Monday, December 20, 2004

Lame Duck

by chinwhat at 1:24 p.m.
So I'm watching my cousins play ball in the flip league they're in. The game before us has Oliver (from high school) on it. So he's walking by after the game and say 'what's up' to him and give him a pound. my cousins husband says to me: "wow kuya! that's the first time i've ever seen you give daps to anyone" wtf? am i that much of a 'geek?'
So yesterday i went to church cuz my mom said that one of the original priests came back to do a mass. Fr. Laborio is pretty fucking hardcore. Basically, when he was coming down the asile, i could see everyones face light up! Like they were thinking: "NO. FUCKING. WAY!!!" And as usual, he killed it! Brought the house DOWN! Openning line goes something like this: (after mad applause) "Thank you, thank you. For those who remember, thanks, its nice to be back. For those who don't, you must be asking 'Why's everyone clapping for some fat priest'" Nawmsayin? He explained that he was the new "Vocations Director" or something. In charge of recruiting new priests and nuns. He said that he was pretty good at knowing off the bat if someones going to be a priest/nun just by talking to them. 95% success rate he said. So he steps to some teen in the front row. Looked at him, asked if he was married. The kid replied 'no' and Laborio goes: "so far so good." Then he goes on to say that he has a little test for him. He asks him to hold up his left hand. Then his right. Then asks him to bring the to hands together, palms touching (as in putting your hands together when you pray) Right when the kid did that, Fr. Laborio goes: "you're a natural!" Laughs all around!


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