Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Concedes Defeat

by chinwhat at 10:11 p.m.

(As read by Bill Walton)
Good v Evil.
David v Goliath.
Throughout history, nothing beats the pageantry and the drama of a good rivalry. The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. Much like these eternal struggles, so is the classic battle of the minds between the ever ambitious Shaun J. Sequeira and the modern day thinkings of Chin Maningas. Quite possibly, the greatest rivalry in western civilization. The history between these two combatants runs deep. Who could ever forget the infamous Raspberry v Blueberry battles? Or the great Ambulance disagreement in the early two thousands? The latest chapter between these battle scarred warriors, includes the heated disagreement over the complex operations of one of the vital components involved in modern engineering: the majestic crane. Strong opinions were set on both sides; the soldiers dug into their trenches with wise words from famed UCLA head coach John Wooden echoing in the air: “Be prepared and be honest.” The battle at hand: How did the crane raise with the building it was gloriously constructing? Theories and strong beliefs were lobbed both ways. Tragically for the Maningas camp, the devastating truth of Shaun’s victory came in a Toronto Star article. He conceded defeat. Cranes were moved up using hydrolics and springs in order to complete its design. A moment for Shaun to savour for all time! And although this classic battle has ended, there are still others to be fought, and graced upon the rest of human existence.


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