Wednesday, February 14, 2007


by chinwhat at 7:16 p.m.
I'm packing up a few laptops that need to be shipped tomorrow for some of site training. I put them in a couple of boxes and decide "Hey, i'll be a nice guy and cut out some handles using my trusty box cutter." I cut out one side, no problem. Turn it around and begin to slice out the second one. Use a bit of extra force and >slash< "Oh fuck!" I pull back my sleeve and see dark blood starting to ooze out. I grab my arm and head on over to the nurse's station.

She was pretty nonchallant about it even though i could see the meat underneath the skin. a quick bandage and i'm good, right? Yeah, for a bit until i notice drops of blood all over my desk. Zoink! Head on back and notice that she's gone for the day. A quick raid of the supplies and i'm able to pseudo bandage myself up. i considered going to a clinic to see if i could get stitches, but it'd take too long (wow, am i starting to think like Shaun and hope for some two tier health care???). i also considered stitching it up myself at home, but i'm not that macho. Shit will kill! Instead, i just gobbed on a bunch of Polysporin, wrapped it up nice and snug...

But the worse thing about this all is i knicked my black Nautica sweater! Sure, its just a sweater, "but it's Nautica!" (C) Cathy. I have no idea how to repair knitted items, but i guess there's a first for everything... and did i mention how dapper i looked rocking my special VDay red tie? laugh

Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I could go on and on about it, but yalls know the deal. Instead, i'll offer two songs. One for the haters >looks at Ruby's direction< and one for everyone else.

MC Lyte: Paper Thin - my second favorite old school song. the lyrics are just dirty and the beat is fucking magnificent!

Raheem DeVaughn: Prototype - great cover of Dre3000's song. "Prototype" is one of my favorite 'slang' phrases i say to myself. Mmmmmm, i love thinking about my Prototype...


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