Tuesday, April 12, 2005


by chinwhat at 9:45 p.m.
… I guess the big news for Tuesday was seeing Vida Guerra nekkid. What? You don’t know? Better ask somebody! (But don't ask that fag Dr. T. He doesn't appreciate an ass like hers)

… I guess my boss’ boss CAN see what sites I visit at work. No wonder he told my boss to tell me to stop looking at what I’m looking at. Ayo! (To much left wing/black empowerment/negrofication/keepin it gully/Allah lovin’ I guess)

… I had to pee in a cup for some urine sample stuff for my doctor. Hope they don’t detect that weed I smoked last summer!

… going to bed at 9:30 might sound pretty homosexual, but when I wake up at 5:26, I appreciate that!

… Cabbie is up to his old antics on The Score. Good shit!

… everyone’s on Tiger’s nuts with that shot on Sunday… I guess they should make some suckling room for me since I too was mightily impressed!

... making work friends here is harder than at previous employment places. Damn this sucks! Having lunch solo blows!

… driving to and from work with the windows down does not suck!

… I felt REALLY vulnerable when I had to go to the doctor’s office and he asked me to strip down to my draws and socks. Tapping me here and there (no, not tapping my ass!) Why couldn’t the hot nurse do this?


Blogger Rubex Cube said...

NO way you saw pics of Vida nekid that is insane, but really hasn't she done that already! But damn she does have a really J Loesque booty! Anywho, give making friends at work some more time it will happen you just can't push it too much!

4/13/2005 07:12:00 a.m.  

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