Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bricks of Shit

by chinwhat at 8:41 p.m.
Late last week, there were rumors that some crazy shit was supposed to go down this Wednesday and Thursday. Today, we found out those rumors were true. Mad people were laid off! I heard about it on Monday at ball, then got confirmation about it last night.

I came in this morning a saw that the morning security guard was still around – he should've been gone by then – and our afternoon security guard was in as well. In other words, some extra muscle to escort the unlucky ones who'd get cut.

For the next couple hours groups of two or three or four would be sent to one of the presentation rooms where they'd receive the bad news. Half way through, I went on a Timmy's run. On my way out, I passed by one of the chemistry lab managers who were leading three of her employees to one of the rooms. Oh snap, the sadness and disappointment on their faces... man, I can't even describe it! Looking down and shit. When we got back from Tim's we saw another lady crying in the foyer area – and we all know how I get when ladies cry, oy!!!

But one thing that really sucks is not being able to say good bye to those who left. One of the admin assistants who was let go was *really* cool. She spoke her mind. One of those 'straight up' types. I remember once when I first started, I goofed by sending something “inappropriate” to her boss, a director. She thought it was really funny and let me know that shit was cool...

Then I realized, it doesn't matter that I have my farewell email in my Outbox ready to send. Between the time I get the bad news then back to my desk, “zip!” my accounts been locked! Unable to delete all my personal emails, pictures, notes and music.

In fact, I thought my number was done today. I was working by myself in the telecom room and I heard the door unlock. The door opens up and my boss walks in. But see, my boss never has to go in there so I figure I'm up next on the chopping block. I swear my heart skipped a beat or three. I haven't been that shook in a long time! Luckily (for now) that's not the case. But what'll happen tomorrow? We'll see... there was a lot of standing around and talking. I could see it on everyone's face, worried and nervous. All I know is that hardly got any work done by ANY department today and tomorrow will probably be the same.

And as bad as I feel, its no where near as bad as HR feels. I'm down with one of the HR gals and we usually shoot the shit whenever we pass each other in the hall. Today she was just >head nod< Damn! How fucked is their job? "Hi, unfortunately you're out of a gig. We can't give you anymore money, too bad about your kids and your mortgage. Thanks for coming out" repeat times twenty. Fuuuuuuuuuuck! If i was them, I'd be at the local Firkin gassing it up on some "barkeep, this glass ain't gonn fill up on it's own!"


Blogger Shaun said...

Oh man.. that sucks!! That's crazy! Poor people.

I'd be up in there vandalizing the lot (once I got my severence pay that is...)

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