Thursday, March 03, 2005

One Day It'll All Make Sense: I Love H.E.R.

by chinwhat at 11:24 p.m.
Having first known about Her in high school
I’d never realize how much She’d eventually mean to me.
Possibly perceived as mere lust? I doubt that.
How many countless hours of lost sleep have I
Often dedicated to Her? From early mornings to way
Past midnights, She’s always on my mind. As dedicated to her as
I’ve been to nothing else in my life, I could
Never put a value on Her like a borrowed dollar.
I can vividly recall that day on the
Train, I could never ever forget; that
Special moment of absolute perfection!

Every time I hear Her voice or hear Her name,
Sweet dance like chocolate or read Her water like flowetry,
She could never understand how much it
Excites me like an electric circus! Yet the person in me
Needed wake up and listen to some
CommonSense which made me question relativity.
Especially with Her culture. I know I’m just an
An outsider looking in,
Never knowing if I’ll ever be ‘down’ enough, but I’ve
Decided that my fantasy is just as good as her reality.

Resurrection makes me come back to Her
Every time I may ogle at another, She’d
Always have me drawn back, this
Love of my life…


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