Wednesday, December 29, 2004

So Long 2K4!!!

by chinwhat at 7:45 p.m.
• Begin the year in a drunken stupor with promises to “activate my emotion chip.” So how’d I do Cathy? “Love More In The Oh Four” indeed wouldn't you say?
• Try out my very first juice fast. Did it over a weekend. I remember I felt the animalistic urge just too physically EAT something. ANYTHING!!! Chewed on some natural Laxatives though (there goes my hate on pills!) But I think it helped bring some great Karma for the year!

• Git my skate on at Ottawa’s Rideu Canal. That same night, AI gets “picked up” by a couple of gay guys in the elevator… >rolls eyes<

• Go to my very first brown fundraiser/jam/party. So THIS is how ya’ll get down! Nice! >does the light bulb dance<

• TeamID 2nd Annual 8K Race – A crushing defeat for Cathy who worked so hard for it. And an easy escape for Shaun and The Natty who “conveniently” returned from Cuba that night… But at the race dinner that evening, we seen the Raptors’ future: CB4!
• Hmmm… my first CN Tower climb for the WWF. It seemed like a good idea. And it felt like a great accomplishment afterwards. But during? One of the worst things I’ve ever done physically in my LIFE!!! My lungs felt like they were filling with lead or something…

• Brand new K2 in-line skates! Now I can enjoy the… uh… joys of ice skating… in the summer... and spring... and fall!
• Begin training for my illustrious bar tendering career >cough< >cough<

• Began our miserable Bball league ("why is everyone else so big?"/"why are we so small?")
• Alison’s “Bon Voyage” BBQ to England… only she didn’t go. WTF?
• First of two failed attempts to break the 30 min mark for a 5K race. Bay Street Rat Race. Lots of corporate bank scum (like me) Some Argo dancers were there too! And I think I saw Eugene Levy try to cut across the race course in his SUV. Oh punk!

• Second of two failed attempts to break the 30 min mark for a 5K race... this time I missed it by a blasted 11 seconds!!! This one was at the Docks. And Chris and we met a new running friend: Caesar.

• Ended our Bball league record with one win in the regular season, and one win in the "playoff game". The first one was an epic win. Not because we actually beat a team, but because we traveled three hours each way to play a 40 minute game. Most def a highlight for the year. I couldn't explain how happy we all felt!
• Excellent concert month! First was the Hip Hop Peace & Unity Festival at Metro Hall. It owned because it was 1) free 2) had C.L.Smooth, Jeru and Special Ed ($20 for a burned CD? C’mon dog…) 3) enjoyed a burrito on the grass from a new (to me) burrito joint: Burrito Boyz 4) smelled of weed (>sniff< >sniff< mmmmmmm!) 5) scared old white people (laugh x1000). The second concert was Jilly from Philly. Her show was reeeeeeeeaaaaaally good. That and I had the sole privilege to see Brown.
• Return to Kelso! After the cock tease of a Kelso trip in 2K3, this visit was awsome! Canoe water battle? Yes please!
• Jennifer Lopez lingerie show night. Started off at Laide. A quaint erotic themed lounge on Adelaide. And as Cathy likes to get the story wrong, it goes incorrectly like this:
Me: “Do you have dinner service?”
Quite Attractive Waitress: >in seductive tone< “What did you have in mind?”
Me: >removes hat to relieve self of heat. Voice crackly< “Uh… dinner… like food?”
As for the fashion show, WAR cracked out lingerie models turning so fast that her titays pop out. And as the black guy in the audience with the camcorder said: “BRRRRRRRRRACK!!!”

• This years Toronto Urban Music Festival at the CNE was fucking great! One of the greatest Hip Hop moments I’ve ever witnessed. Talib Kweli was on stage doing his thing, and invited all the B-Boys and B-Girls to come up on stage. At least 40 of them pop locking, freezing, power moves etc etc. At one point, all of them were doing thier battle/combat moves... >sigh< a thing of beauty!
• Half marathon. By far, one of the most mentally difficult things I've ever done. How many times did I want to quit over the 21.something stretch? Enough! That's how many! There were moments when I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to finish it. But 2 hours 43 minutes 19.7 seconds, I crossed the finish line! Absolutely no way I'd be able to do it with out my running partner. Can't say 'Thanks' enough!

• Illadelph, PA! Cheese steaks morning, noon and night! Rocky stairs! Monopoly and other Parker Brother themed photos. Mockery of various historic US… uh… stuff… ah good times!
• Wedding for a family friend who's my age (more or less my cousin… yknow how it goes). I don’t go to weddings much, so I don’t know what’s good. But I know what’s NOT good. And this was one of those. Gat damn! I know fam’s important, but when 3/4 of the people in attendance are slightly conservative grown folk, a party this will not be! And it wasn’t… >sigh<
• CN Tower Climb 2K4 pt. 2. I thought I’d be prepared for the heavy chest pains since I did it earlier this month. “Wrong. WRONG” © Charlie Murphy. But I did beat my record by 1 minute 7 seconds! >pats self on back<

• Last semester stress getting to me. I actually pull an all nighter for the first time in my life. Stayed up for 28 hours straight to get a coding assignment handed in… then got dragged out by TheFour to Moxie's for din din >yawn< Not as cool as I thought it would be. I actually got creeped out at school on several occasions (damn motion capturing mannequin!)

• >cue Alice Cooper song re: no more school<
• Thanks to good ol’ TBS, Watched “A Christmas Story 3.5 times”

Overall, it's been a terrific year. Can't complain at all. Thanks to everyone for making 2K4 great!

2K5 resolutions next post... (which butter be soon since its in a couple days)


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Re: Emoting.

Fine show, my friend. I'm impressed.

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Good luck!

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