you were so ashamed of us!
Shaun says:
i'm youtubing this

Shaun says:
you can post it

Shaun says:
i won't post it on my blog

.chin - lasing says:
why won't you post it?

Shaun says:
ahh i dunno .. then i have to write the back story about what team id is to the general public

Shaun says:
if you don't wanna post it.. i'm sure cathy would

Shaun says:

Shaun says:
it's awesome

.chin - lasing says:
laugh, geez, why're you so ashamed of us?

Shaun says:

Shaun says:
i'm not you slut

you're not too shy about writing some back stories about other people, yet you don't want to write a back story about us? >sobs<

Saturday, November 04, 2006

10 Years Later…

by chinwhat at 4:42 p.m.

It’s already been 10 years since we’ve graduated high school! (But more accurately, 9 years after leaving high school thanks to OAC) No fancy pants reunion, but at least some of us managed to get to the unofficial Father Michael Goetz stomp The Enfield Fox. No, I wasn’t Mr. Popular back in high school, so I was pleased to get the “what’s up” head nod from familiar faces… except when I stepped up to some folks who I really expected to remember me, but didn’t. OhPunk! Ah well…

I’d say everyone looked really good, especially the ladies (Wow!), but some of us guys, oy! The wheels definitely fell off! That’s okay though, just another ten years to get rid of those tummies! Hahaha…

I *think* it was Shaun that also mentioned that it'd be cool if some teachers showed up. None came, but I went through this for old times sake. Laugh!

Also, I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive with answering the generic "So, what do you do now?" question. Why? Because I'm not proud of my gig. It's a dead end job with no real future. I had to keep repeating Wise Old Man Jon's "Your job does not define who you are" line.

And I'd also like to mention it was nice that everyone brought their SOs too. Good to see people in relationships and shit...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three

by chinwhat at 10:01 p.m.
(Disclaimer: Since Rahkee has yet to email me her pics >glares in Rahkee’s direction< this post will be lacking the visuals, but will have extra The Rahk stories!)

This past Saturday, Ruby, Rahkee and myself headed out to the airport to volunteer for an operations test at Terminal 1. They needed a bunch of people to simulate a busy day at Pearson and it kinda sounded like fun so, why not, right?

The call was for 9:00am sharp, but since Rahkee was running on traditional BrownTime, we were technically late. Ah BrownTime…

When we arrived, we were handed a folder which had a script, boarding pass and US Citizenship card. I was G. Walltest heading to beautiful Vienna, USA. USA! USA! USA!

After a little speech we headed off to where we needed to go… which was a line with a LOT of waiting around. I think it made Rahkee really cranky. While Ruby went to get her pretend luggage, I went with Rahk’s to go see if they had anymore muffins – we missed the initial batch – which were down at the end of the hall. On our way there, she noted that people were walking away with two or three muffins… when we got there, surprise surprise, the boxes were empty. Was Rahkee heated? Damn straight! “THOSE PEOPLE HAD TWO!!! THEY’RE SO SELFISH!!!” Rejected, we headed back to the luggage meeting area. But on our way back, we crossed paths with someone who was taking more muffins to the table. She wouldn’t give us any food there. She said she would’ve been mobbed – which is true… now, I’m bigger than Rahkee, but it took ALL my strength to hold her back from basically assaulting that poor catering employee. The Rahk was ready to straight jack her for her muffins! Easy Rhakee. Easy! (see how mad she looks in the picture?)

We wound up waiting in the luggage check-in line for about an hour. It was kinda cool. Talked to some AirCadet kids (who were all Chinese. It didn’t make sense until we found out that they were from Markham. “Ah, now I get it!”) and some more people in line. A lot of people seemed pretty happy… but a lot of people were also pissed. Why? Not sure. Probably because they suck. I mean, we’re volunteering to help with their crowd flow, yet there are folks who’re mad because stuff is taking long? Hello, McFly, that’s the fucking point!

Finally we get into the BRAND NEW part of Terminal 1 which no one’s been before (bragging rights!) and I noticed that they didn’t have any shops. No food or book stores. Interesting… (btw, I'd have a wicked picture posted of me doing my ODB impression on the escalator, but *SOMEONE* didn't send me her pictures yet >shakes head<)

Funny, this picture is of me trying to run game on a lady we met. Obviously my lines were trash, as evident by her reaction. Hahahhaa

Oh, and one thing I recommended: dividers between the urinals in the Men’s washroom. So if you’re a guy and use the washroom and notice they installed dividers, you owe me a Coke! Three and a half hours of doing a lot of nothing, and we cash in on a $10 certificate to Tim Horton's. Yes!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!!! Pt2.

by chinwhat at 10:09 p.m.

Shaun and I decided to celebrate Halloween by going out last night in costume. Him in his Grinch That Stole Christmas costume, and me in my Gordon Gartrell. We headed downtown looking for a spot to check out. Queen West, UofT, Yorkdale, RyeHigh. Nothing! Just as we were about to leave, we passed by BoysTown up on Church and Wellesley. They had a few blocks shut down and there were mad people there! There'd be about 1/3 in costume and by far, one of the best was this guy in a giant orange square covered in plastic... he was a slice of processed cheese! Awesome! Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Especially Shaun! We were walking by this one place called "lüb" which had two almost naked muscle guys dancing to techno music. Shaun was MESMERISED!!! I had to make sure I was within viewing range. Who knows what kind of trouble he'd get into. (btw, ya'lls should've seen how MAD Shaun was when i called him out on it. Geez Shaun, if it wasn't true, then why you so mad, dog? Why you so mad?? laugh!)

Anyways, we both agreed that we have to step it up next year. Hopefully our friends will "have a sense of life" and decide to come out and have fun. We have a year to coordinate and make it ill...

Better late than never bonus: MJ and V.Price's voice over session for Thriller. Pretty interesting especially when MJ's all "we should say it together"