Monday, May 29, 2006

Moving Along…

by chinwhat at 10:37 p.m.
Today, as mentioned to me, is month number cuatro since The Unfortunate Dumping of Chin. Four months, which is longer than the time Summer and I have been actually going out. I’m sure most average human beings would be able to shake off their former SO with ease. But that’s not the case with me. This has me wondering: “what is my malfunction?”

Just Need Some Convincin’

My brain seems to work fine. I *know* it won’t work out. I'm not that stupid (really)! Mathematical probability is not on my side. Universal law, son. Yet, the rest of me doesn’t seem to “get it.” There was a time when I could convince myself of anything. I’d repeat it over and over and over again, and like magic, it becomes the truth.* But not so much now. My brain’s power of influence doesn’t seem to have that control over the rest of me. Why, why, why??? (man up!)

To Emote Physicality

I felt it. I felt it in my chest. Physically. I used to see it on tv. I didn’t get it. Now I do. ‘Cause I felt it. In the middle of my chest. In the middle. Felt it! The best way someone else could explain it; listen to what Umi Says. Sometimes his heart gets heavy. Now I get it…

Shine shine shine like gold mine

Even though I still have some Oh! Darling in me (by the way, this would be such a SICK song to Karaoke to. I’d pull a Gerald Levert and be on my knees, rolling around the ground and yelling like I’ve got a demon inside me!) I also know I got more Here Comes The Sun. Why? Cause I got my Trusty Good Ol’ Chin Charm! I'm trying to get excited! Sure, I'll drop another "being friends is a good second prize" (how many more times will I say this in my life?) but I can't wait for what's next. As ai says "I got lots of lovin', I just don't know where to put it"

More tomorrow… always tomorrow…

WAR Abbey Road
WAR 2nd place
WAR futurama

*this is one reason why i'm such a great liar! study your notes, kids!


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