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Define Flyer Love

by chinwhat at 7:52 p.m.
We all love flyers, right? I know Al also grabs the Future Shop and Best Buy flyers to see what’s up. Well, today’s Wednesday and Future Shop flyers sometimes appear in our local wrap: The Mississauga News. So I’m flipping through the pages and I begin to look through the DVDs they have on sale. “Hmm… three for $25, eh? Rocky… The Fan… Sleepwalkers… Apt Pupil… Apt Pupil?? Apt Pupil!?!” I tried to remember what an ‘Apt Pupil’ was. I couldn’t. I did a search on my computer, and thanks to, I saved (and present to you) Al’s fucking timeless "Definition List" (Great job Al). I'm equally surprised at how much we still use and how much we no longer do. Lots made me laugh and lots made me cry due to said laughter. Enjoy!

You don't understand me when I tell you to stop Club-OV'ing? Need to find out the real meaning of "punk"? Are you going on Jon Tangents, and don't even know it? Well, here is the place to go if you need to learn more about me and my friends, and the slang we speak
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Acceptance Punkage
n. Shrugging or otherwise accepting the punkage offered.

n. Describing one with low intellect, or bad coordination skills. Sandy: "I don't get it" Jay: "What's wrong with you, Agnes?"

n. Actions that produce laughter. Also, actions that produce dirty looks from responsible citizens

Apt Pupil-ing
v. Confirming for a social event, and then selling out. . Damn, Al, I already bought the tickets because I thought you were coming, don't pull an Apt Pupil on me

adj. Meaning good.*** Those chicken wings are soo bad ... bad meaning good


adj. Computer Graphics. Refers to movies, such as ID4, with special effects that look fake. Also refers to concepts that are complicated or deviant. Chris, I don't understand this CG math

Chin Maneuver
n. Deflecting punkage directed towards you, accomplished by pleading ignoranceAl:"At least i don't have sex with french chefs ... Chin: "You talking to me? I thought you were talking to Jon"

Club OV-ing
v. Being anti-social for the sake of one's self. Anthony: "I want to go with you guys to eat chicken wings, but I'm not going to eat chicken wings"

n. Central Parkway. The street where the CP Crew was born. A symbol of excellence. Also, land of 1000 punks.

CP Crew
n. The greatest Hip-Hop and R&B group to come out of Mississauga (WESTSIDE!).

Deflection Punkage
n. Taking attention away from punkage directed toward you, by punking someone other than whoever punked you.Rob:"You suck Al" Al:"In order to deflect this punkage, Jon is gay"

Distraction Punkage
n. Deflecting punkage directed toward you by distracting others with a seemingly useless observationJon:"Chin, you're gay" Chin:"Look, he's making ice cream"

n. adj. int. Dumbass. What's wrong with you? Dumbass...

v. Request for more information, or a request for some storytelling. Al: "The TA punked me" Chris: "Explain"*

Fairy Box
n. A small plastic lunchbox, belonging to Shaun Sequeira, containing fairy items such as baby powder, and camay soap. **

Fugitive, The
adj. Formerly, a codeword for anything Star Trek. Did you watch "the fugitive" last night?. Currently, referring to just ST:VOY, or something to be avoided. *


int. An expresssion to convey confusion. This is called super linear convergence ... gah? *

General Loafting
v. The regular get-together: A movie, a video game, ordering chicken wings, getting together and just punking each other. Ahhh, General Loafting

adj. Anything sub-standard, hard to use, or from Toronto. Rob, are you still driving that ghetto car?

n. A province in India, home to many Catholics. Also, a place where punks are said to originate. Man, what's wrong with you, are you from Goa?

adj. A punk. Shaun Sequeira. Man, you're Goan (oh punk)

Good stuff
adj. Anything beneficiary to the cause of creating antics. There's gonna be some chicks there. Good stuff, real good

adj. Gamepro magazine, a video game magazine with no real content. Used to refer to anything with a similar lack of content. This dumb movie has gone GP *

adj. To be an expert in one's field. To sacrifice one's physical safety in order to create antics. *Jeff's keeping that fire burning in the rain. That's hardcore

n. One who answers the professor's questions in a university lecture. One who TRIES to answer questions in a university lecture. One who corrects a prof's mistake. One who is brave, in an antics point of view. That guy tried to be a hero, but the prof shot him down

adj. Having extreme difficulty. Man, these 108 kids are so hurting*

n. Coalition formed during summer school 1996. Members include Jon (Imitation), Anthony (Degenerate) and Chin (Bastard). The members' goal was to effectively alienate Shaun; a futile attempt. Shaun is impossible to JG as witnessed by the need (and subsequent failure) for the IDB to form.***

adj. Copy, look alike. Also, something that is not as good as the real thing. Hey look, it's imitation Rob*

In Theory
int. Used in hypothetical situations. *In theory, communism works. In theory...
It Sure Does
gah? Confirmation of the speaker's statement. From the Simpsons: "Food goes in here..." "It sure does"*

n. Jason Gonsalves. Individual who was scholastically brilliant but dismal socially. v. To become disenfranchised from clique of friends to the extent of tabulating punks. *** Anthony: "Rob, you've been JG-ized." Rob: "No I haven't."

Jon Tangent
n. Suddenly and mysteriously changing the subject of conversation. Commenting on old conversation topics. Working with a slow brain processor. Jon: "Damn, I don't want to sleep at Guelph". Al:"We were talking about that 15 minutes ago!"

Know Wham Sayin
Request for confirmation. Short for Do you understand what I am saying*

Laced With Cocaine
adj. Highly addictive. So good that you would sell your soul just to have another second, another morsel, another ... anyways, all around good stuff.I can't stop eating this Church's Chicken... must be laced with cocaine.*

v. Lazy, not doing any work, just chilling.Al:"Jon, did you do your homework?" Jon:"No, I've been loafting" *

n. One who loafts *



v. Warning or indication that mentally challenged personnel are within the area. (some guy with a mental disability walks in) Anthony: Observe!**

n. Basically the ghetto way of saying respect. I give u props for stealing that car.**

Pull an Alexis
v. Hard working, with a good work ethic *

Pull an Anthony
To be arrogant of non-exceptional accomplishments/knowledge.*** Anthony: "Yeah, I know where that is 'cause I'm a kick ass driver."

Pull a Bear
To pull a bear

Pull a Corciega
v. To not study for a test or do homework because of loafting*

Pull a Jeff
v. Doing something crazy *

Pull a Rob
v. Act of being anti-social. Especially selling out social events with advanced knowledge. ***Anthony: "Yeah, Rob...You want to go camping and/or see pearl jam on the August 22nd weekend?" Rob: "No, I'm working..." Anthony: "It's February!"

Pull a Shaun
v. Doing something cowardly, to chicken out. Bringing Camay soap and Johnson's baby powder to a camping trip *

n. One who punks another. Also, indicating the action of punking. That's a punk

v. The act of doing wrong onto another person. Implicating another's deviant actions (false or otherwise). If you do that, I'll punk you

n. A barrage of punks. "What, Jon is gay?" ... "What, Jon is stupid and gay?" ... "What, Jon likes stupid gay guys?"

Oh Punk
int. Acknowledgement of a good punk. Also, anger over getting punked. Jay: "Al, you're stupid" Al: "Oh punk"


v. To acknowledge a worthy accomplishment. To give props. *If you eat that Chef Boyardee straight outta the can, I'll give you respect

Retaliation Punkage
n. Also known as old school punkage. Punking whoever punked you, usually preceded by "whatever". Rob:"Al, you suck" Al:"Whatever, at least my IQ is greater than 85"

n. One who does not believe or follow the customs, traditions, or identity of his/her ethnic group. One who abandons true friends for fake ones. One who does not attend social events without just cause. v. The act of being a sellout. "Don't wanna come to the movies, eh? What a sellout"**

Tough One, Eh?
The punchline of a joke in YM magazine. Indicating to a fellow camper the struggle to release feces. Constipated? Tough one, eh?

Transit System
Due to Anthony and his constant vegetarian tendencies, we went to Subway to eat for three weeks straight. After that, we were sick of it, and placed him in a pushing triangle. Now, anyone that wants to eat at Subway cannot refer to it as Subway. It is called "transit system".



adj. Vietnamese Restaurant. If you want the details of this story, then e-mail me, cuz I'm not putting it here. To keep a long (and sickening) story short, People got sick at a Vietnamese Restaurant, so anything unsanitary is VR. The washroom at Sid Smith is super VR

Watch Your Portions
int. The theme of the 1998 camping trip at Earl Rowe Porvincial. Ensuring equal portions for all peoples. Making sure not to over-punk Shaun. Ensuring that wood is not burned too fast. Stop drinking all the alcohol! Watch your portions!




* means definition provided by Chris Corciega
** means definition provided by Jon Yu
***means definition provided by Anthony Pasalic

Which leaves me with this: I want a reset of the Viet restaurant. As well, Chris, where are those notes we made Cottage 2K2 - or was that 2K3? Maybe we should update this piece. Wouldn't this make an awsome appendix to our TeamID book? I'm sayin!!

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WAR The WayBack Machine
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That's funny

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Pull a bear...laugh...

Good times. Nice work, Chin

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