Sunday, October 15, 2006


by chinwhat at 8:07 p.m.

Congratulations to Heather and Marvin (no, not pictured). The wedding was fun. Too bad for ai/Alison who sold out. Not be all Shaun-esque, but “you missed out” Why? Well…

- Open bar - What would a wedding be without an open bar? A less fun one, that’s what! There’s nothing better the celebrating than with a drink (or three) in hand…

- Mad Goetz people – Sure, I miscalled the Larissa H. (drool) sighting, but still, there were a lot of Gators representing. FMG4Life!

- Al’s Speech – Epic! Dispite Jon hating on your speech, I’d have to say that’s the best speech I’ve heard at a wedding. Even though you looked (and probably were) drunk as fuck, you set a new bar, Al. >stands up and applauses< The good thing is we all have an opportunity to see if we can be beat the mark that was set this past weekend.

- Younguns – A little tip for the gents: if you see a pretty young thing that looks a little bit too young, she’s probably a LOT younger than that. Sure, she has a akaholic drink in her lovely hand, but she's probably young enough to date my cousin who's in grade 11. Yelsh!

- New Pact! - The Wedding Pact has been formed. Not exactly sure what the rules and stipulations are, but I think it means that Jon, Chris, Shaun and I agree that we're all going to get married... not to each other. NOTE: everyone has their left hand up except for me. I have my right hand up. Why? Because i anticipate marrying brown and apparently, that's the wedding finger brown folk use.

- The most beautifullest - It may have been the akahol, but I pretty much saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She was wearing black and Filipina. Sure, that narrowed it down to 20something guests, but I’m just saying. Marvin/Al, hook a brother up!

- Violation! – I’m not to big on “rules” but I am big on punkage! And as such, I’m calling Shaun. Mr. Goa, you are NOT supposed to try and chop your friend’s baby sister. The acts that were witnessed last night are illegal! Any and all punkage you receive from your behavior is warranted. Sorry, if you ever got with her and Alain came to kill you… I’m your friend and all, but my hands are tied! Sorry Shaun. The funny thing is that the courts would agree with me. It’s called Universal law. Smarten up!

- Proof – Documented proof that Cathy was born in the Philippines! Me & the "Inoculation" mark!


Blogger Shaun said...

"I was born in Canada but went to the Phillipines as a baby...."


10/19/2006 06:07:00 p.m.  

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