Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chin Enjoys the Brown

by chinwhat at 9:51 a.m.
No, I’m not talking about my well known adoration for Brown Women (ahhh!), but my enjoyment of Chris Brown’s “Yo.” Why do I like this song? I’m a grown ass man! This song is geared towards 15 year old girls (and people with shitty taste in music), so why do I enjoy it so much? I’ve had this song on repeat for over an hour!

Maybe it’s the lyrics? “Fella’s have you seen her?/It was about 5 minutes ago/When I seen the hottest chick that a youngin’s ever seen before”

Maybe it’s his lisp which makes his singing flawed… which I not unenjoyable…

Maybe it’s because I like to clap when he goes “Everybody just clap your hands like this” >clap< >clap< “Just clap your hands like this” >clap< >clap<

Maybe it’s the subject matter. A song about a guy who notices a girl and is thinking of the best possible way to approach? Possibly…

Maybe it’s the video. To quote the little girls from De La Soul’s “De La Soul is Dead”: “Oh my God, the dancing!”

… And speaking of dancing browns, there were many at Afterlife last night. On some Combien!?!? Shit!… or at least, that’s what I’d be writing about if I went. I was supposed to go, but instead, I stayed home because I was mad at my sister – and I’m still reeling this morning!

Why? Because she runs her mouth way to much! Yesterday afternoon, we went for a quick shwarma run on Dundas. She stayed in the car while I ran out to grab the food. When I got back, she was on her phone. I got in and placed the bag on her side, by her feet. While still on her phone, she inspects the bag and the first and only thing she says to me in a disgusted tone while eyeing me: “Where’s the fries?! Where’s the rice?! I can’t eat this!!” What. The. Fuck??!?! I swear, I almost had a huge meltdown right then and there! I should’ve punched her in the mouth! I’m buying *her* food and she’s getting mad at me?!? She doesn’t ask me how much or even offer a “thanks” for getting her anything? (side tangent: see, I also hate this about people in general. I’ve noticed we have this real ugly sense of entitlement. Like we deserve certain things, when in actuality, they’re luxuries and we should be appreciative for even having the opportunity to possess these items. Righteousness temporarily finished.)

Why do I let her/people talk to me like that? I need to stop being so nice and increase my ‘jerk’ rating. I swear, one day, I’m going to be on some “Nobody better fuck with Chin today!” talking in third person and shit…


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