Sunday, November 06, 2005

VGM: Week 1

by chinwhat at 7:06 p.m.
Who would’ve called Shaun being in first place (except Shaun of course)??? It’s cool having a lot of people in our group this year. And it’s also funny to hear Shaun realize the destructive power of ai. His score is real, but his VGM points are not!

By the by, this is my team for this week coming up, so if you have the same players as me, well, stop biting. God hates biters.

For my point guard, I picked Mr. Desperate House Wife, Tony Parker. At the two, it’s my steal for the week: Gerald Wallace from Charlotte. He’s averaged twenty points in his last three games. Hopefully he’ll continue to do as good. Costing a measly 13.7, how could I afford NOT to pick him?? The 3 has Pau “Obi Wan” Gasol. Use the Force Pau, use the Force! Big Fund is my PF and for my centre, I have >sings< “Yao Ming, Yao Ming Yao Ming Yao Ming!” Coach Pop will hopefully get me a cool 20pts this week.

And memo to MotherBrain: last place? I thought you were smarter than that, dog! I love this game!


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