Tuesday, October 17, 2006

@ Work: It All Started With a Little Yellow PostIt Note… Part 2

by chinwhat at 8:25 p.m.
>in TV land voice over< Previously on my blog

I’ve had this idea for revenge brewing in my head for a while:

I decided to construct a house out of my co-workers cubicle. His spot was almost a perfect square. Easy enough to create a roof out of cardboard then barricade his entrance with a door of some sort…

I walk about work a lot and I found this little door up in the Engineering Meeting Room back in February. The type of door one of those creepy munchkins from Willy Wonka would use. It’s very Being John Malkovich-esque. I made sure I kept note of where it was until I needed it one day…

I knew I wanted to have everything completed the day before he was on vacation so that he would be away while everyone admired my work. That way, when he returned, everyone would ask him how he liked it etc (hopefully increasing the annoyance factor)

Once I found out when his next day off would be, I began collecting the boxes that the 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper and computers came in. I was secretly hording them in one of our IT rooms which my co-worker hardly visits. Almost one months worth (*WAY* more than pictured)!

At the same time, I began working on my calculations. The Pythagorean Theory was my friend!
He was off on Monday so I began construction on Friday after work. Once everyone had gone home for the day, I turned up the reggae and pulled out all my tools and materials. Scissors, box cutters, packing tape and piles and piles of cardboard boxes.

First things first: tape up all the boxes so I’ll have a large piece to make one triangles for the roof. Easy, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, the cardboard I was using was of low and flimsy quality and I knew that the raised roof idea wasn’t going to happen.

Oh well. So I decided to downgrade to a flat style roof and just seal off his whole cubicle. Again, the crappy cardboard stalk was very weak and it began to sag in the middle. I even tried to create a support in the middle by stacking empty boxes on his chair. This caused an uneven look. It was very shanty town looking. Then my shamity/paranoia kicked in: what if some director saw it and didn’t like it? Even worse, what if a client saw it? If everything looked polished and clean, I think it would’ve been okay, but since it didn’t, I ix nayed the idea.

>sigh< so I settled on just sealing up his entrance with the half door I found. I printed out a picture of his face and stuck it to the window, added my “Please Keep This Door Closed” sign I found and changed his name tag to “Mr. D’s Office”

Overall, it got good reviews from everyone. My boss was amused even though he said that I “have too much time on my hands.” Everyone was impressed with the door, too! But I was really disappointed at how short I fell from my goal. By then, my ideas included one of those locks pads that held house keys. Yknow, the ones real estate agents have where they attach them to the front door? I also decided that I wanted to stick up a “For Sale” sign as well as a “Sold” sign to go on top. I was even going to make one of those fact sheets that homes for sale have. The ones that list furniture included, square footage, etc.

When he came in today, he seemed to think it was cool. He even said that he crawled through the door this morning. I should’ve came in early and sat in his cubicle with a camera. Ah well…

Oh, and he also mentioned that our bosses boss wasn’t impressed when he saw it. Now we weren’t sure if he was mad because of people goofing around (he doesn’t know that I did it) or just mad that someone’s messing with his boys (aka us). Hopefully it’s the latter.


Blogger aka.alias said...

Maybae the construction would have worked out better if you hadn't turned up the reggae. Without quite being aware of it, you were probably working in time to the beat. Good listening, but maybe not the best "building" music!

10/18/2006 08:48:00 a.m.  
Blogger Shaun said...

Good job Chin. It's a good thing your ass doesn't work with me beacuse you sir would've been out pranked.

** Shaun **
My awesome blog: ohpunk.blogspot.com


10/19/2006 05:51:00 p.m.  

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