Thursday, March 03, 2005


by chinwhat at 12:21 a.m.
Laugh: So I’m on my daily message boards… topic is on how Claire Huxtable’s the absolute perfect tv wife (which would be hard to refute) and other generic Cosby Show discussion. One person posted this:

raven simone 50CENT'D that show
i mean gotdamn
she came thru on some
cute as a bug shit
like rudy fall back u got ur period, i got this.

Laugh II: Same board, but this time, a ‘story’ Damn, I wish I could tell stories as good as this!

My grandpa was using the computer to make a birthday card for his friend, and was screwing around looking through folders and shit, and popped up my Porn Folder (9 Gigs). It's FULL of barnyard animal sex, granny sex, shit sex, girl-on-girl, and dildo sex.
I was in the kitchen eating Cocoa Puffs when I heard somebody shout "Oh! Oh my word!" and then heard him get up and walk into the kitchen. He looked flustered; bothered. He said "Oh I'm gonna just take a little break."
I knew what's up. I ran to the computer and checked. He accessed my porn Folder. I got SOOOO embarassed, he was sitting in the living room staring at the blank TV screen. I sat down next to him and managed to choke out, "Pappy I just wanted to say I'm sorry if you saw something you didn't wanna."
He quickly shrugged and said "Na na na, nonsense!!! What are you yapping about, kid? I didn't see nothin!" and wiped sweat from his brow with his hankerchief.

???: So I’m eating some candy hearts. They got some expected captions on them like:
I’m yours
But wtf do these mean? Seriously??:
Why now
Please forgive
Fax me
Turtle dove
Nice girl

Sigh: It seems better than The United Way’s Great Neighbourhood Race, but its also WAY more expensive: 2 person teams at $150? GTFOOH!!! ...Maybe next year...


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