Sunday, October 30, 2005

It Always Was About One Thing

by chinwhat at 7:05 p.m.
So I’m pretty excited to get this little RTS thing goings on. I’ve just been going to various websites trying to find a good game for us to play. I went to gamefaqs and they have a list on top ten games that redefined the gaming market. Memo to Shaun, check out the number four spot: #4:

Starcraft (PC) - It's no secret that online gaming today is at its peak. There's no secret that it's growing at an exponential rate. Starcraft was the game that paved the road. No game before it had so many millions of players log in everyday to compete with friends and strangers alike. Starcraft proved that the realm of online gaming was not a fairy tale, but an eventual goal.

Where’s C&C: Gens on this list? Exactly! It’s all about gameplay, not your vector graphics, hyper shading or shimmer effects. Gameplay god, gamplay!


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