Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Concedes Defeat

by chinwhat at 10:11 p.m.

(As read by Bill Walton)
Good v Evil.
David v Goliath.
Throughout history, nothing beats the pageantry and the drama of a good rivalry. The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. Much like these eternal struggles, so is the classic battle of the minds between the ever ambitious Shaun J. Sequeira and the modern day thinkings of Chin Maningas. Quite possibly, the greatest rivalry in western civilization. The history between these two combatants runs deep. Who could ever forget the infamous Raspberry v Blueberry battles? Or the great Ambulance disagreement in the early two thousands? The latest chapter between these battle scarred warriors, includes the heated disagreement over the complex operations of one of the vital components involved in modern engineering: the majestic crane. Strong opinions were set on both sides; the soldiers dug into their trenches with wise words from famed UCLA head coach John Wooden echoing in the air: “Be prepared and be honest.” The battle at hand: How did the crane raise with the building it was gloriously constructing? Theories and strong beliefs were lobbed both ways. Tragically for the Maningas camp, the devastating truth of Shaun’s victory came in a Toronto Star article. He conceded defeat. Cranes were moved up using hydrolics and springs in order to complete its design. A moment for Shaun to savour for all time! And although this classic battle has ended, there are still others to be fought, and graced upon the rest of human existence.

Monday, November 28, 2005

“We should what?”

by chinwhat at 8:43 p.m.
So, one of the girls upstairs comes down to my desk to ask for some IT help. Both my co-worker and I agree: she’s not very shy - if you know what I mean. She begins to ask about the Christmas party and mentions how she saw the pictures in one of the public folders on our server. “Looks like you had a good time”
“Yup. I drank too much, though”
“Yeah, saw pictures of you dancing! We should party sometime”

Right at this moment, I repeated to myself “We should party sometime?” What the hell does that mean? I have NEVER heard that in real life before. Only on tv! It sounded so 1980’s / “Michael Seaver” / Funhouse-with-host-J.D. Roth – type slang. “We should party sometime?!?” So a few days later, I mention this to my sister who proceeded to make me feel like an idiot: “You’ve never heard that before? What’s wrong with you?” Oh punk. “Everyone says that!” They do? What the-

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I’m Just Like Radio Raheem

by chinwhat at 9:40 p.m.
Except I’m not black. Or big. Nor am I bumping Public Enemy (Fight the power!). Instead, it’s 97.3 EZ Rock. Why? Because it’s that time of year again, bitches! (See entries from last year: Nov 29th and 30th) But what could top EZ Rock’s Christmas music celebration? How about some soca carols that came on during my drive into work? >waves red and green rag while driving<

WAR Worldwide on 89.5FM at 7:30
WAR DJ Court Jester spinning the finest in soca on a Thursday morning

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Moment In The Life Of BigChinWizzleWizzle

by chinwhat at 9:02 p.m.
November 19, 2005
Driving south on Hurontario Street approaching Burnhamthorpe Road.
Hardly any cars on the road.
Notice a peculiar smell …
I stop at the red light
I move my fingers towards my nose.
“Why do my fingers smell like …”
“… peanut butter?”
“I haven't eatin peanut butter in weeks!”
“… and why do I keep smelling them?”
I proceed through green light.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Let’s Party Like It’s November 19, 2005

by chinwhat at 7:32 p.m.

So I seen the pictures from last Saturday’s work party. It’s been a minutes since I had to dress up and it was nice as ice! Anyways, here’s the short and long of it:
• felt pseudo underdressed…
• …which I cared about…
• …but really didn’t…
• good to see everyone dressed niced out!
• talking to one of the chemists and he notices that I’m sayin ‘Hello’ to a lot of people. He says: “you know a lot of people” Fucking right I do! I am the manager!
• Soup was good, salad was >meh<, main was ass and the dessert was okay (not even the raspberries could save it)
• music was okay. DJ fudged up a couple of times, but he was really into… like, REALLY into it!
• sadly, Soca Or Die 3 was going on downtown…
• …so I had to enjoy any soca I could get…
• … which was a soca conga line…
• … to that “I Love Soca!” song…
• didn’t win any door prizes. Boo-urns.
• drank WAY too much!
• taxi driver drove fast. Easy Mr. Singh, you’re getting paid regardless!

Overall, it was good times. $25 for entertainment like this? Done and done. And I mean done!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Behave, Chin. Behave!

by chinwhat at 7:40 p.m.
Saturday is the company Christmas – errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Holiday Party. I only have two rules which cancel each other out:

1. Don’t be antisocial/talk a little something something. (ie, drink a little bit)
2. Don’t drink too much. I have to keep the filter on!

But one thing is certain: make sure I don’t get drunk at this company event like Al >shakes head in disgust<

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fanboysim pt. 2

by chinwhat at 8:51 p.m.

In less than a week, the new Xbox 360 will drop and XBoxfanboy is foaming at the mouth >looks at Dr. T and ai’s direction< Now I’m not a fan of MS’s marketing scheme for the unit, but I am a fan of this commercial… but mostly because I’m a fan of skipping.

WAR Screen Caps with MS Mediaplayer

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


by chinwhat at 8:45 p.m.

What? My favorite active musical group dropped not one, but two best of… /remixed /rare /unreleased albums? Done and done! And I mean ‘done!’ When news broke that there’d be a new Roots release, their message boards were electric! “What kind of album would it be?” “Which direction would they go?” “What’ll the theme be?” I couldn’t effing wait!! The weeks passed and we eventually learned what the track listing would be. But what also caught my attention was the mention of the liners! Their drummer promised mad stories for each track. And it came out to 20 pages… PER ALBUM! It felt like Christmas Eve last night. I could not wait to get my copies from my friendly neighbourhood retailer! I became the Mississauga version of Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” (but with prettier feet) after grabbing my two copies. Weeks of anticipation were over. Once I got home, I unwrapped the plastic and slowly opened up the CD lid which made that crack that only new CD jewel cases can make. >sniff< >sniff< Mmmmm, glossy finish! I removed the stubborn disk as gently as I could and placed it in my CD player. Pressed play, put that bitch on repeat, turned the lights off, lay down on my floor, let the vibes penetrate…

As Emirl says: "Happy happy!"

WAR music I love

Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy Birthday

by chinwhat at 6:45 p.m.
To Shaun "I'm sooooooooooooooooooo drunk" Sequeira. To celebrate, I'll throw up my three favorite pics of Shaun.

First, who is this young ruffian??? It's none other than Shaun circa 1996. Boy were you skinny!! But that's okay. I guess it's all due to some good living! Close those sales, pig! ABC! AIDA!

My second and third pics are from The Illadelph. What can I say? I guess I got in the "Rocky" frame of mind. Laugh!

WAR pictures

Saturday, November 12, 2005

“OH DEAR!!!” © A. Torreno

by chinwhat at 11:19 a.m.
Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I had to find this cuz yalls kept talking about it!!! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Listen to the colour man laughing his ass off! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Look at the fan on the base line wearing the black hat react: covering his mouth as if to say “Oh Snap!” Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Look at HeatFan wearing red sitting behind NJ’s bench covering his grabbing his head in defeat while his son cheers on! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

But I still have to give props to Zo for trying. Yalls said he got posterized three times that game? I have to give it up. At least he still tries to play D instead of standing off to the side watching dunks all para about being on SportsCentre… but still, Oh Dear!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chin Approved - New Entry: Honey Cruller Timbits

by chinwhat at 8:06 p.m.

Timmy’s stepped their Timbit game up. After the whole brew-ha-ha with their frozen doughnuts it’s good to see them come with something new and fresh (to me). The Hone Cruller Timbits are perfect! Crisp yet delicate. Sweet but not too rich. Not heavy at all. So light, they remind me of the pate choux we used to make at school. The exact size for a mouthful without talking like a pig (not vat I shpeak wiff food im my mouff). I polished a good dozen off today without even blinking >pats belly< and could’ve went for more! Let’s hear it for Honey Cruller Timbits!!!

Friday is Jon's birthday. Happy Birthday Old Man! Everyone should listen to you, since you are the oldest and wisest. Jon is up here, while everyone else, is way down here. If only you'd come out for your birthday. I remember you saying a long time ago - in a wise old voice - that an individual should come out even if they don't want to. Not for themselves, but for the people who want to see him.

And Friday is also Remembrance Day. Peace to all the soldiers and stuff. But most of all, for those who have it off, please stop calling it a “holiday.” If it were a “holiday” then I wouldn’t be working. So please, G.T.F.O.O.H.W.T.B.S.!!! >looks at Cathy’s, a.i.’s and my mom’s direction<

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Define Flyer Love

by chinwhat at 7:52 p.m.
We all love flyers, right? I know Al also grabs the Future Shop and Best Buy flyers to see what’s up. Well, today’s Wednesday and Future Shop flyers sometimes appear in our local wrap: The Mississauga News. So I’m flipping through the pages and I begin to look through the DVDs they have on sale. “Hmm… three for $25, eh? Rocky… The Fan… Sleepwalkers… Apt Pupil… Apt Pupil?? Apt Pupil!?!” I tried to remember what an ‘Apt Pupil’ was. I couldn’t. I did a search on my computer, and thanks to, I saved (and present to you) Al’s fucking timeless "Definition List" (Great job Al). I'm equally surprised at how much we still use and how much we no longer do. Lots made me laugh and lots made me cry due to said laughter. Enjoy!

You don't understand me when I tell you to stop Club-OV'ing? Need to find out the real meaning of "punk"? Are you going on Jon Tangents, and don't even know it? Well, here is the place to go if you need to learn more about me and my friends, and the slang we speak
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Acceptance Punkage
n. Shrugging or otherwise accepting the punkage offered.

n. Describing one with low intellect, or bad coordination skills. Sandy: "I don't get it" Jay: "What's wrong with you, Agnes?"

n. Actions that produce laughter. Also, actions that produce dirty looks from responsible citizens

Apt Pupil-ing
v. Confirming for a social event, and then selling out. . Damn, Al, I already bought the tickets because I thought you were coming, don't pull an Apt Pupil on me

adj. Meaning good.*** Those chicken wings are soo bad ... bad meaning good


adj. Computer Graphics. Refers to movies, such as ID4, with special effects that look fake. Also refers to concepts that are complicated or deviant. Chris, I don't understand this CG math

Chin Maneuver
n. Deflecting punkage directed towards you, accomplished by pleading ignoranceAl:"At least i don't have sex with french chefs ... Chin: "You talking to me? I thought you were talking to Jon"

Club OV-ing
v. Being anti-social for the sake of one's self. Anthony: "I want to go with you guys to eat chicken wings, but I'm not going to eat chicken wings"

n. Central Parkway. The street where the CP Crew was born. A symbol of excellence. Also, land of 1000 punks.

CP Crew
n. The greatest Hip-Hop and R&B group to come out of Mississauga (WESTSIDE!).

Deflection Punkage
n. Taking attention away from punkage directed toward you, by punking someone other than whoever punked you.Rob:"You suck Al" Al:"In order to deflect this punkage, Jon is gay"

Distraction Punkage
n. Deflecting punkage directed toward you by distracting others with a seemingly useless observationJon:"Chin, you're gay" Chin:"Look, he's making ice cream"

n. adj. int. Dumbass. What's wrong with you? Dumbass...

v. Request for more information, or a request for some storytelling. Al: "The TA punked me" Chris: "Explain"*

Fairy Box
n. A small plastic lunchbox, belonging to Shaun Sequeira, containing fairy items such as baby powder, and camay soap. **

Fugitive, The
adj. Formerly, a codeword for anything Star Trek. Did you watch "the fugitive" last night?. Currently, referring to just ST:VOY, or something to be avoided. *


int. An expresssion to convey confusion. This is called super linear convergence ... gah? *

General Loafting
v. The regular get-together: A movie, a video game, ordering chicken wings, getting together and just punking each other. Ahhh, General Loafting

adj. Anything sub-standard, hard to use, or from Toronto. Rob, are you still driving that ghetto car?

n. A province in India, home to many Catholics. Also, a place where punks are said to originate. Man, what's wrong with you, are you from Goa?

adj. A punk. Shaun Sequeira. Man, you're Goan (oh punk)

Good stuff
adj. Anything beneficiary to the cause of creating antics. There's gonna be some chicks there. Good stuff, real good

adj. Gamepro magazine, a video game magazine with no real content. Used to refer to anything with a similar lack of content. This dumb movie has gone GP *

adj. To be an expert in one's field. To sacrifice one's physical safety in order to create antics. *Jeff's keeping that fire burning in the rain. That's hardcore

n. One who answers the professor's questions in a university lecture. One who TRIES to answer questions in a university lecture. One who corrects a prof's mistake. One who is brave, in an antics point of view. That guy tried to be a hero, but the prof shot him down

adj. Having extreme difficulty. Man, these 108 kids are so hurting*

n. Coalition formed during summer school 1996. Members include Jon (Imitation), Anthony (Degenerate) and Chin (Bastard). The members' goal was to effectively alienate Shaun; a futile attempt. Shaun is impossible to JG as witnessed by the need (and subsequent failure) for the IDB to form.***

adj. Copy, look alike. Also, something that is not as good as the real thing. Hey look, it's imitation Rob*

In Theory
int. Used in hypothetical situations. *In theory, communism works. In theory...
It Sure Does
gah? Confirmation of the speaker's statement. From the Simpsons: "Food goes in here..." "It sure does"*

n. Jason Gonsalves. Individual who was scholastically brilliant but dismal socially. v. To become disenfranchised from clique of friends to the extent of tabulating punks. *** Anthony: "Rob, you've been JG-ized." Rob: "No I haven't."

Jon Tangent
n. Suddenly and mysteriously changing the subject of conversation. Commenting on old conversation topics. Working with a slow brain processor. Jon: "Damn, I don't want to sleep at Guelph". Al:"We were talking about that 15 minutes ago!"

Know Wham Sayin
Request for confirmation. Short for Do you understand what I am saying*

Laced With Cocaine
adj. Highly addictive. So good that you would sell your soul just to have another second, another morsel, another ... anyways, all around good stuff.I can't stop eating this Church's Chicken... must be laced with cocaine.*

v. Lazy, not doing any work, just chilling.Al:"Jon, did you do your homework?" Jon:"No, I've been loafting" *

n. One who loafts *



v. Warning or indication that mentally challenged personnel are within the area. (some guy with a mental disability walks in) Anthony: Observe!**

n. Basically the ghetto way of saying respect. I give u props for stealing that car.**

Pull an Alexis
v. Hard working, with a good work ethic *

Pull an Anthony
To be arrogant of non-exceptional accomplishments/knowledge.*** Anthony: "Yeah, I know where that is 'cause I'm a kick ass driver."

Pull a Bear
To pull a bear

Pull a Corciega
v. To not study for a test or do homework because of loafting*

Pull a Jeff
v. Doing something crazy *

Pull a Rob
v. Act of being anti-social. Especially selling out social events with advanced knowledge. ***Anthony: "Yeah, Rob...You want to go camping and/or see pearl jam on the August 22nd weekend?" Rob: "No, I'm working..." Anthony: "It's February!"

Pull a Shaun
v. Doing something cowardly, to chicken out. Bringing Camay soap and Johnson's baby powder to a camping trip *

n. One who punks another. Also, indicating the action of punking. That's a punk

v. The act of doing wrong onto another person. Implicating another's deviant actions (false or otherwise). If you do that, I'll punk you

n. A barrage of punks. "What, Jon is gay?" ... "What, Jon is stupid and gay?" ... "What, Jon likes stupid gay guys?"

Oh Punk
int. Acknowledgement of a good punk. Also, anger over getting punked. Jay: "Al, you're stupid" Al: "Oh punk"


v. To acknowledge a worthy accomplishment. To give props. *If you eat that Chef Boyardee straight outta the can, I'll give you respect

Retaliation Punkage
n. Also known as old school punkage. Punking whoever punked you, usually preceded by "whatever". Rob:"Al, you suck" Al:"Whatever, at least my IQ is greater than 85"

n. One who does not believe or follow the customs, traditions, or identity of his/her ethnic group. One who abandons true friends for fake ones. One who does not attend social events without just cause. v. The act of being a sellout. "Don't wanna come to the movies, eh? What a sellout"**

Tough One, Eh?
The punchline of a joke in YM magazine. Indicating to a fellow camper the struggle to release feces. Constipated? Tough one, eh?

Transit System
Due to Anthony and his constant vegetarian tendencies, we went to Subway to eat for three weeks straight. After that, we were sick of it, and placed him in a pushing triangle. Now, anyone that wants to eat at Subway cannot refer to it as Subway. It is called "transit system".



adj. Vietnamese Restaurant. If you want the details of this story, then e-mail me, cuz I'm not putting it here. To keep a long (and sickening) story short, People got sick at a Vietnamese Restaurant, so anything unsanitary is VR. The washroom at Sid Smith is super VR

Watch Your Portions
int. The theme of the 1998 camping trip at Earl Rowe Porvincial. Ensuring equal portions for all peoples. Making sure not to over-punk Shaun. Ensuring that wood is not burned too fast. Stop drinking all the alcohol! Watch your portions!




* means definition provided by Chris Corciega
** means definition provided by Jon Yu
***means definition provided by Anthony Pasalic

Which leaves me with this: I want a reset of the Viet restaurant. As well, Chris, where are those notes we made Cottage 2K2 - or was that 2K3? Maybe we should update this piece. Wouldn't this make an awsome appendix to our TeamID book? I'm sayin!!

WAR Technology
WAR The WayBack Machine
WAR Yesterday Today

Gerald Wallace Hurt?

by chinwhat at 7:03 a.m.
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" (c)D. Vader

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Leading scorer Gerald Wallace is doubtful for the Charlotte Bobcats' game Wednesday night against San Antonio because of a mild concussion.

Wallace, averaging 16.5 points, hit his head on a drive to the basket in the second quarter of Charlotte's 95-91 overtime loss Monday against Utah. He did not play in the second half and missed practice Tuesday.

Coach Bernie Bickerstaff said the team will be cautious with Wallace, who missed four games last December with a concussion.

"It's completely up to the doctors," Bickerstaff said. "I talked with him early this morning and he's just very sore."

All five starters sat out practice Tuesday with a variety of bumps and bruises, but Bickerstaff believes Emeka Okafor, Primoz Brezec and Brevin Knight will play against the Spurs.

But Bickerstaff said guard Kareem Rush, who aggravated a thumb injury against the Jazz, is doubtful.

That's okay. The Sprewell portrait makes me feel much better...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

VGM: Week 1

by chinwhat at 7:06 p.m.
Who would’ve called Shaun being in first place (except Shaun of course)??? It’s cool having a lot of people in our group this year. And it’s also funny to hear Shaun realize the destructive power of ai. His score is real, but his VGM points are not!

By the by, this is my team for this week coming up, so if you have the same players as me, well, stop biting. God hates biters.

For my point guard, I picked Mr. Desperate House Wife, Tony Parker. At the two, it’s my steal for the week: Gerald Wallace from Charlotte. He’s averaged twenty points in his last three games. Hopefully he’ll continue to do as good. Costing a measly 13.7, how could I afford NOT to pick him?? The 3 has Pau “Obi Wan” Gasol. Use the Force Pau, use the Force! Big Fund is my PF and for my centre, I have >sings< “Yao Ming, Yao Ming Yao Ming Yao Ming!” Coach Pop will hopefully get me a cool 20pts this week.

And memo to MotherBrain: last place? I thought you were smarter than that, dog! I love this game!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

>tsk< >tsk<

by chinwhat at 5:59 p.m.
Allow me to take this time to fucking berate TeamID. We’re not getting together to watch the Raps’ season opener!? Are you fucking kidding me?!! It’s the first game of the season! If we don’t get together for this game, are we even going to try and bother to watch any of the other games together??? Oh, I can see it already. Jon’s indifference, Shaun’s excuses, ai’s “First of all Chin”, Chris’ quiet judgement… colour me fucking disappointed.

Disappointed, son. Disappointed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Believe!

by chinwhat at 8:46 p.m.
This morning, I’m going through the usual routine of reading the daily fish wrap when I notice the horoscope in my peripheral vision. Now I hardly (ie: never) read them but for some reason, I decided to see what the outlook was for the good ol’ Sagittarius.

With Venus still in your sign, it’s as if you’re walking into a field full of four-leaf clovers. This doesn’t mean you have a lottery win in store, but you are about to have a secret wish granted.

“Secret wish, eh?” I repeat. I knew this wasn’t going to come true. I mean, what are the chances I’d get a call from the sexy account manager, make my way up there and find her in her office with one of the sexy project managers giggling at some silly Harlequin-esque email forward? Then they’d have to close the door to her office, motion me over and start >ahem<… well, you get the picture. This ain’t happening… or did it? Tragically, no, it didn’t. Instead, I came in this morning to an email from the VP regarding his Palm Pilot which I’ve been trying to sync with his computer for a good three months! Crappy long story short, I got it fixed… and yesterday, I DID secretly wish I didn’t have to deal with it anymore. So, The Star’s horoscope was true for today I guess. So prepare to hear me pimp this shit like Shaun did Yahoo!’s back in 2K4.

WAR Sagittarius
WAR Venus (also by Bananarama!)
WAR Secret Wishes (>in voice cracking tone< “uh… you called about your computer?”