Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Music

by chinwhat at 10:26 p.m.
Today marks exactly six months since my birthday when I had an appointment to have my teeth cleaned. >licks teeth< Ah! Is there anything better than having nice clean teeth on your birthday? >day dreams fondly to six months back<

Anywho, today is also the official first day of Summer, and in celebration, I offer you this years edition of my Summer Completion CD. I threw in a bunch of random stuff. Old school joints, grown folk music, some new stuff, remixes and even a little disco. I find it plays better when you drive at night with the windows fully down. (Oh, and don’t bother telling me I’m missing Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s “Summer Time.” If you want that, go listen to Z103 or something. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that song nor that station, but really, why would I add that when yalls already have it? Exactly…) Below are some random notes for the tracks.

#2 – Just Blaze did the remix for this Beastie Boys song. I enjoy this very much!
#3 – The video for this song is awesome! I think it’d be something Alison would choreograph.
#6 – My favorite song off their last album Dynamite
#7 – I think don’t The Isley Brothers get enough props. They’ve been around since the 50s! They hung with The Beatles. They still have new fans coming on board!
#8 – Just noticed the song title should be: “OutKast ft. Goodie Mob – In Due Time” Whoops!
#9 – My second favorite old school joint ever! And the video is pretty bad ass too!
#10 – Remix from 9th’s version of Jigga’s Black Album
#12 – This was on last years Summer CD. I ♥ this song a lot. I ♥ this song so much, I put it on this years CD too!
#14 – This is the first leaked 12” from Pharrell’s upcoming album.
#15 – I was expecting this to be a big summer hit for The Roots back in 2K4. Ah well…
#16 – My most favoritist beat of all time!
#17 – This is just a little something to ease it all down…


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