Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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Friday, October 08, 2010

TeamID Thanksgiving: Miami Edition

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Sun.  Sand.  Surf.  And oh yeah, Carnival!  Did I luck out this time or what?

I can't wait to see the zany hijinks we get into this time.  Last year in the California Edition, we found out Shaun uses eye makeup - errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr medicine for his puffy eyes (due to staying late.  Which is due to facebooking until 3am local time).  Who knows what's in store for this long weekend.  Hand chomped off due to alligator taunting?  Defication from bad empanadas?  Bad hip from too much wining?  All of the above?  Who knows.

So far I know the drama is if Dr. T and Shaun will be bringing in check in luggage.  Part of me wants to punk them for being really gay - cmon, we're there for four days!  And the other part of me wants to accept them for being gay - I realize they need to look their best and require 18 different outfits... for four days...  They really need a nickname.  But it all depends if Chris has check in luggage too. 

WAR TeamID Thanksgiving Trips
WAR TeamCheckIn vs TeamCarryOnOnly
WAR Four days of minimal sleep and maximum fun-age

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friends don't back stab friends

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Once upon a time…

Sometime between 1998 and I’d say… 2002ish, a bunch of high school friends loved playing Starcraft.

They would sometimes play against each other and time times teamed up together.

One night, a few of the friends teamed up together to play against the computer in some cooperative fun. With the game already in hand, one of the friends, Chin, decided it would be funny to begin attacking his allies’ forces. Most of his mates thought it was humorous except for one. He thought Chin’s actions were that reserved for only scoundrels and famously said “Friends don’t back stab friends”

The End

So what’s the point? Well…

Changing your status on Blackberry Messenger prompts a lot of “drama!” and “U okay?” messages. Especially from contacts who usually have a lot of drama themselves!

(Extra point, my sister saw my update and right away knew it was for SC2. “How sad is that” she admitted. “Kuya is such a loser”)

Also, it’s amazing how the brain works. I totally forgot about the epically classic line “Friends don’t back stab friends” until I heard about the sequel to Starcraft. Who knows what else is laying around in my melon waiting to surface?

Goes with out saying, but friends really don’t back stab friends. I mean, if you were *really* friends, why would you back stab your friend, right? You could say “Non-friends back stab non-friends” but that doesn’t roll off the tongue as nice...

And although I’ve already attacked my friends during the beta test phase of this game a few times, I promise to not do that during real games. >cough< Friends don't back stab friends >cough<

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

because frying plantains

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is what i do

Thursday, May 20, 2010


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Never Thought I'd Laugh...

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at a baby fist pump, but Roy Williams made me do it.  Soooo good.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


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Sunday, April 04, 2010

DB x2

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What's more douche bag than WashingtonHuskieFan wearing a polo shirt and popping his collar?

A WashingtonHuskieFan wearing TWO polos and popping BOTH collars...

... and the Huskies losing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Job Channing Frye

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine's Day Plans...

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... if the NBA All Star Game wasn't on
... if I lived in Detroit
... if the gf liked White Castle
... if *I* liked White Castle

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do you come with the car?

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Jan. 16, 209.  Detroit, Michigan - North American International Auto Show aka The Most Boringest Place on Earth

While Shaun was busy getting a boner for stupid cars, I enjoyed the view...

for a white girl...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If They're Sellin'...

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I'm buyin!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The First One's Free

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The NBA is offering a free trial to their latest digital distribution service, NBA League Pass Broadband, until Nov. 3rd.

Although at first, it seems a bit pricey at $134.95 for the season.  But it is a LOT cheaper than what I’d have to pay for Rogers Basic + Sports Pack + Sports Pack HD over the same time period.  True I wouldn’t have access to watch regular TV, but aside from Departures and ManTracker, I really wouldn’t be missing much.

Another problem is local Raps games seem to be blacked out which is a problem for us RaptorFans.

And because I’m running the video off of my laptop with a regular VGA out cable, there’s no HD.  But as a wise man once said, “There’s good.  And there’s good enough!”  And this, is good enough.

But the great news?  You can watch three games at once!!

I’m seriously considering this.  If they’re selling it…


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh no he di'nt!

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Laughs @ Melissa Joan Heart

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Tetris Solution

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The problem when traveling from hotel to hotel with two other guys is getting stuck with two queen sized beds which means one sleeps solo while the other two get to share.

But with many TeamID problems, Tetris on the DS is the solution…

but even better than the DS problem solver is the Tetris smack that comes with it.

“I know you think you’re a tetris champion, but you’re not” - ai to Shaun, Oct 9

“I owned you in Tetris, so shut up” – ai to Shaun, Oct 10

And as full disclosure, I’m not posting up on here like I won anything. In fact, I got handed quite hard. Lost 4-1 to ai and 4-0 to Shaun. >sigh<

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Monday, October 12, 2009

California Here We Come

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We’ve been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number one
After flapping our gums about this trip for two years, we’ve finally flown out to The Golden State, California for the annual TeamID Thanksgiving long weekend road trip… and all on the cheap!

Hustlers grab your guns
Your shadow weighs a ton
Driving down the 101

Thanks to Shaun's ability to wrangle up enough votes to win a contest on Facebook for a trip  for four, a free night stay at a hotel courtesy via air points and ai's uncanny ability to uncover rock bottom prices on hotel/car rentals, this trip is practically free!
On the stereo
Listen as we go
Nothing’s gonna stop me now
The only hard part was making it across the border to B-Lo for a flight at 6am. That meant departing from home at 2am… which also meant little to no sleep. .:orders a pair of grumpy pants, size three:.
Pedal to the floor
Thinkin’ of you more
Gotta get us to the show

From Cali 2K9

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Chin's Shawarma Palace - Home of Chin's Shawarma

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Believe they hype!

From The Missed Adventures of Chin


Friday, September 25, 2009

"Real Talk" (c) Kells

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talking to my cousin who works at Winners, he goes

bitches go crazy when they see the shoes we have sometimes, its a jungle

fucking right they do, sir. fucking right they do.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Want Courier

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Although i have 0 practical use for this device, i'd most definitely want to get one! If the actual product is like the prototype video below, that'd be awesome. I could see Shaun with one of these. He'd love it. It's so flashy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

He's Still for the Children

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Sure, I feel bad for Taylor Swift for what happened, but let's be real. Kanye's feeling himself a bit too much.

That and his interruption can't see ODB's. So good...

Friday, September 04, 2009

The gf wears high heels, ai wears sneakers

by chinwhat at 10:19 a.m.
I only know of this Taylor Swift through two different instances.

My cousin enjoys her.

And the second would be the roadie to Baltimore.

During the road trip, Shaun’s satellite radio was tuned to the pop station and, well, there’s absolutely nothing funnier this trip than seeing ai point at me while mouthing the words to Swift’s “You Belong With Me” song.

ai: "she doesn't get your humor like I doooooo"

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Well, maybe the closest funniest thing would be ai mouthing the words to it a second time! Fucking hilarious! Works on so many levels!

ai repeating “she wears short skirts, I wear t shirts” and pops collar.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Whispers of Sweet Nothing

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Downtown Baltimore has a really nice harbor area. Great for tourists. Old naval ships, aquarium, submarine, shops and Irish restaurants that sell pho (gah?)

Also located in the harbor is Maryland’s Science Center. And just outside the front entrance are two pieces of plastic concave… things.

Apparently, one is supposed to be able to stand in front of the circle with another person behind them. The person behind (aka the 2nd person) whispers something and thanks to technological advancements, the person facing the concave disk is supposed to hear what the whisperer said.

The Bromance tried, but we failed. Even with the directions printed on the back, we couldn’t figure out how to make it “work”

My grade 10 science teacher Mr. Brogly is rolling in his grave.

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09

funny, if you look at the picture above, the lady in the background has a screw face on. She is not impressed by the monkeys failing at science. "See son, that's why you have to finish high school"

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Monday, August 31, 2009

How to Eat The Spiders of The Sea

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The only reference of Baltimore I really had is from that episode of The Cosby Show where Vanessa heads to Maryland for a concert. (Clair Huxtable gets her black on when ripping ‘nessa a new one. “Bawl-ta-moar!” Ms. Rashad’s acting is truly epic. >golf claps< Sooo good!)

So when Al suggested we do a roadie for some crab, I was down!

We get into Stoney Creek Inn and right away see the poster for Diner, Drive Ins & Dives. Yup, we got the right spot.

Went through the menu and settled on some Cherry Pepsi, crab cakes and a dozen large steamed crabs.

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09

Armed with our little mallet, a plastic knife and a whole roll of paper towel we went to work. The food was great and we were all very satisfied.

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09
Good thing I learned how to eat crab in December or else it would’ve wound up with Shaun and I fighting over crab claws (although our table was way more messy than other customers)

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09

After clearing mount crab, we all noticed some sort of "funny" feeling. (for ai, it was probably the runs) Does crab have hallucinogen properties?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Bromance in Baltimore

by chinwhat at 9:31 a.m.
Before TeamID hit up the state of Maryland, we needed to make a quick stop for some snackage at the friendly neighborhood WalMart.

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09

Now I don’t know who said it was a good recipe, or idea, or QA test allowance, but the house brand chocolate covered almonds that were purchased is pure disgusting (in a bad way). The ingredients list have ‘cocoa powder’ as the eighth ingredient. Eighth! No wonder this shit tastes like shampoo!

On the ride down, I don’t know what was up with Shaunjay, but he must’ve just finished up watching some gay porn (which would explain the sore arm and late night he had). He mentioned on two separate occasions that he wanted me to give ai a blow job.

What? Really? Do you want to watch or something? That’s disgusting!

From Balitmore, Maryland - 08.29.09

After getting there at night, we drove around downtown coming across funny street names, looking for some gel (not sure why I got in trouble for not having any considering my hair isn’t long enough to actually style) and noticing the separation between black and white party districts (with a police department conveniently between them).

Finally reaching our beds some time past 1am, I quickly fell asleep only to be woken up by Shaunjay “I don’t snore anymore”/”I don’t snore as much” ‘s…. yup, snoring.

I admit, I was kinda mad. I threw my pillow at him and it shut him up for about 10min which was pleasantly a lot longer than I expected. But then, back to his snoring.

So then I get up take a look at his topless body and kick the side of his mattress.

Startled he gets up. “Chin?!?” followed by a confused pause.

“Yo, sleep on your stomach” I replied. (*apparently*, if he does that, he doesn’t snore anymore)

Dazed, Shaunjay says, “I thought someone was going to get me”

I laugh, “Sleep on your stomach, man”

“Sorry, yo” He lays on his stomach and 30 seconds later…. “snnooooooore”

ai and I woke up early (because Shaunjay was still snoring) and noticed that the snorer’s thumb was in his mouth. Which led me to wonder: how does a person snore when he’s sucking on his thumb?

As revenge, a picture was taken of the "snoring manbaby" but I won’t put it up on here. That just wouldn’t be right. But if you want it, let me know I’ll let the graciousness of the internet show you the photo.

Today: The Bromance goes to look for some grub and to a ball game, but most importantly, two pairs of ear plugs.