Sunday, September 17, 2006

My, How UnFoxy…

by chinwhat at 7:43 p.m.
Last night I had a couple of pops at home, headed to Shaun’s for more of the same, then to the Enfield Fox – which I’ve decided to be my new spot. What exactly does that mean? Not sure since I don’t go there lots, but I enjoy the crowd, the cheapish drink and the music (Sleeping In My Bed Remix? Son, you don't know!) AND it’s also walking distance from home!

One thing we noticed about that place was that there were old people there*. OLD people! And that reminded me of the agreement Chris and I had: we do NOT want to end up like him! Obviously single and looking for tail in the wrong place! If I hate on what’s going on with me now, what’ll happen if I end up being at a place like the Fox, too old, jeans the wrong colour, wrong cut, fucked up shoes, the wrong dress shirt tucked in and drinking the wrong drink with a wrong hair cut looking "les miserble" d'ell?? I’d fucking have to kill myself! Fuck that, I ain’t going out like that!

What has me chilling the fuck out is knowing stories of my co-worker who agreed to a proposal from her husband after dating for only five months! And they’ve just been married for five years! And if that’s not hard core enough, Cathy’s co worker proposing to his wife after they’ve only met for a week! Sure, they’re brown, but allegedly, it wasn’t an arranged marriage. But still…

*there were some seventeen year olds too! How the hell did they get in?!? Anyways, just a little tip I gave to Shaun: Remember, if she looks young, she’s probably younger! Don’t want to be fucking with no jail bait do you? Do you?!?

WAR 17 year olds


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