Thursday, January 27, 2005

Star Jones

by chinwhat at 11:51 a.m.
So it’s been two weeks since I’ve been cut off from my Toronto Star subscription. I finally got it back today and can’t wait to get back to the “More Money Needed For TTC” articles by Royson James. (If you don’t read The Star, trust me, that joke was VERY clever and witty!)

Last night was episode two of ShaunChrisChin’s Volleyball Night. It’s set up as part “learn to play” and “play what you learned.” The first thing they did was split the group into the haves, and the have not’s. I was forced to join Shaun and the rest of the ladies in the “have not’s” group. *sigh* While we were being taught how to ‘bump,’ I looked across the gym to Chris and the rest of the guys while they were practicing spikes. *double sigh* So we get our chance to practice bumping to each other. Shaun, my partner tosses the vball to me so I can bump it back. What do I do? SPIKE THAT SH!T BIATCH!! Laugh. Shaun expresses he desire to not be banished from class. Later on that night, we’re put into groups, playing each other etc. The last game has Shaun’s team vs. my team. Laugh, I guess Shaun’s been doing not so great the whole night: When he attempted an overhand serve which landed square into the net, the black guy on his team (who coincidently happens to be the best – go figure right?) turned his head with disgust and said: “Just serve underhand!” This was followed by a heavy eye roll and disapproving head shake. So me being me, I laugh. The best way to describe my reaction is with our conversation on the way home, Shaun said: “Chin had that ‘oooooooooooooooo, you got in troublllllllllllllllllleeee’ look.” Indeed I did! The guy even pleaded with the program guy “I’ll work with him, I’ll work with him!” Then to Shaun: “Come 15 minutes early!” Laugh, we’re coming 20 min early next week!

That okay Shaun, I randomly found this blog that should make you feel better


Blogger The Natty said...

OMG! That Royson James comment is SO true!
Interesting volleyball story! See? Shaun never tells me about what really happens at V.Ball!!

1/30/2005 09:19:00 p.m.  

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