Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dave Chappelle, Bitch!

by chinwhat at 9:03 p.m.
(Disclaimer: this post is on some “nya nya, I saw Dave Chappelle last night and you didn’t, bitch” vibe)

Do I really need to explain how awesome Dave was last night? Naw, I don’t. My ass was so tired at work today, but yknow what? Shit was worth it! I know Shaun wasn’t feeling it as much as I was with his “it was alright… considering…” comment. “Considering?” Considering what? Damn brown, what's wrong with you?

Anyways, good show, but I also have to give props to Sugar Sammy the opening comic. He’s some brown guy who some peg to be the next big brown comic from the TDot after Russell Peters. He had a great joke which I’ll bastardize for yalls:

- he wants to understand women more
- so he buys an issue of Cosmo
- and notes that women like to be awaken by oral sex
- he decides to try it one day
- his girlfriend wakes up and replies
- “what the- get this out of my mouth!”

Zing! Hahahahahah! Hilarity! If you missed the show, well, I feel sorry for yalls.


Blogger Rubex Cube said...

bassssssssstartds....kidding I'm glad you had fun...very lucky that you got tickets! :0)

8/23/2006 09:35:00 a.m.  

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