Saturday, March 14, 2009

“Deferred” Is Just A Nice Way To Say “Blacklisted”

by chinwhat at 12:29 a.m.
Donating blood is something I’ve been doing for a few years now. Not exactly sure why, but I guess its similar to Chris’ goal of “Helping the world”

Maybe it was my Christian upbringing. Helping each other out like Jesus told us about like The Good Samaritan.

Or maybe I was trying to be like my dad when he used to donate at his old place of work.

Spiting Jehovah’s Witness’ might’ve been a good reason if I knew about their anti-blood donating stance, especially when they’d wake me up on Saturday mornings.

Whatever the reason for starting, I knew I wanted to keep going until I got 50 donations under my belt. Especially when I saw that they had pictures of the gold donors hanging on the clinic walls. “I want my pic up there. And they need some people of colour up in this piece!” All of them were of the 100% AngloSaxon type, if youknowwhati'msayin...

Right now, I’m closing in on the 40 donation mark. I figure that if I give as much as I’m allowed, I’ll reach my fiddy goal in about three or four more years (and reward myself with a couple of piercings and/or tattoos, which i've been waiting for).

Unfortunately, a little monkey wrench the size of the Philippines put a temporary kibosh on my plans.

I went in for my next regular blood drop off and filled out the forms as usual. When asked if I’ve been anywhere in the last year, I noted that I went to the Philippines a month ago.

The blood nurse lady had a screw face and had to pull out this thick ass book. About 30 minutes later, we figured out that I went to too many rural areas (Yo, my dad’s from a ghetto fishing village!) which means that I can’t donate for a whole year aka "deferred".

“A year?!”

A. Fucking. Year.

Well, there goes my tat/earing plans for another 5 years…

On a brighter note, Resident Evil 5 came out today and Capcom was sponsoring a blood drive out in Cali.