Friday, November 26, 2004

The saddest shit you've ever seen in your life?

by chinwhat at 2:42 p.m.
In my life? I don't know about EVER, but yo, I seen some messed up shit yesterday! So I'm working on a project with three other classmates. I usually drop two of them off after school. One at her house, the other at a bus stop. Apparently we had a late night on wednesday. He missed his bus (ah Mississauga Transit schedules...) so what did he do? He goes to his 24 hour gym (which was near by) and worked out till he got tired. He tried to go to sleep in the back where they're doing renovations but couldn't due to noise. ('roid rage???) Now picture him coming in the next moring. His ass aint shaving until we get this problem fixed, so combine that, plus his messy ass hair and bags under his eyes. Now you gotta ask: "Why didn't he just call home for a pick up, or take a cab?" Why? Why indeed! Cuz hes crazy thats why. Just look at him!

>shakes head<


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