Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Mini Preview

by chinwhat at 9:53 p.m.

It's 2007 and the future is now! Looking ahead to this year, here’s some things I’m looking forward to:

* Cake Party – inspired by Cathy’s “when my husband is away, I eat cake for dinner” comment. Everyone brings a cake. We lay down some news paper. The only utensils we get to use are big cooking spoons (or our bare hands. Savages!) Let’s eat like we’re 2 years old!

* 8K Race – I feel we need to breath some new life into this. We can’t have Cathy and Ruby losing every year (op). New rules: you’re racing against yourself. The two who improves the least, pays for dinner and drinks.

* CNTower Climb – since I missed not one, but BOTH climbs last year, I need to get in on it again.

* Yonge Street 10K – well, I’m not really looking forward to this as much as I’m looking forward to the Hot House Café brunch afterwards…

* United Way’s Great Neighbourhood Race – yes, I’m still heated we did so crappy last year. Fucking revenge, son. Revenge!

* Skydiving – since Old Man John has pushed to the ceiling of the “before we’re 30” pact, looks like we’re doing it this year. Right, bitches? Pussies stay on the ground please.

* Ruby’s also turning 30 this year. Gat damn you two are some old muh fuckers! Hahaha! Celebrate good times!

* No more lying – or at least, lie less. And this time, I mean it!

That’s all I can think of right now, but all in all, it should be a good year. My resolution for this year: Increase Market Value. Just better myself in every way possible. Learn shit, like guitar. Work out more. Be smarter. Get a better job. Get more confidence (stupid). Etc. etc. etc.


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Let's see about the TRUTH!

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