Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vacation Day 2 (of 4) Part 2

by chinwhat at 11:50 p.m.
Night Edition

Cathy's mom, TitaElenita, came back from the Philippines earlier this week. I asked her to get me a straight razor for shaving. Why? I have no real reason other than it looks pretty cool. I mean, it seems so... so... gentleman-ly! (plus its cheaper than buying razor blade refills! And good for the environment!) Back in the day, I remember getting a little clean up at the barber shop Frank&Jimmy's and thinking "wow, this is sooooo kewl!!!"

Anywho, as I was saying, TitaElenita came back from the Philippines this week and she got me not one, but two straight razors! (and a banig. Thanks! Or as fobs would say, "salamat!") One's a traditional one, good weight on it. (the black one) The other has a little compartment where you replace the actual blade. Its really light, but felt cheaper.

When Cathy gave them to me, she reminded me that I needed to disinfect them first. Good thing she mentioned that! Unfortunately, I was all out of Barbersal (what the hell is that crap anyways? And how come I never see anything inside that jar of blue water??? Maybe its just there for show...) so i decide to throw the razor into a pot with some water and turn the stove on high. I let it boil as I took a quick shower. The last time I shaved was Thursday, last week. (yes, i realize i can't grow facial hair. Im sure my Indian and Greek brothers can grow what I had in two hours!)

I lather up with some shaving gel and decide to go with the white handle first since the other blade is still hot. I really took my time (hey, i don't want a bloody face do i? I mean, i people use these to slit throats!) and it wasn't easy! Frig, i nicked myself A LOT! I think I even have a long scratch under my jawline. Once I kinda finished my left side, i switch razors so i can start on the right... the only problem is that the black handled straight razor wasn't sharp enough. D'oh! Back to the white handle! After about 15 minutes or so, i'm pretty much done...

My biggest nick would be right where my mole is (you can see a little blood). Overall, the shave was pretty crappy. It was REALLY hard to figure out how to shave my chin area. Also, its not as close as with the regular disposable razors. I guess I just need practice and tips from the good ol' Interweb. I'll give it a few more goes at it to see what happens. Hopefully I won't need any toilet paper to sop up any blood!


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