Monday, December 13, 2004

This is why the Japanese...

by chinwhat at 3:02 p.m.
are the fucking Japanese

Hmmm, so its monday. One more day till its my last at school (for ever? laugh...)... and more importantly, unemployed. But REAL unemployed. For the first time in my life. Mothafuckin unemployed... I guess it'll give me more time to clean my room and listen to all that music I got stockpiled... but then again, it puts a damper on my plans for next years "Chin World Tour 2K5." Been asked where I'm going. The open list is as follows: Vancouver, Mexico, Brazil, England and Germany (for World Youth Day.) But ever since I seen that shit on CityTV re: Habitat for Humanity, I want to check out one of those African countries... if I ain't ever tell you that story its heer: Was watchin CityPulse@6 one night and there was a segment where Peter "Watch it buddy!" Silverman goes to some African country. He does a story where HfH is helping the folks build homes and stuff. He interviews some volunteers from that contenant and else where. There's some chinese chick from Cali he's interviewing and she starts crying 'cuz she sad about the fact that the kids can't afford to go to school even though it only costs something like $5 a month. I fucking swear, that shit almost made me cry! If he didn't cut to something else, I would've been reaching for a tissue for real! Pharrelle! Some say you can't change the world, I say you can. I'm not really that familiar with the 5%Nation beliefs, but like God, I do believe we can change shit... and I wanna prove it!

ChiNaive (naive stories to come later...)


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