Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Forum Wars 2K4???

by chinwhat at 12:07 p.m.
Ah the good ol days of punking each others website's signature books/forums. Good times good times. Need to look back? Go to Internet Archive for some old school laffs! Anyways, seems like everyones got a blog now thanks to Chris. Even The Natty has her own Blog! I just read it. I thought it'd be about some crappy TV shows or something. Instead its about some crappy star and pony diary from yesteryear >yawn< ...

Anyways, I was trying to try to have an intellectual discussion with one of my friends about religion or something. And she was saying how her Hinduness-ness-ness gots the same shit as (insert random religion heer.) After looking at The Golden Rule Poster (which in my opion does NOT suck. In fact its second only to the cat hanging onto the tree with the caption "Hang In There" which kinda looks like this, but not exactly.) Anyways, uh, yeah, we came up with this analogy: religion's like cookies. They're all good, but still contain the basic essentials like flour and sugar/spirituality and rules. See, some cookies/religions are nutty (like those guys who bring me the Watch Tower Magazine every Saturday. Damn, why they gotta come so early? Or while I'm eating?) Some are soft (like United Christians,) some are hard and tough (like any hardcore Orthodox religion.) The point? I don't know. Fuck, what am I? A doctor?


Blogger cahrot said...

chin, wats up wit all the "...ness-ness-ness" stuff?

11/24/2004 06:58:00 p.m.  

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