Monday, April 24, 2006

Fuck Pita Nutsy – Osmo’s4Life

by chinwhat at 9:48 p.m.
Okay, someone today tried to say Pita Nutsy was the shit. You know what? Get this weak as shit out of here, sharmutah! I was so offended, I had to diss her. Sure, I ain’t never been to Pita Nutsy, but I don’t need too. And that’s not the point.

During my lunch break, I was sitting with some folks (that’s right, I got pseudo lunch friends now. What!?) and we were talking about places over in Streetsville. So obviously, I bring up Osmo’s Grill (obviously). Those with half a brain know that Osmo’s is the king when it comes to shwarma. Egyptian style sandwiches? Sold! Italian dishes? Venduto! I mean, really, what’s fucking with Osmo’s? Not much, that’s what! What, you ain’t been? Well, please, allow me to take you! My treat!

This place is so good, I’ve decided that they’re going to cater my wedding (if I get married). Sorry, no open bar. Only open shwarma. And trust me, you’ll quickly get unmad that you have to pay $6.00 for a rye and ginger when you taste the succulence that is Osmo’s shwarma!

Actually, I asked Sam (the owner) if he’s down. He promptly pimped his brother’s skills. He broke out an old photo album of his work. Apparently, Sam’s brother used to work in a hotel in Italy. The photo album had all sorts of pictures from different events with Italian super stars. That was all fine and dandy, but the food, the food looked real nice! I’ve tasted his take on Italian cuisine, and shit is molto buono! Eccellente!!! >does the kiss fingers motion< “Muah!”

That and his son and daughter work there. No comment on his daughter other than to quote my fashion idol CommonSense “you’re a grown man, why for a young girl you’re lusting” >cough< >cough< His son? Funny little man! One exchange was when Sam said to his son that he’d better be at school the next day. The smart ass son muttered under his breath only loud enough for Shaun and I to hear, “well, I can’t go. I was working here, remember?” Needless to say, Shaun and I laughed and gave Sam Jr. props.



Blogger Shaun said...

Fuck Pita Nutsy!

OSMOW's son! OSMOW's!

(also, sam's daughter is sooo hot.. she always gives us that nice smile when we come in...)

** Shaun **
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