Monday, December 18, 2006

Heated is Mad

by chinwhat at 10:01 p.m.
Monday night is ball night w/the co-workers
I expect to lose once in a while
Because you can’t win every game
All I ask for is effort
If you’re on my team, I expect you to try
When you try, it’s all good
Even when we lose
And I really don’t like losing
But at least try
If you don’t try, I’ll get mad
If you don’t try and we lose
I get really mad
For example, we lost our second straight game (10 – 2) and I was pissed.
Because stupid loser idiot wasn’t running back on defense
He just trotted back to half court while the other team took it to the basket and scored every time
I was really pissed
How pissed?
The winning jump shot went in and I caught it since I was under the net
I took the ball and whipped into the ground
It bounced up to hit the bracket that was holding the basketball net
And it made a loud >clang< noise
Everyone looked confused and scared
I walked off to get some water
Next game was the same teams
Which meant I had stupid loser idiot on my team again
His defensive intensity didn’t change at all
Being a human pilon doesn’t help our cause
I decided to do to him what Zeke did to Jordan during that all-star game: freeze him out
I didn’t pass to him
Not once!
I don’t care if you’re open
I’m passing it to the guy who can’t shoot for shit
At least he tries to play D
Needless to say, we lost again
And I swear, if I have him on my team again, he’s not getting any touches from me…

>grumbles under breath<


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