Sunday, November 19, 2006

(Video Game) War Stories

by chinwhat at 9:45 p.m.

Now that the big video game weekend is over with (congrats to CathyAl and their Wii and Chris with his 360), I’ve been cruising through some message boards and blogs to see what’s up with some stories and antics folks were going through when the copped their PS3s and Wiis. Below is by far the funniest one I’ve read. (and yes fuckers, this story is from okayplayer.)
I'm one of the first people to show up to Gamestop this morning to pickup my preorder.

There were one person in line ahead of me. A 40-something, gruff looking white dude and his white. I'm talking redneck looking cat with a beat-up trucker cap and a beat up fleece.

So when he gets in, the manager asks him what his name was.

Dude goes: "Glen."

Manager: *thumbs through list* "I don't see your name here man. Are you sure you preordered at this store?"

Glen: "Yeah, I preordered it."

Manager: "Okay, well you're not coming up on the list. How do you spell your name?"

Glen: "Two n's"

Manager: "Do you have a receipt?"

Glenn: "No, I think my wife has it..."

Manager: "Well, your name isn't in the list, and you don't have a receipt, so I can't sell you one. But you have 48 hours, so you can come back with your receipt and I'll gladly sell you one."

Glenn: "I preordered one."

Manager: *looking at him doubtfully* "So... How much did you pay for your preorder?"

Glenn: "20 bucks."

Manager: "No. Sir, customers were asked to place at LEAST 100 down to preorder a PS3..."

Glenn: *Stone faced* "250 bucks. Two Fifty."

At this point, we all bust out laughing.

Manager: "Sir, you didn't preorder a PS3 here. You don't have a receipt, so I cannot sell you one"

Glenn: *shoots his wife a "go get it" look*

Wife: *Pulls out yellow receipt*

(Editors Note: Gamestop doesn't issue yellow receipts.)

The employees laugh again.

Manager: *combined look of amusement and intrigue* "Let me take a look at that." *inspects the receipt* Sir, this isn't a Gamestop receipt. Sears is right next door. They may have some PS3s in stock. They sometimes get some that we don't. They open at 10, you can wait there. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

*motions to an employee

"Can you escort him out of the store?"

Employee: *walks Glenn out of the store*

*everyone laughs again*

Manager: "Dog, she gave me a Rack Room Shoes receipt."

*Pretending to talk to Glenn* "You didn't preorder a ps3! Your wife bought 2 pairs of slippers."

*more laughter*

But for real, I thought Glenn was going to try and rob us after he didn't get a ps3.


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LOL 2 thumbs up for that story!

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