Wednesday, September 20, 2006

He Hasn’t Won a Grammy. Won’t Win a Tony

by chinwhat at 9:58 p.m.
The Boom Bapp, theBoomBapp. Yezzir, The Blastmaster is coming to town! I got Friday October 6th marked on my calendar. It’s been about ten or eleven years since KRS-One’s been here and he promised he’d fucking rock the place! And I believe him! Tha Teacha even told us radio listeners not to wear anything nice. We have to bring some gear we don’t mind getting dirty in. Holy shit I’m so excited! >kisses teeth< Man, it’ll be such a wicked show. My sister’s boyfriend’s sister is promoing it and I can even get back stage! Chill with fucking Knowledge Reigns Supreme?!?! I’ll fucking faint! >cries to self<

Opening is Doug E Fresh. Anyone remember seeing him at TUMF back in 97? Didn’t think so. Here’s my review I wrote for it back then.

Fri. Aug. 29, 1997 � Energy Express Road Tour - Doug E. Fresh, Organized Konfusion, The Circle, Intrikit. C.N.E. Band Shell Park. Free. - Chillin in the middle of the seats in front of the Band Shell. Slowly but surely, the crowd begins to fill both in front and behind us (as well as pigs all around) as the darkness falls. Smells of "Otto's jacket" fill the air as some of T.'s finest represent. From the basement comes Organized Konfusion and (as with every other concert) complains about turning up the volume while dropping some mad lyrics. Finally, to seal of the night, the one and only Doug E. Fresh, one of the baddest beat-boxers, brings it back....with a harmonica as well!!! Classics are dropped for all the old school headz without disappointment.

And oh yeah, Legendary Amnesia Jam this Friday at the Kool Haus. They’re celebrating their 7th year as well as their Old School Mixed CD release. Chubb Rock (Here Comes the Cubbster!) is gonna be there! As well as a secret special guest. The DJs on Worldwide says that if I miss it, I’ll be kicking myself for the rest of the year. Allegedly, in the past they’ve had CL Smooth, Doug E Fresh and Jeru. Fuck, if it’s along those lines… oh snap!


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