Sunday, June 11, 2006

Girls & Sports

by chinwhat at 4:20 p.m.
Last week, our softball team from work had a double header against two very good teams. How’d we do? We lost both, but only by a combined total of four points – which isn’t so bad considering that one of thems touched up our corporate team by six. Anyways, here are some highlights (or lowlights depending on how you look at it)

The third base player on the opposing team was some chick who had a rocket for an arm. There were three solid hits right to her and she threw the ball back to first with ease. In fact, I was on first during one of these hits. The batter made contact. A line drive down third. I took off thinking I could at least get to third… that is until I heard the “whap” sound of ball hitting leather. She caught the ball mid-air and got the hitter out. I tried to stop as fast as I could and run back to first. Unfortunately for me, she laser beamed the ball back to first for a double play. I headed back to the bench, head hung low in shame and met with mock comments such as “what kind of base running was that?” OP!

After being down quite a bit, we were able to rally back in the later innings. It came down to this: runners on second and third, two outs and I’m up to bat. The first pitch I see, I swing for (which happens to be every pitch). >PING!< A good solid solid hit… except it was right to the right fielders glove. Game, set, match. Frig!

Our second game was against Mississauga Indian Grocers. This team was really good! Three homes off the top and it didn’t look good for us. Part of it was due to my lack of concentration. One of the girls on their team was really cute and had a VERY nice bum. How am I supposed to focus on playing under these conditions? Allegedly, she was also voted hottest girl in the league last year. Who voted and who counts these votes, I don’t know. All I know is two things: 1) I concur with the ruling and 2) I will be shopping at MIG for all my Indian grocery needs!

Beach volleyball is another sport where my team is on the cusp of winning. We have yet to win a whole meet against rival teams. Last week, we were down a person, yet we were able to push the leagues second best team to a 27-25 decision. Again, I blame myself for lack of concentration. But really, it’s not my fault! The Barbie on our team named Sandra isn’t helping any. I swear I’m going to tell her this week to stop wearing her booty shorts, showing off her long ass legs. And I’ll also pass her some extra tissue or something. Her nipples are popping through her sports bra. Chris, don’t try and stop me, I want to win dammit!

Finally, I’m going to the ‘xtreme’ (with an ‘X’) sport of rock climbing. This sport’s pretty fun, I must say. I can see why folks are so into it. Not sure of how much of a work out it is, but my fingers/hand/forearms were so sore, I couldn’t close a bag that had a zipper! The next day, I even had difficulty eating a chicken leg (look at me, I love it!). Anyways, the instructor set up four lines to climb up. One easy, two medium and one more which was difficult. The first three I could do. They were fun. Getting up there, seeing the view, awesome. Good times. The hard one, fuck! I could only get about a third of the way up before I couldn’t figure out where to climb. My hands/arms got tired and then I was done. Spent. After me went a couple girls. They took their time and were very methodical about it. They figured it out and were not only able to get past the part I couldn’t, but they reached the top! Asked by one of their friends if I was salty about it, I admitted I was a bit disappointed with myself for not being able to complete the climb, but I still had to give props where props were due. They did something I couldn’t do. I can’t be mad at that! Game recognize game, yknow?


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