Monday, April 03, 2006

Race Day: Less Than 1 Week

by chinwhat at 9:28 p.m.
So I went for my annual pre-race run on Saturday. It was alright, except for one thing. The wind. I headed out west along Burnhamthorpe to Mississauga Road. After reaching that point, I headed back east. The problem? I had wind going against me both ways. Both. Ways. It was against me when I was headed west. It was against me when I was headed east. What kind of punkage is this? Damn Running Gods! What can I offer? Tell me who to spite and they shall be spoten!

Anyways, the forecast doesn’t look good. 8° and rain, allegedly. Hopefully it won’t be as busted as last year! Remember that freezing rain? Remember we got the garbage bags we used as extra protection since other runners were rocking them? I hope we don't have to buy those again, oy!

Unfortunately, according to the website, the 8K race has been capped. That means old man Johnny can’t run >insert Jon’s shrug here< and if Maria didn’t register, she’s also unable to run. Ditto w/George and Jen. And Christine and Dave aren’t registered are they? At least The Natty’s in. (Sorry Shaun. op)

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this annual TeamID event. Our fourth one in already? Damn, son! Good luck to all – but more specifically, good luck to the two who’ll be paying for dinner and akahol - which >said in the most humble voice< could very well be myself. I’m in some serious need to drank my ass off!

**Last minute edit: Chris just sprained his ankle from vball and therefore, I removed all arrogance and added humility by the loving spoonful. Karma's a bitch! Trust me, I know (see "Girlfriend Theory 1999/2006")**

WAR fighting prostate cancer
WAR free dinner
WAR free akahol


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