Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Come Strong!

by chinwhat at 9:08 p.m.
I received a lead on one of the pot lucks at work for another department. After taking a look at the sign up sheet, I have to say that I’m hating on the party staple: frozen shrimp ring. No really, what is this? At least with pasta salad, the person who brought it had to (in theory) make it! This is just defrost and serve. Thanks. Watery, limp, flavorless half frozen pieces of flesh witch ketchup. What could be crappier?

This is why I ♥ TNT’s basketball coverage. On NBA.com’s page, they have a link to a stream of some TNT features. On Monday, EJ, Jet and Sir Charles were talking about this year’s crop of rookies.

Charles: (Charlie Villanueva) is actually been the third best rookie I think. After (Chris) Paul and (Channing) Frye.
Smith: I might go with (Andrew) Bogut.
EJ: Deron Williams?
Charles (to Jet): We can disagree. I mean, we both think you’re ugly. We agree to that.
EJ: There you go.
Jet (confused, to Charles): We agree you’re ugly?
Charles (to Jet): No, we agree that you’re ugly.
Jet: I’d rather be smart than beautiful.
Charles: Well, you oh for two. (laughter)
EJ (signing off): That’s TNT Overtime on NBA.com and uh… (laughs)
Jet: I set myself up for that one… (sips from mug)

Beautiful. Simply, beautiful!


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