Friday, December 03, 2004

Uh, yeah...

by chinwhat at 11:48 a.m.
Thanks to Jon fucking up the TeamID calendar, Happy birthday to Chris and Jon for today: December 3, 2004. Your Horoscope courtesy of Yahoo! (which for some reason is hard core pimped by Shaun) says:

It's nice to have choices, sure. But sometimes you have to say no to some options.
(Al, choose to play Halo2. And choose not to do the dishes. Its your BDay after all!)

Got the urge to travel? Bet you do, and that there's someone close to you who'll be happy to go along for the ride or the flight. Regardless of how you choose to travel, you'll have favorable winds to guide you.
(Guys, Shaun says he'll take someone to the Carribbean for FREE! But in typical sales pig pitch fashion, he conviniently forgets to mention the fine print: "You will be required to have me, Shaun, 'fuck your mouth'" >shudder<)

Daily Flirt:
Go ahead and push your luck today -- it's not getting any better than this. No matter what game you're playing, you're sure to win. Think big: overseas travel, romance, long-awaited conversations, long shot bets and the like.
(Shaun approves of this! >shudder< >shudder<)

Daily Couples:
Think ahead to a journey you've been dreaming about. Plan with your lover for a special way of celebrating the coming year.
(CathyAl are taking the team to St. Lucia? Thanks guys!)

Daily Singles:
Well, aren't you in a good mood? Spread around a little holiday cheer and you'll find yourself getting big (and possibly romantic) dividends. Long-distance connections will pay off handsomely.
(Chris + Rome = :O!!! Maybe this asstrology stuff does work!)

Those and you celebrate it with such >cough< celebrities as Mr. Daryl Hannah and Ms. Julianne Moore

So uh, yeah, next time i see you two fuckers, imma punch yalls in the back of the head!


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