Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Vacation Day 1 (of 4) Part 3

by chinwhat at 11:41 p.m.
I don't know when the last time anyone in TeamID did something really "spontaneous," but today would have to count as being spontaneous-esque. Today, Cathy messaged me and suggested lunch. "Sure!" i says. Somehow, I get Dr.T to come out with us too. Cathy wanted to go to the Buddhist Temple, but the Good Doctor quickly flashed his veto card and opted to go to CasinoNiagara. Funny thing is that we ended up with the on-again off-again on-again trip to B-Lo for some random shopping. Things to note:

- Cathy is a snob. She is also "ma arte"

- Cathy hates me.

- I found a new challenge for Jon & Al. Johnny Rockets' Rocket Triple

- I met my future (ex)wife. Her name is Tara. How do I know that her name's Tara and she'll be my future (ex) wife? Her vanity license plate is "Tara M" with the 'M' standing for "Maningas" (duh!) and she loves shopping. Just like me!

- She was even nice enough to take a picture of herself on the iPhone for me at the Apple store

- But why will she be my "ex" wife? Well, I'm supposed to marry TitaTess' daughter Keisha when she turns 18. Don't worry TitaTess, once Keisha's legal, i'll divorce Tara. Count down to conscent: less than one year!

EDIT: just to clarify, I'm not related in any way (yet) to TitaTess. TitaTess is my friends aunt. Okay Cindy? Geez!


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