Monday, September 25, 2006

Shadow of Elizabeth

by chinwhat at 10:27 p.m.
In my quest to make more moolah, this past Saturday I decided to head on over to my sister’s place of employment to see if I can get a part time gig. I somehow amazingly woke up pre-7am (!) and got ready. Did a full Windsor knot for my tie and headed out. I won’t bore you with the lack of theatrics, but I will say that 1) I was disappointed that the “hot brown chick” didn’t show up*. Allegedly, she’s really hot according to my sister. Funny though, if I tried to run game, my sister would shoot me down super fast. CB for life? Fuck, that’s mean! 2) I learned that when you use the ATM and deposit money in the envelope, the envelope is stamped with the user’s information. I always thought that the notes were kept in sequential order! Speaking with the other bank slugs, I found out that people try putting all sorts of crazy stuff like fliers and crap. Hahaha, jokes on them, cuz their account just gets locked! Pwnd! 3) I realize now – moreso – that if I want to make cash, I gotta have my own business. Seeing all these regular looking folks dropping of mad 20s and 50s made me think… hard! (“gotta come up with a get rich scheme… quick!”) 4) I don’t know if I want to work for my sister. The smack she was running… >kisses teeth< I can’t really punk her back. This is her shit and these are her peoples, right? All I could do was take it… >sigh< at least she didn’t treat me like a total gopher though…

*its okay though. we played Mississauga Indian Grocers today for an exibition game. "Yezzir!" >drool< I know where I’m doing my grocery shopping from now on! >wink!<**

**yes, i realize i've said this before, but >shrug<


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