Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who Cares?

by chinwhat at 8:18 p.m.
Remember that fundraiser I was pimping? It was on Friday night and here are some random thoughts:

- I’m real proud of these kids. They’re doing good work. I wish I had a head on my shoulders that was as level as theirs! They’re saving babies! (Btw, this Marvin Gaye joint is one of my favorites and yes, it would make for an excellent karaoke song. As another aside, Ben Harper, you are added to my “Piece of Shit” List. We all love starvin’ Marvin, but that, sir, does not allow you to try and cover Sexual Healing. Your rendition is quite shitty. Please stop. I’d add a youtube link to it, but I’d just end up breaking my computer and stabbing my ear drums.)

- There was this African dance bad performing. They had these drums and the performance was really good. So good, I felt like fighting afterwards! On some “Zulu Warrior” tip.

- Even though I already know what the deal is, I’m *still* surprised at how brown people know brown people. Seriously, it seemed like Ruby and Rahkee knew everyone there! For a minute, I thought it was *my* connection. Yknow, Aman’s MY classmate… how wrong I was!

- So there was a 50/50 draw, half for charity and half for a winner. The father of the organizer won – which happened previously, too. I was hoping that he’d throw the money back in for someone else to win. I mean, that’s some good coin! If I won, I would’ve been at the slot machines at Woodbine across the street, yknowwhatimsayin’?. Instead, he donated his half to ECF. At that moment, I was so grateful I didn’t win! Why? Because I forgot it was for the children. I would’ve went up, introduced myself “My name is Chin and I’m from Cooksville” pocketed those bills and walked off! I’m such an idiot!

- There were a few times when I thought the DJ was about to put on a Soca song. Instead it was some brown joint. One thing I notice though, Indian dancing to big tunes isn’t as bad as one might initially think. The Brown Brothers and Sisters got some rhythm

WAR War Drums


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