Thursday, March 10, 2005

Redemption Song

by chinwhat at 11:58 p.m.
As Chris mentioned in his Blog, it was our last volleyball session on Wednesday night. It’s a great thing seeing progress. Two months ago we were a big ol’ bunch of rag tag sucks bumping into each other and totally missing shots! Now, pretty much all of us made great improvements – and yes Anthony, even the fat chicks didn’t suck! So I was pretty excited going into our last class. I was expecting a solid hour and a half of volleyball goodness. And that’s what I got right? Psh, wrong! Why? Its all thanks to Dieon (remember him? The over zealous try hard?) At the end of the night, Chris agreed with me: he’s some bitter ass highschool player yearning for days past much like Napoleon’s uncle… Which is why we decided to gloss him Uncle Dieon. I swear, I could picture him saying “How much you wanna bet I can spike a ball over them mountains?” and Chris added: “He probably makes videos of himself hitting the ball!” Exactly!!! If only he wasn’t on the bench when his team lost, maybe they could’ve been champions…

On Wednesday he came looking ready to smash the ball in someone’s grill! Knee pads AND wristbands! Being his regular self – agitating, mean and salty as fu(k – he pretty much ruined my last day at vball. We divided into teams and I was stuck on his team. We did alright, but not great right? We go over our regular scheduled 10:30 curfew and continue playing until we were asked to leave. I guess Uncle Dieon didn’t like that as shown by that smirk on his face. One of the girls twisted her wrist, so that left us with our four v their five. And what does Uncle Dieon decide to do? Not try. (Not to mention him coming into my designated area twice which is pretty dangerous. I don't need another ankle injury. Both time he collided with me. Once he pushed me onto those blue mats hanging on the wall, the second time knocking my legs from under me almost twisting my knee!) In my best Al Pacino impression, all I could repeat in my head was: “Thank you, Asshole! ... WHOO-HAAA!!!”

Adventures In Babysitting 2: Back At Square One

So I decided to head to the mall so I could get Kiara to walk and more importantly, get tired so she could take a nap while I too took a na- errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr got some work done… Getting the looks from folks, I never wanted a name tag so much in my life! It’d be one of those default “Hello…” stickers except it’d say: “Hello, I am her Uncle ____________” Almost felt like they were trying to see the resemblance. I didn’t pull a Theo & Olivia though. (‘member that episode where Theo, who was at college at the time, took Olivia to a coffee shop and he started to pull in all sorts of numbers?) I need to train Kiara on some cutesy song and dance routines…


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